BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – Bridgewater State University Police have released sketches of the man and woman wanted for an attack on a student journalist.

The woman is about 5’2” tall with red, dyed hair and a large, square-shaped stud in her right nostril.

The man is about 6’1”with short dark hair and thin build.

Destinie Mogg-Barkalow says she was walking through a tunnel on campus last Thursday when she was confronted by the couple and punched by the woman.

The couple had asked her about an article she wrote in The Comment, in favor of gay marriage.

The school is holding a rally Tuesday morning in support of Mogg-Barkalow. A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspects.

Comments (4)
  1. fred says:

    This story seems odd. Were there any other witnesses? I may be wrong but this story seems to have the makings of one of those false reports that people make to draw attention to a cause. If it really happened and these are students (who else would read that paper and who else would know this person) they should be easily identified. Now there is a rally with a lot of pubicity – over what? something that the Mass Supreme Court already decided to make into law.

    1. Edward Ellis says:

      A false report for recognition and attention for the student reporter and THE COMMENT is a distinct possibility. I myself lean that way. But a full investigation should be made by Campus P.D., to err on the side of caution. TOO MANY assaults (sexual and otherwise ) are happening on college campuses all over the country.

  2. Lisa M says:

    No one reads the student newspaper at Bridgewater State. A girl with red dyed hair and nose jewelry would stick out like a sore thumb, and would have easily been identified within hours of the sketch/description being released. The BPD doesn’t believe the story, I guess it is up to the BSUPD to come up with the phantom suspects.

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