DARTMOUTH (CBS) – There has been a rash of thefts of Tide across the country. In Massachusetts, grocery stores in Dartmouth, Fall River, Fairhaven, Brookline and New Bedford have all been hit by thieves filling up their carts and making off with as much as they can.

Detective Robert Levinson says, “They’re in and out in two minutes and they know exactly what they want to take.”

Surveillance video caught a man suspected of the thefts walking into Stop and Shop in Dartmouth. A taxi cab waited for him in the fire lane as he went in with a shopping cart and made off with several containers of detergent.

A young man and woman allegedly did the same thing. Police are still searching for all three suspects.

“It’s just a well known brand,” says Levinson. “They’re selling the Tide detergent for a fraction of the cost, just to get enough money to buy some more drugs.”

A container of Tide can cost up to $20 in the store. The thieves are stealing as much as they can and selling it for five dollars on the street.

Dartmouth Police have arrested a number of people stealing Tide, but the punishment is very light.

“It’s a serious crime and it’s a serious hit that these grocery stores are taking,” says Levinson.

Police say more security measures may have to be put in place.

Comments (9)
  1. 1stackmack says:

    l know who stole the tide.all the track workers at dayton to clean up after the montoya crash.

  2. ccb says:

    Maybe the Tide will clean up that black market

  3. Scanner Man says:

    If you steal Tide while on drugs would it be high tide?

  4. do very little patrick says:

    why not just buy stop and shop brand to save money ??

  5. ODOYLE RULES says:

    At least they made a CLEAN GETAWAY!

  6. Rob Cleary says:

    Is tide not available to purchase on ones EBT card?

  7. Fled_NewEngland says:

    Thank Ben Bernanke and his quanzi scheme…endless money-printing, maintaining interest rates at 0% too long and endless govt spending has driven Tide to the point armed guards will be in every shopping aisle. The Fed has no choice but to lie about inflation and continue the propaganda and campaign of denial.

    Anyone wonder why Ben’s new “stress tests” don’t include interest rates rising in the tests? Because all the banks would fail. Historically, rates have averaged 6% and they’re still near zero now.

    My point, folks? Prepare for hyper inflation. It’s only going to get worse and this Tide story is just the tip of the iceberg.

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