PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A group that monitors nuclear facilities demonstrated outside Pilgrim Nuclear Plant on Sunday, the one-year anniversary of the the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

The “Pilgrim Coalition’ began a march near the power plant and ended at Plymouth Rock.

Protesters said what happened last year in Japan could happen in Plymouth too, since the Pilgram plant is a carbon copy of the Fukushima plant.

The coalition said it wants plant owner Entergy to correct safety and environmental problems before the plant is re-licensed. Pilgrim’s license expires in June.

“Many people have turned their head and don’t want to believe it can happen near them, but the people around Fukushima didn’t believe it could happen to them either, so we’re really trying to put pressure on the NRC to make changes and ensure that Entergy makes the proper fixes before the plant is re-licensed for another 20 years,” said Anna Baker.

Entergy, meanwhile, says the plant is safe. It says the Plymouth plant has backup systems that the Fukushima reactor did not have, and, it says it has done everything to comply with re-licensing requirements.

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  1. John says:

    You failed to report that there were more reporters than protesters

  2. 1stackmack says:

    most of these people are environmentalists.their for alternative energy,but the good kind.coal is out , nuclear is clean but they been watching the three eyed fish on the simpsons.wind is clean,but those big windmills are unsightly and noisy to the island folks (so they say) ,soiler is clean but the batteries to store the energy are experience.what do they want to charge they’re electric cars..

  3. Rob Cleary says:

    I’m tired of these old washed up hippies and their old washed up BS. United States nuke plants are the safest in the world. We should be building hundreds of nuclear generating plants all across the nation. It’s safe and it’s clean and it’s necessary for our future and our security.

    1. dowdy says:

      What should be done with the spent fuel?

      1. Rob Cleary says:

        Put it on a ship and let the Somalis hijack it. Label it as food. Kill two birds with one stone.

  4. emom says:

    I do not understand what the big deal is over the wind mills, Its pure clean energy, its an endless supply . Putting these wind turbines out in the ocean hundreds of miles from anyone is a great idea. Europe uses them, The same goes with solar, WHY is it so difficult to understand it works , its clean pure energy and there is so much of it to utilize… OH WAIT the cost,,,,,,because the companies that would install them charge thousands to install them. $10k on the low end to install a small panel on a single home, Why not build homes with this already on them. Oh the utility companies would close up shop…. Gee, As much as fossil fuels are available its sure is not cheap by no means. Nuclear is fine But I agree the spend fuel rods needs to be Dealt with and that is dangerous to all living things. This country is out of touch with whats good … they rather waste than fix.

  5. vskillet says:

    The monks are Japanese Buddhist Monks from the Nipponzan Myohoji Order.
    I did the 20 day walk through New England with the Group, and I am wondering if there is any way I can use the sound clip?
    thank you

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