BOSTON (CBS) – It looks like Boston’s famed Esplanade will be getting a makeover.

The Esplanade Association, which is responsible for the park that has long been a destination of joggers, cyclists, tourists, and others, says the park has long been neglected.

The association is proposing a number of upgrades.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

They include better maintenance in the future, a pedestrian walkway that extends into the river, and a widened bridge over Storrow Drive to allow for better access.

The association is also hoping to generate revenue, proposing a café and possibly even a ferris wheel, like the London Eye.

The proposed changes are still in the early stages.

There are some skeptics who fear this cherished spot will end up being overdeveloped.

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  1. ginny says:

    Maybe the Esplanade Association can buy the London Ferris Wheel, there was a recent story that due to lack of customers, etc. it may be taken down. Maybe Boston can get it cheap.

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