BOSTON (CBS) – What’s your biggest pet peeve at the gym?

A new survey by Fitness Magazine and Yahoo! Shine compiled a list of the most common complaints.

At the top: people who don’t wipe down equipment after they use it.

In fact, 44 percent of people in the survey said that others not wiping down machines ranks as their biggest pet peeve.

Number two on the list is people who talk loudly on their cell phones. The problem has gotten bad enough over the years that many gyms have banned cell phone use.

The third spot on the list goes to people who spend too much time on a particular machine.

Gym show-offs have the number four spot.

And rounding out the top five gym pet peeves is getting hit on while working out.

So what’s your biggest gym pet peeve? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. LLC says:

    I’ve found a weird phenomenon at my gym that’s starting to irritate me. There is a growing group of late-middle-aged and older folks who come to the gym first thing in the morning and seem to think it’s high school redux. They yell back and forth the gym like they’re the only ones in the place, play grab-ass with one another and congregate around the machine of one person who is actually exercising – to the detriment of every other person on an adjacent machine. I actually had some little old man come up behind and try and duck under the moving arms of my elliptical machine just so he could talk to the woman on the machine next to me. I had my headphones on and was going at a good clip – he nearly got us both seriously hurt. If you want to socialize, go sit at the tables in the lobby.

  2. TC says:

    #1 should have been people who sit on a machine for forever having a conversation and knowing your waiting for it and still take their time. Thats why we bodybuilders get a bad rap. We are serious and there to workout. If I see you on a machine talking, I will asl you once nicley if your almost done and then move you out and not in the nicest of ways because you are not serious, you will do the same workout for years on the same machines and NEVER progress or change your body habitus at all. Go to Planet Fitness where you belong and sit and talk like the other non judgemental people who are there to socialize and just tell people they go to the gym.Wiping the machines is the top complaint? Spoken like true weekend warriors. Put a towel down so your delicate skin wont touch the bad sweat. AND GET OFF THE DAMN MACHINE!!!

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