I am livid over the amount of money paid to the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy heads. While pleased that state Transportation Secretary Richard A. Davey told officials at the Conservancy that they should figure a way to operate without government funds, I would prefer we find a way to make the change in months rather than years.

These excessive salaries would not be so upsetting if the park was a bit more dazzling. But the Greenway is not in the same league as the other premier Boston parks. It is a disappointment compared to many of the parks that make up Boston’s Emerald Necklace. Rose Kennedy should be memorialized by a more appealing installation.

The Greenway is a constant reminder of the catastrophe that is the Big Dig, so at the very least I wish the park was a bit less dreary. Let’s at least spruce the place up. Even better, let’s just build a casino on the site.

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