LEOMINSTER (CBS) – A constant humming sound has forced homeowner Bettina Conklin out of her house.

Conklin says it all started after the October snowstorm. That’s when the transformer that sits about 250 feet from her home in Leominster began making an unusual noise.

“It’s I guess the equivalent of putting your head in a microwave when it’s on,” says Conklin. “It’s that humming that tone that’s mmmm.”

Conklin says the humming became so severe her doctor told her it was affecting her son’s health.

“He was sleeping so little that he was actually falling off the growth charts,” says Conklin. “His pediatrician suggested writing a letter to National Grid, telling them that they had to take action.”

Public Health Director Chris Knuth has taken several readings and says the noise is a violation.

“I believe at night it is a violation,” says Knuth. “The problem is she can’t sleep and her 20-month-old son can’t sleep and that is a health issue we are worried about.”

Conklin says during the day the transformer’s humming is not that loud because of all the traffic and train noise. But at night when all ambient sounds die down, the humming is unbearable.

National Grid has been out to the site to assess the problem and they say they are working on a solution.

Conklin says she and her son are not sleeping at the house until the sound is put to rest.

  1. david5300 says:

    As someone who is familer with these things the problem could be assimple to fix as securing a lose pices of metal on the exterier of the transformer , if the noise is internal then they should not have too long to wait before the XF will fail.
    Sometimes these units fail catistrophicly; inside the beast you have a mixture of highly refined mineral oil and very high voltage . Most of the time these units operate for decades with out isues however you can imagine the consequences when things are “unbalanced”.
    I am surprised the utility company has not shown more interest to protect a valuble piece of equipment

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