BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ NewsWatch with Joe Mathieu returned for its third edition Wednesday on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 with Boston School Superintendent Dr. Carol Johnson as Joe’s guest.

The one-hour special news interview program airs once a month and will always be live with an in-studio guest.

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Here’s the audio from the Johnson interview:

Part One – Longer School Days, Teacher Salaries

Part Two – Her Absence At Union Negotiating Sessions, Teacher Performance

Part Three – Enrollment, Choice Card Issues

Part Four – Waiting Lists, Re-Zoning Districts, “Double-Dippers”

Part Five – Late Buses, School Security

Part Six – Pink Slime, Student Health, Snow Days

Comments (3)
  1. jshore says:

    When girls demonstrate social aggression, they use virile gossip and sabotage the other person’s reputation. Informational warfare is their first point of attack. In not participating in contract negotiations, and demonizing teachers in the press, that is what Dr. Johnson is doing. She’s the Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools (BPS), does she think that being a bystander, in contract negotiations, will absolve her from her duty and responsibility, not to exploit or manipulate BPS Teachers and Staff? Does she expect absolution from the final outcome, from teachers and staff who are in direct service of children, because she wasn’t there?

    I grew up, live and pay taxes in Boston. I’ve never known a BPS Superintendent who did not go to negotiations and accept responsibility for the joint outcome. That is why it is called a “joint contract between the BPS and BTU!” Is this a historical moment that is going unnoticed? Will her non-participation set up a precedent for future superintendents?

    Who is representing the Boston Public Schools in negotiations? I do not want to hear that Dr. Johnson is abdicating her responsibilities, as she did before in Memphis, to Michael Goar! When she left Memphis it was under a veil of multiple investigations, mismanagement, and shoddy oversight and even alleged corruption, her Chief Financial Officer in Memphis was Michael Goar. Is history repeating itself in Boston?

    Many of the Administrators at Court Street received “overtime.” I suspect it is “Administrative Overtime” (their hourly rate) and I suspect it is retirement worthy; I am not talking about a turnaround stipend here. In 2011, Michael Gore, BPS Deputy Superintendent received $3,308; in 2010, he was paid $3,212. Sam DePina, Assistant Chief Operating Officer made $5,843 in 2010, and $7,082 in 2011! Need more names? Check out the Boston Herald “Your Tax Dollars at Work.” You will find, that in the Boston Public Schools, being “professional” means being paid for your time.

    For years, I have purchased materials for my classroom that the BPS “couldn’t afford.” The BPS doesn’t pull up a truck to Staples, start loading it up with supplies, and not expect to pay for them. If the BPS can’t afford it, it doesn’t get purchased. Teachers are in direct service to Boston’s children. We need to be compensated for the 90 hours (2 1/2 weeks) or don’t include it in our MUTUAL CONTRACT!

  2. Rob Cleary says:

    There is definitely a problem when a large number of the senior class are older than the teachers. This moonbat has no clue how to fix the BPS.