A Blog by Gary LaPierre

      So….did you see all the “great unwashed” outside the U.S. Supreme Court building over the weekend….and today….and surely tomorrow?    My goodness, I just don’t know where these people come from, on either side of the issue, but thank goodness they are there or the left and right-wing media wouldn’t have anything to talk about.   What a waste.    As for the SJC decision on Obama care, I wouldn’t dare predict which way that one’s going to go, but trust me, the nutcakes outside the court will have no impact.

      Speaking of demonstrations…..I’ve got a bad feeling about this case in Sanford, Florida where a self-appointed neighborhood crime watch guy shot a hooded teenager to death claiming self-defense.   On the surface, this one didn’t look good for the crime-watch guy and of course the self-selected racists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson jumped before the cameras and microphones to defend the dead teenager, as did most of the community, but make a mental note of this one, something tells me this one could go terribly wrong.   I’m watching this thing unfold from about 40-miles down the road from where all this happened.   We’ll see…or as they say in the biz….”stay tuned.”

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     I’ve decided I’ve been watching too much TV recently.  I kinda got hooked on Mad Men in the past year (playing catch-up) but I started to watch the Premier two-hour show last night, launching the new season and fell asleep 90-minutes in.   It’s still an award-winner I guess, but two hours straight of smokin’, drinking and boinkin’ is a bit much for a man of my advanced years.

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     And….you heard it here first….well maybe not first……Tim Tebow, a class act for sure, will be lunch for the Jets.   They’ll eat him up, he’ll be a running back at best for NY and he’ll wish he never went to work for that blowhard coach Rex Ryan.

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     Same story Rick Santorum……he’s gonna wish he didn’t badmouth Mitt Romney the way he did because he could have been Vice President of the United States.   At best now he’s soon going to be…once again….a defeated Senator from Pennsylvania, tossed out by the people in his home state by the largest margin ever.