BOSTON (CBS) – Senator Scott Brown has transferred out of the Massachusetts Army National Guard and will now serve in a unit in Maryland.

Brown requested the move and is now working in a major position at the National Guard’s Pentagon office.

The Republican, who was promoted to the rank of Colonel in November, has been with the Guard for 33 years.

Senator Brown released a statement on the transfer:

“Serving for over 32 years in the military has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life and I look forward to continuing in that role. I do not want my military service in the Massachusetts National Guard to become politicized. During my entire career, I have wanted any decisions regarding my status in the Guard or any promotion or training efforts to be judged solely on my qualifications and merits. After careful reflection, I felt the best way for me to serve my country in uniform was by transferring to a different state.”

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