BOSTON (CBS) — If Mario Williams indeed turns out to be the football savior to Buffalo, leading them from the basement of the AFC East to the Super Bowl, it’s going to have to start in one place: New England.

Since Tom Brady took over as the Patriots’ quarterback, the Bills have lost 20 of the 22 games between the two teams. And in those 22 games, the Patriots have outscored the Bills 613-293, or 28-13 per game. For Buffalo, that’s not very good.

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But Williams, who signed a six-year, $100 million contract with the Bills, is out to change that, and he’s proving it with his new Twitter avatar.

The picture accompanying Williams’ account, @bbwolf90, shows Super Mario with Williams’ face throwing a fireball at a goomba dressed as Tom Brady.

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The picture was clearly made by someone else (it was created by, but Williams obviously liked it enough to use it.

The 27-year-old Williams also told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King that last year’s victory over New England is an indication that the Bills (6-10 last year) can be great.

“If I’m not mistaken, this team beat New England last year,” Williams told King. “This team almost beat the Giants. This is an any-given-Sunday league. I don’t buy that we can’t win. This is the NFL. New teams win every year. If that wasn’t the case, teams in the big cities, the better cities, would win all the time. And you see that’s not true.”

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A Week 3 win against the Patriots, a Week 6 almost-win against the Giants, and a video game character throwing fireballs — confidence is clearly growing out in Buffalo.