By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TVBy Jim Armstrong

LYNN (CBS) – Video showing two Lynn English High School students fighting was posted on YouTube last week.

Maybe even more disturbing than the fight itself, were the dozens of other students standing by cheering the girls on with their own cameras rolling.

The video shows the fight lasted eight minutes and only ended when police arrived.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

Because many of the teenagers involved appear to be juveniles, WBZ edited the video to hide their identities, but it’s still quite clear what’s going on.

It was a savage fight between two young women at the Cook Street Playground in Lynn. WBZ-TV showed the video to a group of Lynn students, almost all of whom had already seen it.

“It’s like the thrill of watching two prize fighters going at it,” says student Jared Delacruz.

Not only do onlookers fail to break the pair up, several are taking pictures and video of the fight, cheering the girls on.

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy is also chairwoman of the Lynn School Committee.

“It seems to me like the intent all along was to make the video that would be shared with other people, on the Internet,” says Mayor Kennedy. “That’s really disturbing.”

The girls are students at Lynn English and students who heard about the fight, say it happened last week.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

The videos were shot by multiple kids from several angles and showed up on several websites almost immediately.

Mayor Kennedy says, “Without consequences to that action, I think we are sending the wrong message to those kids.”

School officials and Lynn Police are all reviewing the videos closely. It’s possible that the girls in the fight as well as those who stood by and recorded it, could all face some type of discipline.

Comments (41)
  1. 1stackmack says:

    two words come to mind. CAT FIGHT !!!!

    1. Cat fight ! says:

      C,c,c,c,Cat fight!

      1. 1stackmack says:

        yep,in the park, after school. you their man.

    2. buffspartan28 says:

      Just watched the vid on youtube heres the link but it kinda sucks for a catfight

  2. Willow says:

    I can only think of one word: disturbing!!

  3. gramps says:

    I just watched all 8 minutes….

    “What a waste of ‘food stamps’, the MAD DOG crowd contained every color of the rainbow except…….”

    Obamas future America!


    1. T.W. says:

      Who can say for certain if they are on food stamps?
      -Fights happen between children of all walk of life.
      What is wrong with a diverse culture?
      -Lynn is urban and urban areas are known for diversity.
      And how can you blame Obama for creating a diverse America?
      -Diversity is not something new which has sprung up since 2008.

    2. Truthmom says:

      So Gramps’ future America I suppose would eliminate all of the “colors of the rainbow” leaving only what? White Angle Saxon Presbytarians? Would you get rid of the Jews too gramps? People like you are disgusting and dying off every day making way for a younger progressive America. Elderly racists…what a waste of Social Security Dollars.

    3. gramps says:

      Jewish people represent only about 0.02% of the world’s population.

      Yet they have received ‘129’ Nobel Prizes, more than any other group!

      Where would the world be without, them?

      Move along,’little girl’.


  4. emom says:

    And to think these slugs of pre humans are potentially going to be our future , Potential hoodlums, or politicians… con artists or actresses, welfare moms or teachers,,,, Gee,,, only time will tell how these preadolescences will potentially turn out. I don’t hold out much hope from there brand of behavior,,, Believing its no big deal except for some whacked out kind of THRILL as one pre adolescent teen stated… WHATS wrong with these kids,,, And in some TV show in the future, one just might blame some group of people for not giving them a step up the ladder,, TISK TISK TISK<< what a waste of a future…. Oh well what does one expect with most today. after all one of those teens stated itbest….. ITS ALL ABOIUT THE THRILL….

  5. Becky Corbett says:

    I have to write- people can pick apart “welfare kids” food stamps blah, blah ignorance. I grew up in an affluent community- and guess what?!? It happened there too! Has anyone looked at TV lately? Or latch key kid phenomenon? Call me crazy- but how about all the parents (all levels of finances) let their kids go home alone? There is a huge lack of parental support for these kids- we as adults are creating this future!

    1. gramps says:

      Your missing the ‘Ed Show’ on MSNBC…


    2. emom says:

      WOW,, don’t get out much,,, I was a latch key kid, so is my kid,, there is a few differences,,,,,, I did not go around and beat the crap out of someone for sport or for that matter didn’t beat any one up,, I was neither affluent or poor,, MIDDLE OF THE ROAD , Wasn’t spoiled But respected everything… May have hated a few people along the way , But at no point this latch key kid never watched a sport like this,, Unless you consider hockey and football one of these sports… I was a good kid growing up and if I saw this kind of stuff I told someone, and they got a whooping,,,, The problem with kids today is they see it from their parents and family.. But a larger number of poor seem to sure follow the bad path…
      Oh my kid yeah ,,, NO still a good kid and well knows that this kind of behavior is totally wrong…. its all in the upbringing,,, which possibly lacks ..
      OH WAIT TV<<<<<< what did you call bugs bunny, road runner, taxmanian devil,, 3 STOOGES,,,,,, MOE, LARRY CURLY,,,, GOTTA LOVE THOSE GUYS,,,, WESTERNS, what there was no violence back then,,, boy I must have missed all that stuff.. more like lack of parenting,,,,,

    3. response says:

      These kids are in high school, of course you let them go home alone?
      What would you do, hire a baby sitter for a jr or sr in high school?

      1. emom says:

        Response.. actually I did know some parents that did just that… there are some out there that shelter their kids far to long,,,, sad really…. Kids today are allowed to do far to many things, go where ever and never take responsibility for their actions. and sadly parents will stand behind these kids saying they are expressing themselves… what good comes from this… More end up in jail and sadly by the time they are 18 they commit serious crimes…. when does the cycle truly end…. when will some just wake up ..the future is extremely bleak

  6. Italo says:

    Why do the police need to be called in? Why can’t the school and Lynn’s school system have systems in place that these students involved have to appear before a board, the principal, or through an in-house academic procedure that disciplines them academically? To me, if everything goes right to the police, then the police will begin controlling what happens at what should be the local school board’s level of management. Which means the accused learn to try to appeal what they’re charged with by lawsuiting themselves out of any decision with which they disagree. Instead, they should be going through proper internal school academic discipline and, then, possibly appeal, procedures instead. I’m tired of hearing everything instantly always becoming a matter litigated at the law enforcement level right from the very start. Do schools have no control mechanisms in place to discipline and handle their misbehaving students in the first place, anymore?

    1. Jeremiah says:

      First it didn’t happen on school property or during school hours…. and if you think the schools have any way of controlling students you are living in a cave… the court has stopped parents from disciplining at home you think the school could do more… law enforcement and the court system has made it so it goes to them, this way they can get our children in the system and screw up their lives … JUST TO KEEP THEY IN MONEY…

  7. Marty Griffin says:

    If we could get this stuff in Pittsburgh people might think I was a real reporter

  8. George Bush says:

    Ghetto culture is here, I have seen the future and it is brown, uneducated and violent.

  9. buffspartan28 says:


  10. buffspartan28 says:

    Lemme rephrase that, if they were both hot, then it would be epic

  11. Jeremiah says:

    I think it is funny how most all these people standing around come under fire from the law enforcement… it’s not bad enough that children have come to this because the court put it’s nose into raising children… This is to get as many people/children in the system…. ALL SO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE COURT CAN MAKE MONEY…

  12. emom says:

    Maybe if parents , parented then things like this would not happen… Its because there is LACK of parental control, some feel the schools should be the ones in control… Why cant parents be in control,, teach them the basics in being good and doing whats right… NAH<<<< never mind,, some just can not see past their own issues, never mind teach their own kids…. Yup leave them up to the systemm, who betterto be teaching them lifes little lessons.

  13. T.W. says:

    It is truly a shame that the city of Lynn is being represented in this way. Many of the students from around the city who I have spoken to are absolutely livid that the news showcases this but not the good which students are doing in the areas of achievement academically and work in volunteering.
    The schools cannot be held accountable for ‘letting’ this happen because, as has been stated, it happened off school grounds during out of school hours. Police must come in to find and discipline any person involved in this situation as they would the fighters and bystanders/filmers of any other fight in the city. The only accountability in this situation falls onto the kids who are seen in the video. They were there, they took part, they allowed it to happen and go on.
    As a product of the Lynn Public Schools, I can tell you with pride and confidence that the schools give you every opportunity to learn HOW to make the right decisions, but it is left up to the students as humans (as it should be) to make their own choices. And further, it is taught that you are responsible for your actions.
    So before you go on bashing Lynn, the schools, the police, and parents, please give thought to who is truly ‘to blame’ in this situation.

    1. blackbear1 says:

      Thanks T.W. Also as a product of LEHS, I owe a wonderful career and life to them. People have expectations that are often unfair and unfounded.

  14. jm says:

    kids cheering on a fight is nothing new. the only difference now is that it goes right to the internet.

    1. tsalnew says:

      Wow – first comment I have heard that said it all. May be more further on. I stopped reading with your comment, jm.

      Anyone here who doesn’t remember something like this happening in his/her lifetime – when they were young – either just wants something to criticize or has lost some long-term memory. Regardless of the affluence of a community, kids fought all of the time and there were groups who watched. For heavens sakes, even Leave it to Beaver has an episode where they think Beaver is having a fight but it turns out it’s two other kids and everyone is rushing to watch.

      It’s as old as time, Folks. Doesn’t make it right but this is way over the top overkill. The difference is – as someone said – the parents dealt with it and did so far better than this.

  15. njuguna muigai says:

    We saw students watching the drama and others trying competing to video the brawl. Somebody said young people are better learners than listeners , these teens to them is okay these is what they see on tv and on internet. I remember one video on tv which looked like a James Bond movie, a man was trying to shoot another man with a gun and the man who was being shot at was shielding himself with a tree. If these is what will be being screened on tv then it will be okay with our children

  16. toni says:

    I don’t see how these kids are going to face any punishment at all. First of all, the fight happened off school grounds after school was over. Therefore, the school won’t be able to discipline these kids for a fight that didn’t occur on school grounds.

    All the police will be able to do is maybe file assault and battery charges, or a fighting in public charge against the two girls. If the two girls don’t press charges against each other the case will go NOWHERE! When they show up to court, if they show up at all, the case will be dropped and they will go home without any punishment.

    Believe me, I don’t agree or condone what these girls did. I wish they would face some sort of punishment for their actions, but I just don’t see it happening with the school system or the court. What needs to happen, is for the parents of these two girls to step up and punish their kids. However, I don’t have much hope of that happening either.

  17. R Boxold says:

    Yeah, so two girls had a fight. So what. Let them, better than building up anger, and having a school massacre…….much ado over nothing. Get a grip !!! What is disturbing is that this was on the news.

  18. Bobo Nemo says:

    Celebrate Diversity!

  19. Bobo Nemo says:

    Marsha Coakley issued a statement saying she would be on this case right after she finishes getting her hair and nails done.

  20. Mike says:

    Would this “story” be treated the same if it were two males fighting? Highly doubtful. It’s being used to increase ratings during a media sweeps month. It all about making money.

  21. response says:

    hi emom, my comment was in reply to becky’s that said it was the parents fault becuase they let the kids be left home alone…my response was these girls are in high school.

    There were a couple of girls who go into a fight at our local high school last month. One of the girls sisters had just been deployed to the middle east. Another girl made a comment that she hoped the girl died there and the fight started. Now, I can’t really blame the girls parent for the fight. She was defending someone in her family. Do I think fighting is the answer? no, but I don’t think I would punish this girl for it either. It would be a tough call.

    1. tsalnew says:

      response – I might well have done the exact same thing the girl did when younger. I don’t get how everyone is overreacting to this. Good grief – kids have been having fights since well before I was born. Time to focus on what is really important. This whole discussion is an example of how we blow things out of proportion.

  22. DIANE says:


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