BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts commuter rail passengers would have the right to a free ride if their train leaves late under a bill set to be heard by state lawmakers.

The legislation would bar the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority from collecting fares for commuter rail trains that depart 20 minutes or more after their originally scheduled departure time.

The bill would also bar the collection of fares from passengers in commuter rail train cars that fail to provide reasonable temperature control.

Passengers with a monthly pass would be eligible to apply for and receive cash or a check for the full cost of a one way transit ticket under the bill.

Lawmakers are scheduled to take public testimony on the bill at a Statehouse hearing Monday before the legislature’s Joint Committee on Transportation.

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Comments (8)
  1. L A Graham says:

    Next the T will be crying for even higher fares for commuter rail because it’s going more in the hole due to the refunds for failure to provide services. Any way you look at it, the riders are STILL screwed.

  2. adarc says:

    Are the kidding? They just announced they have to raise fares and cut night & weekend service just to make ends meet. Where do they think they will get the money to cover this?
    Scrap this plan before it drives the T into the ground.

  3. Chris says:

    This legislation is the epic analogy to digging up a freshly paved road. Yes we can!

  4. The Viz says:

    They already had this program in place and stopped it earlier this year. Their POOR (and that is being kind) “On Time” rate was costing them too much $$$ in fare refunds. By the way, their definition of “On Time” was 30 min or more late. Funny, to most people late means ANY amount of time after it is due. Just ask your boss if he considers you “on time” if you show up at work 20 min after you are scheduled instead of 30 minutes.I’m guessing he’d say even 2 minutes after your scheuled time means you’re late. I LOVE the Commuter Rail/MBCR and their horrendous managers (and that was typed with a HUGE dose of sarcasm!).

  5. Rob Cleary says:

    I feel sorry for the peasants that are forced to use any type of public transit. Nothing says lower caste like a T pass.

  6. Mike says:

    So if I buy a one way ticket (no monthly pass), and the trian is late, I’m the only one who has to pay????? Who’s Idea is that?

  7. warren cunningham says:

    Exactly where is this refund money coming from? How much PROFIT do they make? Oh, I see, t will come from OUR pockets! Crazy idea – why am I not shocked?

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