BOSTON (CBS/AP) – Las Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn is unveiling details of a resort casino he hopes to develop near Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, including an artist’s rendering of the proposed facility.

Wynn sent a mailing to thousands of town residents Friday.

It included a 20-minute DVD explaining the proposal.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

“You can see that [the design] is very suburban. It doesn’t have of the glitzy appearance of what you might have thought a casino would look like,” Wynn said in the video.

The design “would make our hotel the regional meeting and convention destination place with all of the fine companies in New England. It would be great for them to have a place of this quality that they could come to for their conferences and sales meetings.”

Residents in favor of a casino hope Wynn’s mailings reassure people who had envisioned a Vegas-style strip. “I think this could only help and bring the values up and bring revenue to the town that we need,” says Millie Cetrone, as she looks over the brochure.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

Artist rendering of pool at proposed casino in Foxboro.

He is hoping to build the $1 billion casino on land off Route 1 owned by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

The plan has run into opposition from many Foxboro residents who worry that a casino will add to traffic congestion and crime in the town.

Opponents say they won’t be seduced by the pictures and promises. “Hope people keep in mind we moved to Foxboro for a reason. It wasn’t to have a grand chalet-style hotel.It wasn’t to have cabana poolside dining,” says Collin Earnst.

Wynn and Kraft say it will generate millions of dollars in revenue for the town and create thousands of jobs.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager contributed to this report.

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  1. sullyinma says:

    I’m all for it. It’s about time Massachusetts wakes up and smells the coffee. This is just what we need.

    1. gramps says:

      Let’s hope the ‘Face Lift’ he plans for Foxboro is going to be better than than the one he got for ‘himself’…..


    2. Annoyed says:

      You obviously don’t live in Foxboro or any surrounding town. It’s all well and good to say, “I’d like to not have to drive far to gamble” and “I want revenue for the state. It’s a whole other issue when it’s your town, your backyard.

      1. Theo Forand says:

        I’m from Foxboro, build it!

  2. Cat fight ! says:

    yeah… fleets of tour buses wonderful

  3. Gramps says:

    Wouldn’t this be too close to the proposed Casino in Taunton?

    1. Annoyed says:

      It would be one or the other. Only one casino per area in Mass.

  4. Becky Audette says:

    They better not get rid of Lafayette House… :(

    1. Cat fight says:

      Who has respect for our antiquities anymore 1st period or second period structure are fare game in our state so are woodlands wetlands , coyotes and crows.

      another convoy of tour buses went by.. yeah casinos great idea..

  5. Janet Kennedy says:

    It will be great for Foxboro. It will bring jobs and income to the town. The video was well done

    1. Annoyed says:

      With all due respect, Janet, you are crazy or ignorant if you truly believe that. Sure, we’ll get more income. However, Foxboro already has $2-3,000 less in taxes for a $350,000 dollar home in comparison to a home in like Sharon. Patriot’s Place already gives us a ton of revenue that most towns don’t get.

      Secondly, those “jobs” aren’t going to Foxboro (or even surrounding town) residents. How many Foxboro people do you know that have the training to work in a casino? Most of the workers are going to be people from outside of the area, who will then have to find housing thus increasing the town’s population.

      Never mind, the whole traffic issue. It’s hard enough traveling on 495, 95, and route one most days… then add in a 24/7 business? Plus, if you actually educate yourself about what happened to the towns that have accepted casinos (like the one that got Foxwoods) and you find out their towns are flipped upside down with a huge increase of crime and traffic.

      If you still feel so gung-ho about this… move to CT and you can live by Foxwoods or Mohegan. Leave Foxboro alone.

      1. Janet Kennedy says:

        First use your name. Because you must be anti casino . You have a very closed mind and the jobs will come to foxboro just remember our taxes keep going up and people are losing houses due to losing jobs

      2. George Bush says:

        Janet what job do you want? A maid or a dealer working for $5.90 an hour? These are service jobs that would not pay for an apartment in Foxboro, nevermind a home.

      3. Janet Kennedy says:

        George B use your correct name. You seem to be with the anti casino people. Open your mind stop and think for yourself. The anti ones think they talk for everyone well guess what they do not. People want to hear about. The figures you gave are wrong . Go back to your hole and think stop being rude and mean

      4. Theo Forand says:

        “With all due respect”…not really respectful, it’s like saying “hate to be an a@#hole but…”

        And with all due respect…uhm…they train people to work in Casinos…did you think they were shipping in people from Vegas and Macau…they don’t want to live in MA bro.

    2. CMurphy says:

      Janet is a cashier. She needs a better job, especially one where you can smoke on the job. Can you blame her?

  6. Litho guy says:

    Thanks but no thanks. I find Mr. Wynn’s words “Hollow” too.

  7. unimpressed says:

    I Definately do NOT like the design. I like the concept, size, multi fuction facility,location and the possibilities….but you need to adress all the unknowns & assuure us we will be delivered what is promised THIS time!!
    Also call a spade a spade, Where is “THE CASINO” 15 seconds of a sketch that appears the same size as my livingroom and you want me to beleive this !!!
    And “this “casino” will be tucked away & out of sight from the families that vacation here” That just sounds ridictulous and insulting to me!!!
    Oh by the way….. I am a voter in Foxboro Mr. Wynn & Mr Kraft!!!

    1. Extremely interested says:

      Absolutely beautiful! Very nice job with the video. I sincerely hope this is given a chance. I would be extremely proud to be associated with this establishment in my town. I hope that we are given a chance to vote on it. I can hardly wait to see what is next.

      1. Cat fight says:

        I just had a bowel movement… interested now….

    2. Extremely interested says:

      This thread has just confirmed to me how extremely rude many Foxboro anti-casino folks are. Did anyone ever teach you common manners?

  8. Dave says:

    Love the comment that we didn’t move to Foxboro to have a grand hotel or poolside dining with cabanas. Yeah, those things are soooooo terrible. Look, a $1 billion hotel with a pool! The apocalypse is upon us!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Annoyed says:

      Think before you speak, Dave. Yes, there is nothing wrong with a beautiful hotel with a pool. What he was speaking about is that families moved to Foxboro for the great town’s culture, neighborhoods, schools, etc. None of us moved there to live near a casino or to have to deal with the traffic and crime that comes with it. Like I said in another post… if you think it’s so great then move to CT by Mohegan or Foxwoods.

  9. George Bush says:

    I live in Foxboro, the town already voted no, take a hike Wynn.

  10. 1stackmack says:

    l’m all in for a casinos in massachusetts.but since we’re limited to 3 total here.l wan’t to see a planned drawing or photo like this future project like this before approving the three this project has an ideal location in foxboro .but since foxboro already gets $ from krafts other enterprises there.l’d like to see the taunton project.l want to see the little guy win,not the over tanned multi billionair.but foxboro would bring more money.l’m on the fence..and they’re both easy access,somewhat..

  11. 1stackmack says:

    ln away burlington is in a similar situation to foxboro.all major retail and business corporations like burlington cause of the closeness to boston and the big money towns along 128.we had a chance to get a large dave and busters were the old burlington dodge was.the company spent a fortune on plans,the revenue generated would have been almost casino money.but because of a town can’t figure out its already horrible traffic problems around that stupid their starting the process on wagmans and a whole development between rt3 and middlesex foxboro l feel your pain,but the traffic flow is much better the planned dave and busters is long gone.a shame..

  12. Chris says:

    First you can not compare Foxwoods or Mohegan sun to the casino proposed because it will not be tribal run . Secondly I grew up in North Stonington CT and yes the traffic did increase but the crime ?? It has brought new businesses to the small farming community and many visitors who have spent a lot of money over the years . As far as jobs , I was a dealer there making 4.25 but clearing $22.00 a hour with tips included . It brought decent money to my family and great benefits too . After the flood and losing everything we now live on the RI/ Mass line and I would love to see “JOBS” here . Take a look around people the crime is here cause people are broke , cities in nearby neighboring communities are going under , we need jobs ! And all I hear is people thinking about themselves saying our community , what about our country . Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill until all the facts are laid out and maybe go visit some residents in CT and ask how much has really changed before you turn down a opportunity that could better the area .

    1. Foxboro says:

      You left. Enough said. If it was so wonderful, go back.

  13. Foxboro says:

    Robert Kraft said “If it’s not well received, or not believed or not felt it’s good, then we’ll move on.”
    The town sent Kraft a letter saying we did not want a casino, but Kraft has not moved on. Thanks Mr. Kraft for keeping your promise. Thanks a lot.
    Kraft got 16 liquor licenses on Route 1 and gave the town Nothing in return. Now the police have to deal with skyrocketing DUIs. Thanks for the drunk drivers, Mr. Kraft. Thanks a lot.

  14. Foxboro Blows says:

    Firstly, I’d love to know the ratio of wealthy to poor when it comes to anti-casino and pro-casino advocates. I’d guess the majority of anti-casino people are doing just fine financially and don’t give a crap about the rest of the people in town who aren’t and need employment whatever the form it comes in.
    Secondly, get over yourselves, Foxboro isn’t some untouched garden of eden, I drive through it all the time and you’re just as crappy as Mansfield and Attleboro. I for one hope the casino does come, hopefully by forcing it down the throats of all you snobs.

    1. Lithoguy says:

      You are lucky we let you drive through our town. Now run along.

      1. Foxboro Blows says:

        Actually you’re lucky Bob Kraft lets you live in HIS town.
        Ahhh, smell that? No not the stench of your cruddy town, I mean the sweet scent of Eminent Domain cooking…

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