A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Wasn’t it a real treat to see a guy named Bubba win the Masters this year?    Man this has got to be tough for the power elite who operate that course in Georgia.  They had no choice but to accept a black guy a few years back, when has-been Tiger Woods won the tournament and they had to fit him to the Green Jacket.   But now….taking in a guy named Bubba, who really wanted to stay home with his new baby rather than play “The Masters” and Bubba golf rules!!!!    I love it.   What a class guy, and so are most of the others in the field, not counting Tiger, who by the way, appears to be a wimpy head-case.   With only one exception since his wife kicked the crap out of him and his car a few years back, has he shown any sign of his former brilliance on the links and at the Masters this year, he reverted back to his foul-mouthed tantrums on the course, disgusting behavior, and whining about some stupid injury he may have.  You’d think this knucklehead played some sort of contact sport with the injuries he comes up with.   For goodness sake, pushing a silly white ball around in the grass shouldn’t produce too many bumps and bruises and in some cases, doesn’t even require any coaching….just ask Bubba.   Has-been Tiger is a vulgar head-case..and a loser.  Bubba doesn’t want to be a celebrity….he just wants to have fun, be with his wife and new baby and play some golf.  Good for Bubba.    And for what it’s worth, if the folks at the Augusta National Golf Club refuse to admit women, that’s fine with me and I’ve got a feeling it’s fine with the IBM Ceo Ginni Rometty as well.   Yes she plays golf, but if she’s as smart as purported to be, I’m sure she’ll be fine not having to hang out with that boorish group of men in the first place.    Yes I know, Barack says she should be admitted.   Surprise, surprise!     Mitt says so too.   Now that I think about it…if, I said IF I was running for President, I’d be in favor as well.

     One  more sport briefly, Ozzie Guillen, Manager of the Marlins.    Managing a team in Miami where English is a second language in a Cuban neighborhood and this idiot from Venezuela, via Chicago, expresses his love for Fidel Castro during an interview.  He also loves Hugo Chavez by the way.     Hey….. Oswaldo Jose Guillen Barrios…..or Mr. Ozzie Sir….you were lucky to get off with a 5-game suspension.   Shoulda been fired.  Ozzie is proof…there may a cure for ignorance…..but stupid IS FOREVER!!