BEVERLY (AP) — Beverly police say friends and family have spoken to an officer who was shot by another officer and that his condition appears to be improving.

Police said on their Facebook page Sunday that friends and family have spoken to Officer Jason Lantych and he appears to be doing OK. The department says he still has a long way to go.

The 35-year-old Lantych is being treated at Beverly Hospital.

Authorities said Saturday that Hamilton Sgt. Ken Nagy had arranged to meet with Lantych Friday night when the 44-year-old Nagy shot him multiple times, fled and returned to commit suicide.

The department has not said why they were meeting.

The towns of Beverly and Hamilton are about 5 miles apart in northeastern Massachusetts.

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  1. Buddy says:

    This Lantych is a disgrace to not only his fellow officers but to the team of hockey players he coaches and the community of Beverly. He is suppose to lead be example and his obvious extramarital affair speaks volume of his misleading character. The youth hockey organization should ban him from continuing his coaching ability.

    I hope he learns from this very hard lesson. Stay away from another married mans wife. Obviously Nagy he was aiming for his “You know what”. He was shot in the groin is what one paper stated and bystanders confirm this. Not for nothing I can’t believe the media hasn’t confronted Nagy’s wife.

    I just hope Nagy’s kids know one day what a wonderful, wonderful faithful wife she was. They do have a right to know the truth just like the citizens of the commonwealth.

    1. gramps says:

      The DA stated he’s not going to pursue a motive!

      A gun, ‘Publicly Issued’ & the DA is giving it the ‘Pontius Pilot’….

      It’s not a cover-up, it’s ‘dereliction of duty’!

      Two Cops off the job…one forever….

      No-balls management…


    2. Voice of Reason says:

      You do not know Jay and you don’t know his “character.” I know Jay very well and have for years. He is a great guy, a great police officer, and a superb coach. He leads by example everyday of his life when he is in uniform or has a whistle around his neck. As far as the rumors and allegations morons not in the know like you are spewing all over websites, that is personal stuff and not the business of anyone. Just like a teacher, a pro athlete, or the CEO of a company, as long as they are not doing anything criminal and are professional when they are in their work environment and maintain the appearance in the public eye, that everyone wants from a leader or role model, what goes on behind closed doors should not play a role. I’d just keep my mouth and laptop shut if I were you.

      1. gramps says:

        Or what?…Tough guy…


      2. Voice of Reason says:

        No threat my man…just saying, you’re all trying to sound like experts and civic leaders when you’re just a bunch of morons getting tidbits of info from the filtered news and blogs.

      3. tsalnew says:

        voice of reason – it’s the nature of the blog beast – everyone is an expert at judging others – makes ’em feel better about themselves – and none have ever done anything wrong in their lives. Politics and politicians are one thing but when it comes to judging what a person does in his private life should be off limits…………………I like your comment! And I’ll get slammed for mine :)

      4. Voice of Reason says:

        Thanks tsal…seems ironic that the people attacking someone else’s private life are the one’s posting inappropriate posts on a news site, then trying to instigate blog fights.

      5. Karen says:

        Whatever the reason may be, the public doesn’t need to be in “harms way” of an extramarital affair–revealed, exposed, & executed in a public domain ;) The safety of others NOT involved is paramount, & we do want to know the whole story–the good, the bad, & the ugly>>> Mrs. Nagy were you cheating on your husband w/Office Lantych??? The funeral services should be swell w/your in-laws & the children :(

      6. Dan says:

        Actually a true sign of character is what goes on behind closed doors; what happens outside of the public eye. Cops, teachers, firemen, coaches, clergy, etc., because they work in public, they do not have the luxury of private lives. What happened in that parking lot Friday night is public business. Although, I might add, that people should refrain from spreading rumors.

      7. Karen says:

        DAN, In regard to my 1st comment, I am NOT spreading rumors–just asking a question, which should be addressed… The TRUTH sets us FREE, so we don’t have to walk around w/a “scarlet letter” branded on our chest!!! Perhaps, we can then see the TRUE non-judgemental perspective of what the motivator was for this PERSONAL & PUBLIC INCIDENT, & derive a lesson learned from the FATAL outcome>>> The consensus is that this NEVER happens again, but we know there will be more VIOLENCE reported on a regular basis!!! What’s next??? We know ONE thing for the parties involved, life will NEVER be the same :(

  2. M.C. says:

    What charges could be brought and against whom ? The shooter is dead, but he does have children. Perhaps the DA is putting tneir emotional well being ahead of the public’s ” right to know.” IF there was adultery involved, it is not against the law; and even if it were, no court could punish those involved more than their own consciences will for the rest of their lives as they deal with the consequences of their choices. “The citizens of the Commonwealth” will move on to the next tragedy, My sympathies are with the families and close friends of those involved for whom moving on involves so much more than satisfying curiosity.

    1. Buddy says:

      Correction, In Mass it is indeed against the law to commit adultry. It’s on the books.

      1. Voice of Reason says:


    2. response says:

      What charges could be brought and against whom- Here is an example of one –
      There are more that could be filed, but not in this state.

      •Discharge of any firearm within 500 feet of a building in use is prohibited, except with the consent of the owner or legal occupant, in defense of life and property, or at licensed shooting galleries, target, test, trap or skeet ranges with the permission of the owner or legal occupant.

  3. M.C. says:

    Last prosecuted when? You better get ready to part with some bucks to build more prisons if you want to make it criminal anywhere but “on the books.”

    1. gramps says:

      No need to build prisons, we can attack the MBTA deficit, $500 bucks @ a time….

      Section 14. A married person who has sexual intercourse with a person not his spouse or an unmarried person who has sexual intercourse with a married person shall be guilty of adultery and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than three years or in jail for not more than two years or by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars.


      1. Buddy says:

        I think knowing what she has caused is a much greater sentence than what is on the books. Luckily she can’t benefit from his pension or even a life insurance policy due to a self inflicted GSW.

        I just question him letting her live.

      2. Voice of Reason says:

        cheating is not a top priority for police departments. And here’s another news flash neither is jay walking or spitting on the sidewalk (both on the books still in more than 30 states). Here’s another one just taken off of Boston’s books:

        “In Boston, Until recently, it was illegal for any native American or one of Native American blood to enter Boston’s city limits.”

  4. JD says:

    SHOCKING! A youth hockey coach!! You’re kidding. They better start issuing psychological evals on these youth hockey coaches. Didn’t one just flip a lid on a kid a couple of weeks ago. Crazy!

    1. gramps says:

      Holly, go clean your dirty house!


  5. tsalnew says:

    I must have missed something – has he been tried and found guilty of adultery? Must have been since he seems to have been sentenced.

  6. donny says:

    In a separate news item I see where Mr. Mihos, (a private citizen) has the following written about his “brush with the law”:

    “Sources say that argument ensued over illegal sexual encounters.”

    So… (God forbid) if one of the Mihos had killed the other I guess we wouldn’t be talking about an investigation into that motive either?…

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