WELLESLEY, Mass. (AP) — The Boston Archdiocese has agreed to sell a former Wellesley parish that’s been occupied for more than seven years by parishioners protesting the closing.

The deal with the town of Wellesley would sell the property of St. James the Great for $3.8 million.

Town officials say they’d use the land for recreational facilities, including playing fields and a swimming pool.

The deal must be approved by local voters.

It’s also contingent on a Vatican ruling on an appeal by parishioners.

They argue the archdiocese can’t justify its decision to convert the St. James church building from holy to secular use, so it can be sold.

The archdiocese says a Vatican body, the Congregation for the Clergy, has rejected the appeal.

But a vigil leader said parishioners will appeal to the Vatican high court.

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