BOSTON (CBS) –The public will soon be able to comment on the latest safety report for Boston University’s  high-security reasearch laboratory.

The National Institutes Of Health has scheduled a hearing at Roxbury Community College for April 19 at 6:30 P.M.

For years, the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory has been tied up by legal challenges and regulatory reviews.  Environmental groups and neighbors argue that the densely populated area in Boston’s South End  is not an appropriate or safe place for scientists to be working with lethal germs.

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  1. Cat fight ! says:

    Its a DONE deal why bother wasting time with meetings. to think of holding up the possibility’s of future Meth makers in our state Professors to students need to expand their minds with all the lab accidents i cant wait for them to screw with deadly pathogens .. these lab accidents sure will be a knee slapper with effing with Ebola

  2. We should know better says:

    WIth scientists recently creating an even more deadly form of the bird flu in our current tax payer funded labs, we should be asking Mayor Menino and his Boston Public Health Commission to let us know what new diseases we can expect from this lab.

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