BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston College football player is facing charges after being accused of illegally recording audio of a fellow player and a female graduate student having sex.

Jaryd Rudolph, 19, allegedly used his cell phone to record the female student’s “sexual noises” on Feb. 15 and shared it with several others, including members of the football team, the police report said.

“She had no knowledge that these recordings were being made. She didn’t give her consent to them being made, and she certainly didn’t give her consent to them being distributed,” said Mitchell Garabedian, the female student’s attorney. “She found out about it by people making fun of her while she was working.”

Rudolph, a native of Plympton, is a junior defensive tackle on the football team. He was arraigned on charges of illegal recording and unlawful wire tapping in Brighton District Court on Wednesday.

He was ordered to stay away from the victim.

Rudolph’s attorney, John Seed, says his client denies the allegation and looks forward to all the facts coming out through the criminal process.

Rudolph has been suspended by the school and football team.

Boston College released a statement about the incident:

“A Boston College student will appear in April for a pre-trail conference regarding allegations that he audio-recorded a consensual encounter between a female graduate student and his undergraduate roommate in February.

In adjudicating the matter, the dean’s office determined that the conduct of the student and the alleged victim was inappropriate.

The student was issued a summary suspension at the time of the allegation and remains on University probation. He was also suspended from the football team, and must undergo educational training and counseling.

These sanctions will remain in place pending the outcome of the court proceeding.”

Lizzie Jekanowski, a junior at BC who is part of the organization Students for Sexual Health says she is outraged with her school’s reprimand of the young woman’s behavior. She says, “It really reminds me of blaming victims of sexual assault for their crimes.” She believes the school should do more to support the woman for having the courage to go to police.

“She had no involvement in the crime whatsoever and yet she is being held responsible and I find that very troubling,” says Jekanowski.

Mitchell Garabedian says that part of the statement shows a substantial degree of insensitivity to victims. He says, “They have forgotten about the victim trying to portray themselves as victims and divert the attention away from the criminal act.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.