By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

ROCKLAND (CBS) – “After living here for 20 years I’d like to see something happen at this intersection that would be beneficial to this town and that this wouldn’t be a tragedy where someone would have to be killed there.” That’s Jill Ferguson’s hope after a very close call at a Rockland intersection close to her home.

She was driving down East Water Street Thursday afternoon as Officer Jim McLaughlin was heading to an emergency call. She thought she heard a siren but it was too late. Ferguson said, “Coming up to the intersection I always slow down, and put my foot on the brake, I looked to the right. I thought I heard a siren, looked forward, looked back and boom, I had no idea what I hit.”

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

Police say this is one of the challenging spots to navigate in town and this is why. There are actually five different entrances feeding into the intersection, there are three stop signs and one yield. The direction Jill Ferguson was coming from has the right of way.

To make matters worse there’s a bit of a blind spot from one of the incoming roads. Lt. Nick Zeoli said there were four or five serious accidents at the intersection of Liberty and East Water streets last year. “Most people are used to a four way stop or a four way intersection with lights, that intersection poses somewhat of a challenge” Zeoli said. Ferguson added, “You have to be right in the middle of the intersection before you see them coming.”

Jill is counting her blessings. She’s thankful no-one was seriously hurt but she’d like to see the town and the state make the intersection safe.

Both drivers live within a mile of the intersection. The crash is still under investigation.


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