MALDEN (CBS) – A Malden store owner is having a change of heart. After several robberies, he decided it was too dangerous to stay in business. The community has now stepped in, rallying behind him to help keep the doors open.

The city is now working with him and other business owners to help curb crime.

It’s a reopening of sorts for Dharam Jain and his wife who have owned the Malden Mini Mart for 12 years. The city didn’t want to see him go, so they helped him make the store safer.

The improvements include adding cameras and monitors and moving his counter to make it more visible.

DPW crews and highway superintendent Bob Knox helped Jain with the construction.

“All the departments and the city staff are trying to help him out, get him back on his feet,” says Knox. “We want to keep him here in the city of Malden.”

Neighbors are happy that the store will remain open.


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