BOSTON (CBS) – A group of MBTA riders interrupted a state transportation finance and audit committee meeting on Tuesday morning.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports.

The group of around 100 people, who were angered by proposed MBTA fare hikes and service cuts, was led by five people in masks and superhero outfits calling themselves “The Fast Five.”

“Hello riders, we are your heroes, and we’ve flown in today to save the MBTA,” said one of the protesters. “We are here to act today because the governor of this state and the state legislature have failed. They failed the riders throughout the Commonwealth for not taking action. They refuse to stop this attack on riders, and it is unacceptable!”

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After the MBTA committee adjourned the meeting and left the room, the group held its own meeting.

“Now that we are a people’s board room, MassDOT, we pass three resolutions: the first was to remove the proposal for a fare increase and service cuts for this year,” the protester said.

In reality, fare increase and service cuts are still on the table, but it’s clear that these people won’t let it happen without a fight.

Plans for any potential MBTA fare hikes could be announced as early as this week.

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  1. Vigilante Time says:

    I wish I was there to give every single one of these deadbaets a kick to the groin. No wonder you can’t afford the MBTA hikes. Cause you obviously don’t have real jobs!

    Who are all these people with days, weeks, and even months to protest.

    By the way….These small protests mena nothing to anyone besides the media. If there was real reason to protest it would be like the Arab Spring in Boston…

  2. Matt says:

    You are missing a period at the end of your sentence.

  3. loanie says:

    I hate to say it but at the end of the day the MBTA is a business. So if there are gaps in their budgets and revenue then they need to figure out a way to save their business. If people want to protest and really make an effect then don’t ride the T, figure out another way to get where you need to go.

    But I’m willing to be that any service is better than no service.

  4. Pat says:

    Why don’t you stop and figure out what “WE” as riders are getting out of this mess, NOT ONE THING, except a lighter wallet and the beginning of each month. Dirty trains, late trains, broken down equipment, subway trains that are packed tighter than animals going to slaughter, sacartic employees (not all). If this is what you call service, I’m very happy for you, because you need to look in the dictionary for the word service!

  5. David Thomas says:

    The MBTA is not a business. It’s a quasi-private business operated by Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill needs to be kicked out of the business of the MBTA and the entire MBTA made private just like the UK has done with a high degree of success

  6. Rob Cleary says:

    Obamabots, The future of America. Can’t earn enough on their own to ride the subway. We are truly desperate.

  7. Nab71 says:

    I wonder if these same people only pay $2.62 a gallon for gasoline, which was the price 5 years ago when fares were last increased.

    1. 1stackmack says:

      good point on gas prices,but since most of the T is ether electric like the subways.or diesel powered.the price for diesel has been around $4 a gallon for the past 5 years.maybe its time for a modest fare increase.

      1. Nab71 says:

        Actually 5 years ago diesel was near #3.00 a gallon, it spiked to 4.77 in 2008 and stayed above $.4.00 for 28 weeks, came down to the mid $3.00 range and has returned above $4,00 now. Yet no fare increase with fuel cost increases of as much as 50%. All costs have increased, but fares haven’t. Is the T mismanaged, you bet. Part of that mismanagement is failing to adjust fares as costs increase. Compare the fares with other cities.

  8. Rob Cleary says:

    Why weren’t these maggots arrested and hauled out in shackles?

  9. response says:

    Someone should have told them the parade was two weeks ago.. they missed it.
    The cost of living is going up for everyone. Gas, car insurance, repairs, excise tax, tolls…It’s simple, I pay because I have to get to work…you ride the t to work, you pay….otherwise, buy a car

  10. Rob Cleary says:


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