By Sean "The Captain" McElroy, 98.5 The Sports Hub

BOSTON (CBS) – Take this for what it is worth.

Sports Illustrated published a poll of 137 active NBA players asking them which players they would build a franchise around. Surprisingly, Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo made the list at number twelve.

Not sure if I buy into this, but these voters get to see Rondo up close and personal.

My question is: how can you build around a point guard that can’t consistently hit a jump shot and is a career 60 percent free-throw shooter?

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Rondo is a flashy passer, (that fast break, behind the back pass against New York on Sunday was classic Bob Cousy) a great penetrator, a good rebounder and great defender. It is true that he shows up in big games (13 of his 17 triple doubles have come on network television), but he also throws up duds like last week against Cleveland, or the missed layup in Tuesday night’s win over the Houston Rockets, where he could have just pulled back and let the clock expire.

This inconsistency is not what you expect from an elite player.

Maybe Rondo is worth more than most of us thought. I wouldn’t trade him for fifty cents on the dollar, but if he could fetch something of considerable value, then it’s a done deal.

Something to ponder: If he is so valued in the league, then isn’t it plausible to think more players might want to come here as free-agents and play with the Celtics?

For the record, here are my Top 12 (with Rondo):

  1. Lebron James
  2. Derrick Rose
  3. Dwight Howard
  4. Chris Paul
  5. Kevin Durant
  6. Kobe Bryant
  7. Dwayne Wade
  8. Blake Griffin
  9. Paul Gasol
  10. Tony Parker
  11. Kevin Love
  12. Russell Westbrook
  13. Rajon Rondo

Now it is your turn. Who are your top 12 players to build a franchise around and where is Rajon Rondo ranked?

Sean “The Captain” McElroy is a Producer at the Sports Hub. He has covered all sports in Boston and traveled the world, but his true passion is the NBA and the Boston Celtics. The Captain has been a C’s season ticket holder for the last 9 years. Email him questions to answer each week at Follow him on Twitter @seanmcelroy33

Comments (3)
  1. nfb says:

    Well written. The only thing that I would argue is you would rather (today) start a team around Kobe, Pau (not Paul), and Tony Parker then you would Rondo??
    You are nuts. Just on Age alone you are nuts. Then again, I wouldn’t take a few of those other guys in there either. I am surprised you didn’t add, Jeremy Lin….LOL!!!

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