By Lisa Rathke, Associated Press

ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont snow plow driver and his wife lured a beloved prep school teacher from her home by pretending their vehicle had broken down and then beat and strangled her before stripping her body naked and throwing it into the Connecticut River, court documents say.

The only motive suggested in the documents filed in the case against Allen Prue, 30, and his wife Patricia Prue, 33, of Waterford, was that Allen Prue told police he wanted to “get a girl” on Sunday night, although “they didn’t plan to get one forcefully.”

vtmugshotsweb1 Couple Arrested For Murder Of Vermont Teacher

Allen and Patricia Prue. (Photo Credit: Vermont State Police)

The Prues appeared in court Wednesday in St. Johnsbury where they pleaded not guilty to charges of 2nd degree murder in the death of Melissa Jenkins. They were ordered held without bail.

“They knew Miss Jenkins and had snow plowed her driveway a couple of years ago,” Vermont State Police Major Ed Ledo said at a news conference earlier in the day where he announced the arrests.

Following the court appearance, Allen Prue’s mother, Donna Prue, said her son has never been in trouble with the law before and she has faith he didn’t commit the crime.

“I do not believe he would ever do this because he didn’t have it in him. I have nothing against her (Patricia); I don’t have nothing bad to say about either one,” Donna Prue said.

(Photo Courtesy: Josh Ainsworth Photography)

Melissa Jenkins with her 2-year-old son (Photo Courtesy: Josh Ainsworth Photography)

Police were called Sunday night after Jenkins’ 2-year-old son was found alone in her idling car on a remote back road in St. Johnsbury.

Jenkins’ former boyfriend told police she’d told him she had gotten a call from a person who used to plow her driveway and she was going to help them, the documents say.

The ex-boyfriend told police Allen Prue had once asked Jenkins out on a date, and she felt uncomfortable around him.

Allen Prue later told police he and his wife were driving along the remote road when Patricia Prue called Jenkins and told her they had broken down.

When 33-year-old Jenkins arrived to help, Allen Prue grabbed her and strangled her. They then put the body in the backseat of their car and drove to their home. At some point Patricia Prue strangled Jenkins as well, the documents said.

Back at their home, they put Jenkins’ body on a tarp, removed all her clothes and poured bleach on her body. The Prues also removed their clothes and put them on the tarp.

They then drove to a boat access at the Connecticut River, which separates Vermont from New Hampshire, and put Jenkins’ body in the water, weighing it down with blocks and concealing it with brush.

They took the tarp and the clothes to New Hampshire where they burned it.

The death of the well-loved science teacher at the school once attended by former President Calvin Coolidge shocked people in the town of 6,200 in northeastern Vermont about 40 miles south of the Canadian border.

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Comments (27)
  1. LDi says:

    The body being found 23 miles away from the car is a bit farther than “not far”. This is a traumatic event, please get the information correct!

    1. John says:

      I read and heard 10 miles on the news. Where did you get 23 miles?

  2. Jay says:

    Where did you hear that the body was 23 miles away from the car? First I have heard of this…

  3. Truthmom says:

    Motive? Can’t see why a couple delivering papers stops to kill a single mom in the middle of the night, and wasn’t it past that kids bedtime?… they didn’t take anything (car, toddler), so either they’re sexual deviants or there’s a prior history between this couple and the victim.

    1. rubytuesday says:

      Truthmom They knocked on her door @ about 8-8:30pm saying their car had broken down and lured her out with her kid. I think this was planned out.

      1. Truthmom says:

        Ah, disgusting…I was right. They were both sexual deviants and there was a prior history between the couple and the victim. (the snowplowing…the asking out).

  4. Linder says:

    It just goes to show you never know who you sre working with or living next to you, if a couple could do this tragic and horrible act of violence. Makes you wonder if they had ever done this before. What a beautiful girl and how sad for her and her this entire family.

    1. Bob says:

      That’s why I don’t talk to my neighbors and they don’t talk to me either.

  5. Petetm says:

    I hope VT has the death penalty.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I agree Petetm

  7. M.C. says:

    Why is this not first degree murder?

    1. jaygee says:

      Exactly!!!!!! The charge of “2nd degree murder” was given from the time of the arrest but why? They planned it and they did it. Unless I’m wrong, that’s premeditated murder but then it’s Vermont and they are too peaceful to be that harsh.

  8. Mason says:

    I have no connection to anyone mentioned in this case. However, as I read this story sitting here in Salem, MA., I feel tears running down my face. The death penalty would be too good for these two……..

  9. timma says:

    couple of serial killers

    1. jaygee says:

      Do you have information that they have killed others in this manner? If not then I suggest you get a grasp on what “serial killer” is.

  10. drewster says:

    You can’t receive the Death Penalty for 2nd Degree Murder. That would be too easy for them anyhow. Death means nothing to these people. They need to suffer for the rest of their lives.

  11. thor's hammer says:

    the thing about no death penalty is the good people of vermont will have to foot the bill for 3 squares & a cot for these 2 miserable excuses for oxygen consumption on the planet. ah for the days of the spanish inquisition, justice according to the vikiings/native peoples. how about 2 wheel well seats in a jet plane 39,000 feet over the North Atlantic. Oops, turbulence opens the doors – look out belooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. these 2 deserve nothing but our contempt and the worst life has to offer

  12. 2 cents says:

    My heart breaks for her family and her little boy. Goes to show you follow your gut and be very careful who to trust
    So sad

  13. Swim69 says:

    This story is soaps so sad…I agree with Mason and this is making me cry – I hope they get the worst, worst punishment possible and I agree with thor – I wish that’s what we could do to them. Reason?? There is no reason – none at all! And to think this pathetic excuse of a human being took her while her small son was in the car and watching is even more disturbing!!! So so sad and I am so sorry for her son and the rest of her family. And, to WBZ, I know that you have to report everything, but I do not want to read one more word about his mother or anyone in their families saying that they’re “shocked” because “he would never do such a thing” because they are scum of the earth… This is completely senseless and this beautiful young woman died as she thought that she was going to help someone. I’m so upset right now…

  14. bp says:

    Evil bottom feeding vermin. I can’t even fathom what would possess someone to do this. That sweet little boy is without his mother because of these pigs. Nothing less than the firing squad. Immediately.

  15. Becky says:

    This is so sad… she was trying ot be a good samaritan and it cost her her life. So tragic…

  16. scott says:

    Scum like this commit these crimes cause the Judical System is so “weak” in this country. Most states do not have the death penalty & these pigs will spent 2 years for a trial & then spent the rest of their lives in jail as taxpayers feeds them. In the 1800’s ,anyone gulity – didn’t spent anytime in jail, they were brought right to the Death penaily chambers / or Hanged! WE need the death penalty in every state!! Life for a life !!

  17. jaygee says:

    Gee, the sister & mother of the accused seem to think that their little boy is not capable of such a heinous act. They said he didn’t do it even though her burnt clothes were found in that dump a trailers they “lived” in. I would love to know what those “liberal-minded” people,who are 100% against capital punishment, might meter out in punishment? Perhaps 20 – 30 years and a chance to rehabilitate their warped minds?

  18. decol says:

    They shouldn’t breath another breath!!



  20. billbranch says:

    You liberals asked for it, now you got it: no death penalty. It’s cruel and unjust punishment for crawling turds like this. Give me a break.
    Oh, yes, indeed, and, because they’ll be deemed “indigent,” the taxpayers of the state of Vermont will pay for their legal fees. After they’re found guilty, the taxpayers of the state of Vermont will then pay all costs of incarceration until they die.
    How about a quick and speedy trial and execution of sentence?
    What would our founding fathers do with garbage like this?
    See where our country has gone?

  21. pamik says:

    I’m sure the lady Prue will say she feared for her life if she didn’t go along with what her husband wanted. “He forced me, yada yada yada”. What a couple of pigs! I agree the death penalty is NOT a deterrent because most people don’t think they’ll get caught. However, as one who believes in the death penalty, I think that someone who commits such an attrocious act should be killed and taken off the planet.

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