BOSTON (CBS) – Randy Moss wants to return to the NFL.

Moss, celebrating his 35th birthday, held a USTREAM chat on Monday, and told those watching he is planning on playing football again.

“I want to play football,” Moss said Monday morning. “Your boy is going to come back here and play some football, so I’m really excited. I had some things I had to adjust in my life.”

Citing off-field issues for his retirement last season, Moss said his family is ok with a return. He has even shaved his dreadlocks, going back to the look he sported in his successful early days with the Vikings.

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“Faith, family and football, that’s my M.O., bro. Your boy be back for the upcoming season,” he said during the hour-long chat.

There were over 500 people viewing the chat as it drew to a close, a figure that shocked Moss.

A 13-year NFL veteran, Moss took the 2011 season off after finishing 2010 with the Tennessee Titans, his third team of the year. For his career, Moss has 954 catches for 14,858 yards and 153 touchdowns. 50 of those touchdowns came in his three-plus seasons with the Patriots, when he had 259 receptions for 3,904 yards from 2007-2010.

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Moss is looking to build on his 954 career catches for 14,858 yards and 153 touchdowns. He played for the Patriots from 2007 until he was traded to the Vikings in the middle of the 2010 season.

While rumors of a return to New England swirled all season long, Bill Belichick never felt a reunion with the receiver would work enough to bring him back. Moss has said he would want to play for the Patriots numerous times since his trade from the team, but it is hard to imagine Belichick bringing him back, even with needs at the wide receiver position.

Would you want the Patriots to bring back Randy Moss next season? Let us know in the comments section…

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  1. Paul Surrette says:

    Most deffaneatly he could be a big asset let go of Chad Randy fits in well with Patriots if he keep head in game works hard at doing what he needs done for team !!!

  2. Anne says:

    hell yea! he was a great fit for New England until his meltdown. He is a great player and desurves another chance as long as he abides by the rules and doesn’t cause dissention

    1. Zulyana says:

      This is a move that is crazy but understood.I think it is too soon to have Randy out the door after such a short time. The team could have rpemiranded him internally to try to get points across. I don’t think this was their only viable option; especially with the season not looking anywhere near as electrifying as last year. He’s the Best Receiver on the team and they let him go. I don’t think this helps them very much but we all know what Harvin and Rice can do.However, Randy did bring this on himself and his antics are as welcome as they were like back in 2003 or any previous era. Doggin it and playing when you feel like it aren’t good ways to keep a relationship from going the wrong way. Maybe this will sink in deeper for Randy or maybe a team will just take the baggage and hope its without a fee like Southwest Airlines (Just Sayin’).

  3. Janet says:

    YES, YES, AND YES!!!

  4. Alex says:

    I’d bring him back in a second as long as he remembers to “think before he speaks.” He’s a great receiver.

    1. lisa says:

      Bring him back. He will play and he knows the system already with Brady. Better than Ochocinco is doing

    2. JOAN MARICOLA says:

      yes bring randy moss back yes yes

  5. Paul says:

    The Pats need a WR with the skills and speed Moss once had. But they don’t need the Moss who lost two steps, took too many plays off, and then complained about the way he was used. Go young and fast. Randy’s day has passed him by.

    1. Janet says:

      I don’t think he would have DROPPED THE BALL!!

  6. Ken Hyde says:

    definately yes….should have signed him mid season, if Moss had been on the team they would have won the SuperBowl….I think Randy is a changed man, humbled and wants to play for the Pats more than any other team…Brady seems to be open too……I dont get the hestitation…….Moss or Ochosinko……..that is a no brainer

    1. Janet says:

      NOT OCHOCINCO … he’s too full of himself!

      1. Nathalie says:

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      2. ken1lutheran says:

        Nathalie, you’ve got your fact mixed up a bit, so let me help. While this isn’t a political column, so your comment was rather out of place, where there is error, it should be corrected, so:

        1. The assessment that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was not a “lie” concocted by the Bush administration. It was the unanimous consensus of Western intelligence services, and was believed by the Clinton administration before the Bush administration. In the Senate, those who believed the report included not only Republicans but such Democrats as John Kerry and Dianne Feinstein.

        2. Nobody proposed sacking the president for getting head from an intern. On the other hand, lying about it under oath is perjury, a felony under the laws of the United States. it was for that, not for getting head from an intern, that impeachment charges were brought against Bill Clinton.

    2. Denis says:

      I heard a Janet Jackson song on the radio yesterday about it Promise of a Nude Day .(That was asacrsm; don’t post any replies saying that wasn’t the name of the song.)

  7. Michael says:

    Chad on one side, Randy on the other. With Gronk and Hernandez in the middle. What fun that would be!

  8. Ken says:

    I think he’s worth a training camp invitation. If he’s still got it, the Pats may get him for cheap. (Remember what he did the one season he was playing cheap?) If he doesn’t still have it, let him go, having spent very little to find out what he has left. Reggie Wayne is also worth a look-see. He probably still does have something left in the tank.

  9. Omar Jandali says:

    this team would be the greatest team ever. Brady, Moss, Ochocinco, Hernandes, Gronkowsku, Welker, and greene ellis would be the greatest team of all time. i have been watching football for 5 years every sunday. my favorite games werre when randy moss was on the team. him and brady had a chemistry like no other. i have been a patriots fan sinse i started watching football and if they picl up moss he can help the team out. our team doesnt have a player that make 20= yeard a lot and randy moss can change that. we need you moss.

  10. P says:

    This team wins the SB 2 weeks ago with a conforming Moss

  11. clarence chamberlain says:

    most deffenately,randy moss owns the feild when he plays,well when he wants to,that would be my only worry that he didn’t develop an attitude and throw the game,in the end of his carrear with the pats i feel thats what he did,and thats why bill tossed him out,but he is the best if he wants to be,no doubt.

  12. Chuck says:

    Randy got the system, he and Brady were in sync, and if he really can keep with the “only talk about cliches” like everyone else, then he is worth inviting to training camp. Liabilities don’t last more than a minute, assets get rings.

  13. Sharon Harper says:

    yes,yes, a thousand times YES!!!

  14. beardog says:

    No I would not give Moss a second chance he’s had to many through out his career he is a proven cry baby and brings nothing but low morale to his team mates.Stay retired we have great players with greatness and stile on & off the field.

  15. Rich Carman says:

    Brady and Moss have great chemistry and with their existing weapons this could be special. Certainly worth a shot. But Randy’s gotta do his running with his feet and not with his mouth!

  16. Skip says:

    Yes, by all means, I would bring back Randy since he has indicated thayt he would rather return to the Pats than any other team.

  17. pats fan in ny says:

    didn’t we have enough with 2 “reclamation projects” this past year? if he gets an invite there should be a very specific code of conduct he signs. he should be willing to sign for short money, and maybe an incentive clause. certainly don’t want a repeat of the albert haynesworth fiasco.

  18. No Moss says:

    Moss is a lazy slug, the Patriots got better when they cut him. Now he is older and slower, but he blew all his money and want to play, play maybe, he never “worked”.

  19. Eileen says:

    Absolutely, Yes

  20. Brazen says:

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Resign Moss. Nobody is Perfect. We must remember that all we FANS do is WATCH football.

    We must take is consideration that behind closed doors football is a BUSINESS and sometimes in business things get kinda off balance and anger comes in and some players act in the moment instead of shutting their mouth like Moss did but HEY BELICHICK…LOGAN MANKINS did the samething!

    He bad mouth the Patriots Organization, he called them liars, he went to the press and let it be known…..Patriots still resigned him and Paid that man his money so what’s the difference of Moss doing it.

    Belichick needs to get off his high emotional Horse and resign this “real estate threat”….This threat that demands DOUBLE COVERAGE and sometimes TRIPLE COVERAGE all the time. I mean you won’t resign MOSS but you sign OCHOCINCO?????? I bet MOSS wouldn’t have dropped that WIDE open PASS Welker DID!! Nobody has to tell MOSS how to run a route and how to pick up audibles in hurry up offense. I’m a Pats fan but you guys DESERVE the losing energy for holding a grudge on THE PERSON YOU KNOW SHOULD BE BACK and don’t mention the B.S. about they already offered him a contract…..

    YEA they low balled him and offered OCHO a much higher amount and what did he do??? The players on the sideline caught more passes from throw aways in one game than OCHO did all season!!!!!!!!!!!

    MOSS had frustrations on the field that led to off field frustrations. I mean c’mon he’s a human being!!! I’m a Patriots Fan but they always try to find an alternative to what they really need. They went to the Superbowl without
    Randy yea…and LOSS without him.

    Just imagine the difference of having him in the Scheme. DAMMIT I HATE THE PATRIOTS FOR NOT RESIGNING HIM!!! They need a dominate Wideout at that position. His Football IQ and Speed is not COMMON. Imagine him in the line up with GRONK and HERNANDEZ.

    Last time Moss was here the only go to guy was Welker when Moss stretched the field. Ben Watson wasn’t a tight end threat at all. Feed OCHO to the seaguls and Put Randy in there with Welker, Gronk,Hernadez & Branch.

    You see next season there is going to be a lot of double coverage on GRONK and major focus again on Welker. Put MOSS in there and defenses on going to be on their toes Because they MUST double team MOSS and if they double team another receiver while doubling MOSS, that’s 4 Defenders already used up and the field is going to be WIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE OPEN!!! With MOSS & those Tight ends defenses are going to use a lot of Zone Blitzing, Cover 2 and 3 which Brady is going to Pick apart because the field is going to get stretched

    I can speak a thousand scenarios why MOSS should be back but is Belichick and the Patriots going to hold a grudge like an scorn bias X-wife and not welcome him back…REMEMBER LOGAN MANKINS DID THE SAME RANT AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE A PROBLEM GETTING HIS PAPERWORK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Janet says:

      Ochocinco is a total HASBEEN … But you can NEVER BADMOUTH WELKER AND BELICHICK … Belichich, Brady and Welker are the BEST the team has to offer. The team just didn’t have their MAGIC that day … Adding Randy would be a total plus.

      1. Brazen says:

        Um…I don’t know about that Janet. I was soooo mad at that loss. I re-watched that game 3 times already and besides a couple of bad plays Brady finally went on FIRE and busted out 16 straight completions for a Superbowl record and they was up 17-9. So the Magick was there but they didn’t fall flat.

        If you re-watch it, it was bad decision making, bad clock management and 1 dimensional offensive play calling. I like welker…but I put that blame on him just like he did himself. Watch the game again…yea he had to turn his body around but he did it in enough time to see the ball coming and Welker any other time makes that catch 10 outta 10 times but he drops it when It means the most.

        I like the Beli, Brady and Welker but when I see something that’s ridiculous…aka: Brady Under throwing a bomb to a sprained ankle running Gronk on FIRST DOWN…..Welker Dropping a pass so wide open that you could have driven a toyota through the space gap and Belichick always neglecting what he knows he SHOULD do I have to stick it where it belongs. Now if they never gave Logan the chance again I would never bad mouth them about Moss but that is something to shed light on.

        I hope this LOSS…..AGAIN….TO THE “EFFIN” GIANTS opens their eyes up to the real solution. Swallow your Pride and sign that MAN!!!!!!!!!

        And oh yea…because of that Big Drop…Welker’s contract is going to be on a healthy diet with a tag.

        .Moss right now is at his 35th Birthday and his speed and IQ is still better than anyone they’re looking at for the wideout position. They signed Britt Davis from Northern Illinois. 6’3”…only 2yrs experience. That’s good but their decision making is going to kick them in the rear again and again

  21. Janet says:

    They’ll sign Welker … if they don’t, they’re idiots. HE’S THE BEST … one mistake and you want to pitch him? CRAZY. Brady had a couple missteps – does that make him a bad QB. NO. They were off their game … can’t be perfect ALL the time … I do believe the magic wasn’t there … there’s always next year … hell, they’ve won THREE SUPERBOWLS … Certainly can’t call them less than great … it’s a game and they’ve been playing it really well … wasn’t in the cards this year … Now, if you want to diss a team, there’s always the Sox … players AND owners. Eli had luck that day … they played a good game and I still think Eli sucks … If I watched that game three times, I’d just plain HANG MYSELF … and not because of Welker … because of the whole team.

  22. kellie says:

    Absolutely, I never wanted him to leave.