By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Two Logan baggage handlers have been busted for stealing from checked luggage. Investigators say the pair took money, laptops, cameras and other high end items right out of passengers bags.

Passengers arriving at Terminal E, where the two men worked and stole items and were ultimately arrested, didn’t take the news lightly. “It’s just an invasion of privacy,” said Jimmy Kinneen.

Ken Lapenta, returning from Ireland said, “(it) makes you nervous.”

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

All of the theft victims flew international, on Lufthansa.

“To worry about other people going through it and you already have to deal with five TSA officers going through it. The thought of once you give it to them someone taking something, it’s a little concerning,” said Kristina Hultman.

In court Wednesday, State Police say the two men, both 25-years-old, worked together to steal items. Officers set up hidden cameras and caught Joshua Wright and LaShawn Fontenot hiding laptops in their sweaters, cameras in their backpacks.

WBZ tried to talk to both men at their homes. No one answered at Wright’s Brighton apartment and a woman at Fontenot’s Lynn home said he lives there only sometimes. Still State Police say they recovered some of the stolen from that house.

In all the two men stole cash, three laptops, at least two cameras, boxes of tobacco and much more.

“I think it’s horrible if they do that. You have trust in stuff and it shouldn’t be stolen,” says Kinneen.

While TSA officers are watched on surveillance video as they check your luggage, baggage handlers get a free pass at your stuff. In fact back in 2009, TSA official George Nacarra admitted that Logan Airport has holes in its security system. “There could be more closed circuit TV cameras,” he says.

The pair were employed by an outside company called Swissport which works for Logan. State Police say that company was very cooperative in its investigation. Both men will be back in court in April and have been banned from returning to Logan.

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  1. Rob Cleary says:

    Same old cast of characters I see.

    1. rockstar1 says:

      Two words: “Career Plan.” These two aren’t exactly living the American dream and nobody grows up wanting to be an airline baggage handler. Such valuables should be a part of your carry on baggage.

      1. denim says:

        It’s not always an option to carry on everything. But given how TSA requires locks which they can open, I wonder how hard it is for baggage handlers to get TSA keys for those same locks. No, I’m not blaming TSA for this one. It’s not their fault.

      2. j says:

        LOL so airlines can charge you to check bags but you cant put your items in your bags…..retarded.

    2. JASYON says:

      You people are idiots.. Read the article morons. It WAS NOT TSA OFFICERS that stole from the bags. 99% of stuff stolen is by Baggage handlers who work for $5.15 an hour from private companies who handle your bag.

      1. rmsbl4 says:

        You might want to go back and read denim’s post; he is not blaming the TSA.

      2. lolatu says:

        haha rmsbl4, unless jasyon can go back in time, it appears he was not talking to denim

    3. Jaxxy21 says:

      i always leave a note in my luggage advising there is a hidden camera,,,i never lose a thing.

    4. Jim West says:

      TSA stole cigarettes out of my carry on after they “needed” to check it again.

    5. nolocks4me says:

      Dont’ need TSA keys. Search Youtube on ‘open suitcase with pen’.

    6. gramps says:

      Yesterdays ‘Wednesday Child’ is described as follows:

      David, 15, is a well-liked Caucasian boy who is proud to be the manager of his junior high’s basketball team.


      Yet here we have two two perps & ‘no’ description?

      Just asking…


  2. 1stackmack says:

    in a post 9 11 environment ,with cameras everywhere.especially at an airport .what were these two knuckle heads thinking.isn’t there a federal case,tampering with luggage.l’m just saying…

    1. A says:

      Yes, but even scarier…

      It is brain surgeons like these loading the planes that you and I hop on with luggage and freight.

      Personally, that scares me more than anything going the metal detectors upstairs

    2. dabble53 says:

      The problem is, cameras are NOT everywhere. Since you basically have to leave luggage unlocked/unsecured, it is the airport’s and airline’s responsibility to secure your luggage while in their cure. Perhaps we should be starting some legals proceedings suing them for negligence. Make the cost of their laziness enough, and perhaps they’ll take some reasonable care in securing your belongings. They charge you enough now…make them do something for all their fees.

      1. dabble53 says:


  3. KEN says:

    This is what you get when you hire $7.00 part-time losers to perform the job of trained,bonded professional baggage handlers. What you should be worried about is not what these scumbags steal from the luggage; but what they could ADD after the bags are checked in. All the major airlines are trying to save money by hiring these “OUTSOURCE” companies to provide ramp service. Do you really want the person who made your breakfast burrito doing a pre-departure safety check…or fueling an aircraft that your seat will be on at 25,000 feet?

    1. denim says:

      Well put.

    2. Margeaux says:

      Totally agree Ken. Great comment.

    3. InsideJob says:

      Right on Ken,
      Even scarier, do some research on where the airlines are having their engines and aircraft overhauled and serviced so they can save a few more bucks.
      The race to the bottom continues to fuel the profits for the 1%.

  4. ginny2 says:

    Nothing new here. I once packed jam to take to friends. Bottles were factory sealed and had plastic around the cap. Wrapped each container in clear wrap ad a ziplock bag. Arrived at my destination and every one of the bottles had been unwrapped, opened and there was a fingers worth of jam missing from each one. Now that’s just plain sick.

    1. sparknut says:

      Maybe I’ll put some ex-lax chocolates in my bag before my next flight.

  5. A says:

    At the risk of stereotyping, the name of one of them kinda gives at least than one away

  6. chilitokid says:

    yet when this news outlet contacted all the airline carriers over at Logan they flatly denied any passenger theft occurs. They believe they hire the and most respected ex-cons the Probation allows to walk, even though some were serving 6 life sentences.

    1. honeymooner says:

      the airline carriers deny any thefts occur because you can’t actually get a hold of them to tell them !! i know, i tried. i had binoculars stolen from my luggage in new orleans.

  7. Dan says:

    And this is why we NEVER pack anything of value in the check-in baggage. TSA are just as big a pack of theives as these two knunkleheads…

  8. Karen says:

    My daughter had a handler urinate in her luggage while on a business trip to Washington DC. Nothing valuable but her clothing and the bag itself were ruined. To open it and URINATE! What kind of garbage are they hiring? She was compesated for the bag.

    1. Margeaux says:

      OMG We seem to have cameras everywhere, but where they are actually needed! Gross.

  9. binny says:

    Unthinkable that there were no cameras in the bag-check location.

  10. Johnny C says:

    Its not stereotyping if its true.

  11. Upwinger says:

    Never take anything of value through TSA at SFO (San Francisco). Guaranted it will be “lost.”

    1. Does-Research says:

      SFO doesn’t have TSA, they have a private security company. Just sayin, put blame where blame is due.

  12. G says:

    As outraged as I am by the crimes mentioned here, as a person of color I’m equally outraged at the stereotyping going on in these comments. Frankly, to paint us all with the same brush these two punks used to tarnish themselves shows a lack of intelligence. Crime knows no culture boundaries — try to remember that, please. Thanks.

    1. Cracka says:

      Yet, you call yourself G…how clever, you are even playing into another stereotype. Unless ‘G’ is your given birth name, highly doubtful BRO.

  13. Jaygee says:

    These morons are lucky enough to have a good job and yet they can’t resist the urge to blow it all by stealing from others. This is the same airport that was controlled by political insiders who have never had the slightest idea on what the word “security” means. We just have to look back 10 years to understand that fact. They also had people at that time working at Logan who weren’t even in the country legally so this latest event is really no big surprise. I wonder if they will get to keep their jobs when they say it was “only once”?

  14. jack says:

    So thats who took my Weed!!!

  15. Jo An says:

    Happens everyday……We had a I PAD stolen…in L. A. We reported it and did all the follow up…TSA…dropped it.. Now we never put any thing electronic in our bags..nor jewelry…nor valuable…

  16. MT says:

    In other news, water is wet

  17. Ron says:

    Airline Baggage Handlers are the people who can’t qualify to be TSA agents due to their extensive criminal records!

    1. How arrogant says:

      People with extnesive criminal records can’t even work at an airport. all the people badged to work within secure areas of the airport have to go through Criminal history checks alot stricter than most companies – many of the bag handlers are working it as a second job with very few hours and keep doing it for the flight benefits only as ithat is the only thing making it worth the while.

  18. Mike says:

    If they can take stuff out, can’t they put things like bombs in?

    1. db_cooper says:

      exactly. that’s the most jaw-dropping part of this whole story. who cares about people losing cash and cameras? if you’re dumb enough to put those kinds of things in CHECKED LUGGAGE (DUH!)…. the crazy part is that any terrorist can just get a job as a baggage handler, or better yet, pay one off a bunch of money to put a “package” in a bag, and… KABLOOEY… we’re done. Security is a joke… security theater by TSA. Sad, maddening and scary, all rolled into one.

  19. Roger says:

    And I bet the airlines were quick to replace the missing items as soon as passengers complained.

  20. Me says:

    The only real crime one can be prosecuted for is stupidity. If these guys were smart they would have become CEOs and had their companies steal things from people so they could absolve themselves of responsibility and give themselves 5 million dollar bonuses on top of it.

  21. JC_IN_KC says:

    I never travel with luggage anywhere… I ship my belongings via FED-EX two days before I travel… Ship it right to my hotel or where I stay… Sure it costs a few bucks… But nobody goes through your FED-EX, nothing gets stolen, nothing gets lost, and best of all TSA does not put there grubby dirty hands on my stuff… No luggage check in or out… I ship it back home the same way.. just keep a return shipping label in your box with packing tape… drop off at the hotel desk and they call FED-EX to come pick it up… Simple easy and no extra baggage fee’s…

  22. sparknut says:

    I suspect it’s the tip of the iceburg. Hope they catch more of these idiots.

  23. samuel dudorich says:

    people in every profession or job have been caught stealing. it has nothing to do with what kind of job it its. it has to do with being human.

    1. db_cooper says:

      I don’t steal, Samuel…. does that mean I’m not human?

      1. samuell dudorich says:

        no i’m sure you’re human. but i’m also sure there are some people in your profession who steal. i’m glad you don’t steal. neither do i.

  24. TomK says:

    This is just not news. It has been happening for years, not just here but in major airports around the world. Narita is a good example. A good friend had his whole families baggage rifled and EVERYTHING of value was taken! Not only in the baggage but in security checks too. My wife was carrying a very expensive food processor in her carryon and they took that……….a weapon. They didn’t even give her the option of taking out the tiny 1.5 inch blades in the cup. They said calling a supervisor would have her missing her flight back to Mpls………They get you any way they can.

  25. dan says:

    i have been fueling planes at the airport for 20 flights ,.and i have seen it all . this has been going on for years. this will never stop because they do not have the manpower to do it. they catch some but i know of people that have never been caught.oh , the airport was logan

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