BOSTON (CBS) – If there’s an art in tackling a complex issue and explaining in a simple way, a local man gets credit for doing that and more.

What he’s created makes our health care system understandable and entertaining.

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“Health care costs are rising. By 2080, health care will be 80% of our economy,” said Jonathan Gruber, an MIT professor.

Gruber helped Mitt Romney put together the Massachusetts Health Care law. Then, President Barack Obama hired him as a consultant for the national law.

“When you hear the Republicans say ‘your adviser helped Obama,’ they are talking about me,” said Gruber.

Now, he has a health care comic book called “Health Care Reform.”

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It’s a sketched out story of four people: Anthony, Betty, Carlos, and Dina. Some of them have health insurance and some do not. All of them, though, are dealing with the costs of a heart attack.

In 140 pages of speech balloons, the comic explains a law that was more than 1,000 pages long.

“A lot of what economics is, a lot of what my profession is… is to parsimoniously explain subjects. That’s a lot of what we do,” said Gruber.

Unlike a comic book, the issue of health care is not black and white. In fact, Gruber’s critics say he is a little too complimentary of the law in this book.

“I think this book has a point of view. I support the Affordable Care Act. I believe in it,” said Gruber.

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Not to spoil the ending, but the final page does not have a repeal of the law. Gruber would never draw it up that way.