By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

A deck of low- mid level clouds is slowing down the hopes for good weather on St Patrick’s day. Light onshore winds from the NE/SE will keep it quite chilly at the coast near 50 or slightly above. The marine air from the light east wind will help to trap in these low clouds for most of day. High pressure will be pushing into New England this afternoon. I do expect these clouds to eventually break and give way to some increasing sun…but will it be too little to late? Quite possibly. If we get into some PM sun, high temps will be able to climb above 60 farther inland in the N & W. Most of us will spend today in the 50’s nearing 60 at the most.

High pressure will be cresting overhead tonight, after some clearing early, low clouds and fog will begin to back in off the water again with light SE/SW wind overnight with patchy dense fog. Lows will hold near 40. High pressure will pull off the coast for Sunday and begin to finally wrap in a warmer and drier SW winds after 4 consecutive days with the clouds and cool onshore wind since last Wednesday. This will make a big difference and we will quickly surge into the warmer spring airmass again. Low clouds will be with us through the mid morning hours Sunday before eroding to mostly sunny skies. Temps will surge into the Lwr 70’s inland and be a bit cooler at the coast in the 60’s. The coolest spots will be the south coast and the Cape and the Islands in the mid-upper 50’s

Monday will be a very warm day with SW winds persisting inland.  High to mid level clouds will be increasing. High will climb into the lwr-mid 70’s away from the coast. A backdoor front will be sliding down from Maine in the afternoon and reach eastern MA to cool it down from the 60’s to the 50’s with cooler Easterly winds and skies becoming mostly cloudy. With the cooler air clashing with the warm air inland, there is the potential for this back door front to trigger a late shower inland.

A huge upper level ridge will build in the eastern half of the country for the rest of the week. This past week, 1,500 records across the nation were broken for warmth…More will be broken this week…but this time it will be able to shift into New England. Tuesday will have some lingering clouds to scour out…partly sunny in the mid 70’s, cooler SE MA with SW wind off water. Near Record warmth will likely surge into the region Wednesday and Thursday with highs near 80! Say what?! Records are in the Lwr 80’s so we could fall short….either way, It will feel like summer! The coast will remain a variable spot with the potential for sea breezes to develop with the heating of the day.

A big storm is hitting California today with a mix of flooding rain and snow for the mountains. This will become a slow meandering low will become cut off from the jetstream and eventually arrive here sometime by next weekend…leaning towards Sunday right now. This will be mainly rain when it arrives…but it will be dragging cold air down on the back side…Some models are showing some snow for the NW hills as it pulls away. Something to watch. This will be a slow moving storm which could strengthen into a Nor’easter-type storm once off the coast. That is too far away to have any real judge on…but it will have to be watched. Until then…this week is going to rock! Have a great and safe St. Patrick’s day weekend. Sunday will be much better than this Fickle Saturday. Curse the East wind this time of year!


Comments (15)
  1. hopeimwrongjj says:

    here we go again admit Joe, NEXT WEEK END WILL BE A BEAUTIFUL SPRING

  2. Italo says:

    I never realized about seabreezes that in Southeastern Florida, where I spent a lot of time as a kid, the wind directions off of areas such as Ft. Lauderdale and Miami tend primarily to be SE and E. But there, they make for a win-win situation, since they are right beside the Gulf Stream and the water off the coast is primarily always 75-85 degrees. So while inland Florida bakes, at the coast even with humidity there is always this great tempering warm tropical breeze which not only keeps it relatively stable between the upper 70s and 90, but at night temps generally don’t go below 60 to upper 70s. If only our seabreezes around Boston could be like that for longer than just around when we have our warmest offshore waters, pretty much confined to about the last week of July through most of August! Enjoy a save P-Day everyone.

  3. David White says:

    Thanks Joe:

    I note on the graphic charts that Friday’s temps will be a bit cooler. Will this be due to another back door front, or a front door one this time in advance of the storm we might get next weekend? Let’s enjoy the warmth when we get it, and while we have it, though admittedly eighty degrees is a bit too soon! Upper sixties and low seventies are great!

  4. I hate winter says:

    Only 5 days of this then back to reality. Rain mostly next weekend, but could be a little snow in Worcester hills and southern NH. After all, its still March. Normal is highs in the upper 40’s, so if it does get cooler, and it will, it will just be normal. You guys should know by now that spring is terrible in New England. For the most part, thats still going to be true.

  5. man-o-wx says:

    “It’s the gas you idiots” Woe Moe! We’re doomed….to watch the three stooges!

  6. Reid says:

    Hey Joe, still waiting on that PM sunshine. As to your forecast for NEXT weekend? Yet another joke. Keep up the good work.

  7. BAILEYMAN says:


    1. Big-D says:

      YOU my friend are NOT the real BaileyMan as he spells it like I did in this post. Although, I do not disagree with you that there may be something brewing around that date. Most likely not a snow event for us in SNE, although NNE COULD get a good snowstorm if it tracks close enough to the coast. Lots will change between now and then!

    2. Scott says:

      BM you have been wrong all winter season long & you will continue to be wrong! You still predicting a snowstorm ever since after Xmas. The truth hurts! You better get new map & go back to Forecasting 101 !!

  8. ODOYLE RULES says:

    I predict that BAILEYMAN is a total idiot! G

    1. Scott says:

      I agree w/ you Odoyle 100%. BM needs to go back to Weather 101 class!

      1. Markis says:

        problem is that is not baileyman so your premise is wrong to start

    2. scott says:

      OK Markis..its must be BM cousin….. or BM the 2nd. Stil if you associate with any of the BM, pure & simple – Their Wrong & have been all this mild winter.

  9. drmilton says:

    I see those 80s were finally taken down for late week……..

    1. David White says:

      Yes, but of course we shall see when late week arrives.

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