FALL RIVER (CBS) – An 84-year-old woman went to vote in Fall River on Super Tuesday and was told she was dead.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Maureen McCloskey has been voting for years without any problems.

She didn’t expect anything unusual Tuesday, until she learned she wasn’t on the list of registered voters.

“The warden, she looks at me and she says ‘Oh, you died,” McCloskey told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Wednesday.

“They put me on the ‘deceased’ list.”

Surprised, McCloskey said, “I’m still alive and kicking.”

It turned out there was some kind of mix-up with the new city census.

They figured it out, McCloskey voted and she said she plans on continuing to vote for many years to come.

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  1. Dem. Journalist says:

    Is she sure? Sometimes people die and don’t realize it. Sometimes the effects of global warming are so severe that no one can actually make a rational conclusion. Perhaps we should bring in James Hansen or Peter Gleik or Micheal Mann to do a computer simulation. They often find that reality and perception can be intermingled to conflate ideas and concepts to confuse people. Bring in the Dem. experts so we can get to the bottom of this.

  2. sam8131 says:

    “You are dead and you have already voted for obamy, so go home”

  3. Richard_Iowa says:

    For the past 2-3 months I have been collecting what I call “stupid stories,” which I believe reflect the outcomes of the dumbing down of academics in America over the past 35-40 years. This one is definitely going into the folder.

  4. p_radicator says:

    This might sound odd, that is the oldest looking 84 year old I have ever seen.

  5. spasticjack says:

    I cant believe that they actually paid you to take the time to report this non story.
    Clerical error,corrected,she voted.

    1. sam8131 says:

      She probably has alltimers and forgot she was dead.

  6. RR says:

    If she is dead, she can vote 3 or 4 times in Chicago.

  7. mojoe says:

    ‘It turned out there was some kind of mix-up with the new city census.’

    I’m sure on the census she was listed as an illegal immigrant woman with 6 kids and no husband so Fall River could qualify for some Federal programs.

  8. Chisco says:

    Now THERE’S a brilliant precinct worker! She can actually look up at an obviously LIVING person and tell them “You dead”……….(Ya gotta love it! — has this idiot served on a jury lately??))

    1. weeone says:


  9. Ima Right says:

    Another dead person votes, proving voter fraud!

  10. Ron says:

    She probably wanted to vote for Ron Paul.

  11. 8thID says:

    She couldn’t have been a Democrat, then.

  12. Kevin Stowell says:

    In a related story, a woman found to be still alive was declared dead when she declared that she wasn’t going to vote for a Democrat.

  13. noneofyourbusiness says:

    maybe Obamascare death panel sent the signal too fast ???

  14. Dead at 59 says:

    I am so sick of hearing about this story for 2 days now. I was “dead” two years. I couldn’t get car insurance because my credit report said I was dead. It took me months to straighten out. Did I expect to be on the news? No! It happens a lot and is not newsworthy.

    1. Shredit says:

      Yet you felt it important enough to comment on it?

      1. Dead at 59 says:

        I have no life,,,,

      2. Dead at 59 says:

        I have no life….

  15. ablecynic says:

    But I’m not dead yet mate! Ah feel just fine! I do, I really do!

  16. gingerbread says:

    Too bad she doesn’t live in Illinois. Had she been living in Illinois, especially in Chicago, it wouldn’t have mattered

  17. fergy says:

    Even dead, she’d be able to vote in Illinois, several times….

  18. boog says:

    She must have been a registered Republican. Because if she had been a registered Democrate and dead, she would have already had 100 votes cast in her name . Dead Democrats vote often and multiple times.

  19. Wlider Napalm says:

    LMAO! she was also told that not only was she dead but she had already voted twice.

  20. bernie says:

    In Chicago you can vote whether you’re alive OR dead . . . . or even EXIST !

  21. Shredit says:

    Dang it! There goes a potential Obama vote out the window.

  22. sam8131 says:

    It’s a miracle!

  23. dunce says:

    She must be a registered republican, dead democrats are required to vote.

  24. Bob says:

    The answer would seem to be a National Database that each voter is responsible for updating yearly. This would clear up changes of address problem and if the person were deceased they would not be able to update their information. This could easily be accomplished and would be much more cost efective than voter registrations drives. The right to vote should come at some cost and effort. My Grandfather tarred roads three days a year to pay a poll tax in his youth. These days people complain that is rascist to require voters to obtain a picture ID, which is available for free. We are becoming a nation of drones.

    1. sam8131 says:

      you must be kidding. Don’t you know this is America. How about a new agency that goes door to dor and gets the votes.

  25. HeyHeyHoHo_BHO_Has_Got_to_GO says:

    If would have asked her for her ID, she could have proved right then and there that she was who she said she was! But NO, they REFUSE to look at identification!!

  26. Bob says:

    The walking dead can be such pests.

  27. weeone says:

    see what happens when they find out you want to vote Republican

  28. weeone says:

    this is better than comedy central thanks all

  29. IndyMason says:

    She must have tried to vote Republican, Democrats don’t have a problem with dead voters.

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