Boston Bruins president Cam Neely joined Felger and Massarotti to talk some Bruins and preview the B’s first-round matchup with the Washington Capitals.

“I think it’s going to be a tough series,” Neely told Felger and Mazz. “There’s no question. We can’t take it lightly. I like the way our team’s playing. I like the mind-set the guys have. They’re ready for the playoffs and they’re excited about it.”

Neely was asked specifically about Caps star Alex Ovechkin, who scored 38 goals this year but was still criticized for having a “down year.”

“He’s such a dynamic player,” Neely said. “He’s got great speed, as we all know. He loves to shoot the puck. He plays physical. That style of play can certainly take its toll on you when you play a physical game like he has since his career started, [but] he’s still a threat to score every time he’s on the ice, and we’re well aware of that.”

With Tim Thomas cutting short a media session Monday when asked about the team’s White House visit in January, Neely was asked if he expects that story line to go away.

“I don’t doubt that it’ll be asked again because the media, that’s what they do. They ask questions. That’s their job,” Neely said. “Tim certainly has the right not to answer any questions. … I think he’s solid as far as mentally preparing himself for the games and won’t allow this to be a distraction.”

Not eager to draw a fine from the NHL, Neely was asked if he had any thought about John Tortorella’s big fine for calling the Penguins a whiny organization.

“Yes I do, but I’ll keep them to myself,” Neely said. “I’ve shared them — I just don’t need to do it over the airwaves.”

Neely was also asked about his history with Dale Hunter, who’s now coaching the Capitals, and who on Washington poses a threat for Boston.

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