BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston College football player is facing charges after being accused of illegally recording audio of a fellow player and a female graduate student having sex.

Jaryd Rudolph, 19, allegedly used his cell phone to record the female student’s “sexual noises” on Feb. 15 and shared it with several others, including members of the football team, the police report said.

“She had no knowledge that these recordings were being made. She didn’t give her consent to them being made, and she certainly didn’t give her consent to them being distributed,” said Mitchell Garabedian, the female student’s attorney. “She found out about it by people making fun of her while she was working.”

Rudolph, a native of Plympton, is a junior defensive tackle on the football team. He was arraigned on charges of illegal recording and unlawful wire tapping in Brighton District Court on Wednesday.

He was ordered to stay away from the victim.

Rudolph’s attorney, John Seed, says his client denies the allegation and looks forward to all the facts coming out through the criminal process.

Rudolph has been suspended by the school and football team.

Boston College released a statement about the incident:

“A Boston College student will appear in April for a pre-trail conference regarding allegations that he audio-recorded a consensual encounter between a female graduate student and his undergraduate roommate in February.

In adjudicating the matter, the dean’s office determined that the conduct of the student and the alleged victim was inappropriate.

The student was issued a summary suspension at the time of the allegation and remains on University probation. He was also suspended from the football team, and must undergo educational training and counseling.

These sanctions will remain in place pending the outcome of the court proceeding.”

Lizzie Jekanowski, a junior at BC who is part of the organization Students for Sexual Health says she is outraged with her school’s reprimand of the young woman’s behavior. She says, “It really reminds me of blaming victims of sexual assault for their crimes.” She believes the school should do more to support the woman for having the courage to go to police.

“She had no involvement in the crime whatsoever and yet she is being held responsible and I find that very troubling,” says Jekanowski.

Mitchell Garabedian says that part of the statement shows a substantial degree of insensitivity to victims. He says, “They have forgotten about the victim trying to portray themselves as victims and divert the attention away from the criminal act.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.

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  1. George Bush says:

    It’s just the audio, big deal, kids did this when I was in college.

    1. Psycho Dad says:

      How? with a tape recorder…..hehehe

      1. George Bush says:

        Yes, the kids own tape recorder. We also taped a guy throwing up. Then we played it out the window on a stereo with real speakers, no ear buds.

    2. gramps says:

      A transcript:

      Ooo eee, oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang

      Ooo eee, oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang

  2. Johnson 123 says:

    Huh? These the same noises on every television channel between 7pm and 5 am every day? What would Sandra Fluke say?

  3. yamstar1 says:

    So, when does he join the BU Hockey Team?

  4. Denise says:

    How did he tape the “noises” was he in the room? Why would she be OK w/ having sex w/ someone in the room but be offended that someone heard her? Was she pretending to be the teacher showing her student what to do since she’s the older woman! so she’s now embarassed? Bad boy!

    1. katie says:

      he took his cell phone out and placed it outside the door and forwarded it to the football team.

  5. Kristin says:

    Agree 100%.

    1. katie says:

      it was her boyfriend

  6. Kristin says:

    And why is a graduate student having sex with an undergrad? Can’t find anyone your own age, or are you into football players? Loser on many counts.

    1. katie says:

      she was 22 and he was 21. get your facts straight.

  7. Italo says:

    WHY DOES THESE STUDENTS’ CHOICES NEED TO BECOME OUR NEWS, AND OUR COURTS’ PROBLEM??!? The whole thing should be left to these “three” to sort out. If the female student is a legal adult, there may be a lot of many other important priorities that I hope she thought of in advance of her encounter with the guy she was with. WHY does she have to make our court system be drawn into this, and not handle it at her own or at the school’s level? And WBZ, please proof your online stories because I doubt the quote communicated that the student had a “pre-trail” hearing coming up, unless he is a cowboy.

    1. Lauren says:

      Completely agree! Leave these matters to the three parties involved and the school. This is not lawsuit worthy. Young women need to learn to protect themselves. The school dorms are group housing; you shouldn’t be having sex there unless you expect to be overheard. Doesn’t give the young man involved a RIGHT to tape it… but I wish these kids would go to college and get an education instead of acting like idiots.

  8. katie says:

    The victim can read these posts. Keep that in mind. She was 22 and the boy was 21.

  9. ginny2 says:

    I would have thought that after the last year+ with the news reports and trial from the Rutgers incident that people would have gotten the message. The laws are finally starting to catch up with techology. This is no different than a peeping tom actions except that now they go out around the web with it. What a fool this guy is.

  10. Truth says:

    I just think this is ridiculous. If these noises were audible enough to be taped from outside and she was in a dorm full of kids, then she should know that people would have heard. The taping is a bit troubling, but the way that the media is portraying the tape as “going around campus” is absurd. While he showed some of the football and hockey players, I think we are forgetting that he is on the team and these are his best friends. This article is news to many of the students.

    While I can understand the young woman’s embarrassment, bringing a lawsuit against him is ridiculous. If found guilty, this woman is going to put a criminal charge on his record. Pretty selfish move for a simple audio recording…

    1. ImpishLisa says:

      Yeah, if you have the guts to be a screamer where people can hear, shrug it off and laugh. To behave a certain way then get mad at people when they (in another room mind you) can hear and it’s loud enough to, she needs to learn to be like a grown up and go elsewhere for privacy, or stuff a sock in her mouth or something.

    2. Lauren says:

      In total agreement!!!!

  11. sloppjohnB2 says:

    Sorry to report. The football player is 18 and the grad student is 24.

  12. BU Hockey says:

    No reason that this should be clogging up our courts. Judge should dismiss this case and move forward with more important crimes, like assaults etc.

    This girl should learn to control herself the next time she hooks up in a dorm room. No one needs to hear you faking it at the top of your lungs.

    Wait till you hear the tape of barney frank wrestling an illegally aged kielbasa down his throat

  13. Elizabeth Warren says:

    I can’t wait to champion this poor poor victims cause and further my campaign!

  14. ImpishLisa says:

    How about stop having sex where people can hear? Hmm?

  15. Denise says:

    Katie – my guess is you know this girl. So maybe you can tell us why if she was sooooo embarassed that the noises were being played for the team members – that she would in turn file a lawsuit that will not make her moaning and groaning available to the public to hear and read about. We all know she probably reads this and if she does she some day will be commenting I’m sure about other “kids” doing stuipd stuff. If she knows she’s so loud that people in other rooms can hear her – after all we aren’t saying this is the first time she had sex are we? She should know that noises bring attention… she was loud and she’s getting attention – if she doesn’t want attention then she should stop doing things that bring attention to her!!! Or maybe she can send the tape and get some voice over work! LOL!

  16. Richard says:

    I think the ‘victim’ needs to grow thicker skin and stop crying because she was being teased. She should have just blown it off and maybe gave the jock who recorded her a bunch of crap for not finding his own girl to have sex with, that he has to eavesdrop on his friends. The world has a lot bigger things to worry about then some jocks getting giggles because their teammate got some booty.

  17. April says:

    Wow….some of you people are revolting. You can’t tape record a person without their knowledge or consent. PERIOD. This is being brought to the courts because it’s AGAINST THE LAW. Not only that, it was a gross invasion of this woman’s privacy. Saying “well then she shouldn’t be so loud” or “it’s obviously not the first time someone heard her if he could record her through a door” is just blaming the victim. Just because you can hear through a wall doesn’t give you the right to record and distribute what you are hearing to other people. I hope to God none of your children are ever violated this way, I’d be terrified to hear the advice you’d give them.

  18. David G. says:

    Its time to hold all of those who steal our privacy accountable.

  19. roneida says:

    This case is exactly like the Rutgers case except because the sex going on was normal man-woman no one is going to kill themselfes in a fit of shame for pervision. They may be heavily pi##ed off over privacy violations as they should be, but the Thought POlice will not ride in and try to send a kid to prison od deportation.

    Old double standard again. PC sucks.

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