UXBRIDGE (CBS) – Authorities have located a patient who escaped from a state psychiatric hospital last week.

Twenty-eight-year-old John Lavallee escaped from Worcester State Hospital last Thursday.

He was found in Mendon Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators originally ended their search for Lavallee Tuesday morning soon after they found a campsite in the woods they believed to be his.

Comments (4)
  1. tsalnew says:

    I can only smile when they say he isn’t a danger to others and in the same breath tell the neighborhood to lock doors and windows. There are police and dos and helicopters all over the place – who knows how he would react when desperate. There are a lot of woods in that area. With any luck they will find him soon so the quiet neighborhood can relax.

  2. tsalnew says:

    I was wondering why BZ reported the search had ended since I knew it hadn’t. I know the residents in the area are greatly relieved. And it’s great that he will be back in safe care.

  3. C.Hall says:


    As someone who has worked in the mental health field I was very alarmed by the response of the media. Having a mental illness does not mean you are a threat to others, watching the coverage and the actions of the police looked like events from a movie, we should all be ashamed of ourselves!

    1. Tsalnew says:

      Really CHall. I do not believe anyone in the neighborhood was not sympathetic to this young mans plight . Everyone interviewed voiced his concern. In the same light and not knowing what dangers were posed I would hope you could be as understaning for those living in the area.