BOSTON (CBS) — Tim Thomas’  Facebook page generated quite a bit of controversy last month when he announced his displeasure with the U.S. government to explain his decision to skip the Bruins’ trip to the White House to meet President Barack Obama.

On Wednesday, Thomas’ Facebook page again created some news, as the Bruins’ goaltender issued an unsolicited statement in support of Catholics.

“I Stand with the Catholics in the fight for Religious Freedom,” Thomas wrote, followed by a quote from Martin Niemoller.

“In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist,” Niemoller’s quote begins. “Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

Felger Goes Off On Tim Thomas: 

It’s likely Thomas is referencing the ongoing debate regarding the Obama administration’s decision to require religious organizations — like hospitals and schools — to provide free birth control to employees. The decision has been opposed strongly, with Christianity Today writing an open letter that used the same Niemoller quotes to illustrate its point.

“The Catholic bishops in America have responded quickly, decrying the Administration’s decision for what it is — an egregious, dangerous violation of religious liberty — and mobilizing a vast grassroots movement to persuade the Administration to reverse its decision,” the letter, written by Timothy George and Chuck Colson, states. “We evangelicals must stand unequivocally with our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. Because when the government violates the religious liberty of one group, it threatens the religious liberty of all.”

The fight may be making progress, as the White House “hinted at compromise” this week in the face of a vocal opposition.

Comments (47)
  1. Denise says:

    I don’t think anyone should be entitled to anything they haven’t worked for or payed into! If you have health insurance and they offer birth control then you have it – if you don’t work and are living off the system you should keep your legs closed and/or your PP in your pants or get a job w/ insurance and get some birth control! The people that are using they system as a lifestyle have no incentive to go get a job. I know I know… some need it – and we all know I’m not talking about the ones that really need it! But I don’t expect my company to give me birthcontrol so why should any other company “have to”. Schools handing out birth control that’s just wrong. If you’re old enough to have sex – protect yourself … and don’t expect me to pay to raise your kid if you don’t!

    1. 2 cents says:

      Amen Sista!

      1. Soit Seems says:

        Apparently it is a pleasure we cannot afford. Ooops, time to get my Starbucks since I just had my hair done for a buck fifity and my nails…oh my gosh they need a touch up and I have a great idea for a lovely tat. See ya. Oh, by the way, if I didn’t have to sit at the bar and pay for drinks waiting to be picked up, I’d have enough for my own birth control! What do you know?

    2. Mark says:

      Well said, Denise! Well said.

    3. Charles says:

      Don’t you think it’s better to pay a couple dollars for someone to get condoms than thousands to raise an unwanted, neglected child?

      1. Jessica says:

        ever heard of adoption? no child is unwanted.

  2. Loret says:

    Respectful discussion is good and helpful but ranting, name calling and hate are of no use.

  3. fred says:

    Are you sure your not Margey Eagan, she never lets a chance to bash the Catholic church go by? As horrifying as the abuse was and is – it is also rampant in our public schools and other institutions as well. The biggest problem was how they handled it. Cardinal Law should be in prison but the politicians never had the guts to prosecute. This, however has nothing to do with the issue and Tim Thomas is correct in saying that we are losing are rights and liberties through these government mandates – people who want these things should show a little responsibility and pay for them themselves. Freedom doesn’t equate to being a freeloader. The Catholic church feeds the hungry, clothes and houses the needy and helps losers get off drugs and does this and much more far more efficiently than the government ever could and they could probably maintain the Green way for a few hundered thousand instead of almost 5 million and do a better job. I hope Thomas keeps putting in his two cents worth if only to agravate small minded and bitter people like yourself.

    1. petem says:

      ‘This, however has nothing to do with the issue and Tim Thomas is correct in saying that we are losing are rights and liberties through these government mandates’
      who is losing their rights? the church? what a bunch of non-sense.

      how ’bout this; let the church continue to so the good things they do and keep them out of our bedrooms and politics, unless they want to surrender the tax free status they enjoy?

      1. Mark says:

        The Church’s tax-exempt status was not granted to it with the condition that they follow lock-step behind the federal government, you moron! (And this issue has nothing at all to do with what you or anyone else does in their bedrooms. This is about the overreach of the federal government into every citizen’s life, can’t you understand that? How far are you willing to let them go? Wake up, man!

  4. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Look, I don’t agree with Tim Thomas’s political views, but he still has a right to express his opinion. Even if he’s starting to become as outspoken as Curt Schilling is about them.

  5. michael says:

    FREEDOM OF RELIGION BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE, NOT BUSINESSES. 26 states already require the church to offer birth control in the insurance package to employees….this regulation just brings all states and puts them onto the same page……..its FREEDOM FROM RELIGION, not freedom of religion…

    1. Joe says:

      Wrong-it us all about freedom to worship. It is not about “Freedom “From Religion”. Thomas is right and his comments are closer to what is going on than anything Felger has spouted in this clip. Felger is a smart guy but,he is pathetic on this one. Forcing Catholic institution s to capitulate on a strongly held belief is against the Constitution. THis is without question, a secualr attack on the Catholic Church and Thomas is right on.
      There are many places you can go to get birth control-stop forcing people to go against their freedoms.
      You would think there are no alternatives, what a joke

    2. Soit Seems says:

      This is a restriction on Government. Governments do not want to be restricted from restricting us and that is what this is about. The fcat that twenty-six states may be improperly imposing restrictions is not justification. Slavery was allowed by quite a few states and see where that went. When people have enough, they tend to rise up and do the proper thing. Odd how that happens. The ignorant peasants rise up and build something better when the brains are in government telling us what is good for us.

  6. Jim says:

    If threatening the religious liberty of one group is akin to threatening the religious liberty of all groups, then I ask: where is the outcry about the persecution of muslims and other eastern religions that started with 9/11 and is ongoing today in your fine country of America? (Written by an atheist white Canadian – in case you were wondering).

    1. Henry B. says:

      Example please?

      1. petem says:

        Henry, have you not read one newspaper or watch TV at all in the last 10 YEARS? Persecuting Muslims is part of the (R) party’s platform and a daily programming requirement on Faux News. WAKE UP!
        As far as this nonsense around Tim friggin’ Thomas, his comparisons to Germany in the late 30’s would be laughable if i wasn’t so scary that people actually think that way.
        I wish the all the sad sheeple the right has convinced that only republicans care about abortion and contraception would wake up and realize they they’re being used, that they’ve been using you for 40 years! Stupid people believing evil self-serving republicans; it’s been a winning strategy for the right since Nixon!

      2. Jessica says:

        there is a tolerance that has taken a hold on our nation. Fear of more terrorist attacks are the source of the persecution. Also, it doesn’t help when there are fears that our own president may be Muslim with a socialist agenda. however, those are just that- outcries. there is nothing being passed to make eastern religions give up their beliefs (correct me if i’m wrong there). The health care bill was passed that will give all medical people no choice but to provide contraceptives and the morning after pill (basically an abortion in a pill). Among those that will have to do this are Catholics and other religious that do not support these. This is against our beliefs.

      3. Charles says:

        It is my belief that I should not have to provide any social services. I don’t believe I should pay taxes to support the homeless, unemployed, needy or sick. I don’t want to drive on the highways, I would prefer to walk on dirt.

        Q: Why does the government force me to pay taxes for all these things I don’t want or need?
        A: For the greater good of the country and based on the consensus of the population. Not everybody in the country, obviously, but an overwhelming majority. You don’t believe in contraceptives, abortion or the morning after pill? That’s fine, don’t use it. And I won’t use the highway.

        Do you hear Amish people kicking and screaming that the government supports providing electricity to the population? Do you feel guilty using the electricity which is in direct contention with their religious beliefs?

        Religion has been the bane of mankind for too long. It makes me proud that the intellectual elites see through it. It’s time to whistle for the sheep.

      4. Jessica says:

        I’m glad intellectual elites like yourself has something to live for.

      5. Jessica says:

        Catholics don’t support contraceptives because it is wrong to prevent having a baby when sex is for reproducing in the first place. So it’s not the entire issue that we’re mad that everyone is going to be able to get contraceptives, but that Catholic doctors are even going to have to prescribe them and perform abortions. I had a friend that worked at a video store and he wouldn’t sell the “adult” movies when the customer came to pay since he knew it was wrong.

        And taxpayers contributing to public goods is fine. But when it goes against something I so strongly believe in isn’t right. If Catholics don’t stand up now and fight against this, then everything will fall apart.

      6. Charles says:

        Please join the rest of society Jessica. Nobody cares if you think it is right or not. Nor should they. If your friend has an issue renting out “adult” films, then he shouldn’t work in a store that has them. If your catholic doctor has a problem writing prescriptions for birth control or performing procedures that are deemed legal by the government, then he is in the specialty. It is not up to you, your doctor or your video store rental clerk to decide what is right for the rest of society. It is up to them to do their jobs, or find a different one if it doesn’t suit their beliefs. I think you nailed it on the head when you said “taxpayers contributing to public goods is fine. But when it goes against something I so strongly believe in isn’t right.” Guess what? That thing you believe in, isn’t what the majority of Americans believe in. Majority rules and is, generally speaking, the rational thought.

        If by “everything falls apart” you mean religion… I sure hope so.

      7. Jessica says:

        Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect. Romans 12:2

        Because it’s obvious you aren’t religious, I know this means nothing to you. But you’re just one person on this planet, just as I am. I don’t care what the majority is doing. And just because the majority thinks one thing doesn’t mean its right. morals should change, but laws do. Take nazi germany for an example. the genocide was considered legal for a time no matter how undeniably evil it was and still is. and now, abortion has been legal for quite sometime, degrading the value of a human life.
        I’m not sure if you’re into politics, but this country isn’t ruled by a democracy. Things aren’t decided by a majority. It’s a republic where we have representatives that cast in what they think is best for us.
        And maybe you didn’t know, but most likely the supreme court is going to rule against the health bill. and all of this arguing and condescending words will be all for nothing. So next time instead of trying to put people down, remember that you’re just another speck in this world. You’re worth no more than me and no less.

    2. Mark says:

      “Persecution of Muslims” ???
      You must be referring to the Fort Hood shootings, eh? This administration now refers to that incident as “workplace violence”. What a joke!
      What about Muslim persecution of other Muslims all over the Middle East? They maim and kill each other (and have been for hundreds of years) all in the name of Allah. GIVE ME A FREAKIN’ BREAK, Canuck! And just what IS your opinion of the attacks of 9/11? I’ll bet I can guess…

    3. Soit Seems says:

      What the heck is an aethiest white Canadian? Is it hard dressing that way in the morning? :)

  7. DanW says:

    He’s going from being Rush Limbaugh to Tim Tebow? And comparing this to Nazi Germany? Comparing ANYTHING to Nazi Germany is dangerous, insensitive, insulting, and wicked-inappropriate. Does he realize what he’s saying??? And you thought Gisele was devisive? At least she was defending her husband…..what is Thomas trying to do……blow apart his team???? Intentionally get about half the fans to hate him? Punch his ticket out of Boston? Free speech and freedom of religion is one thing, but INCITING HATE AND DIVISION by irresponsible statements is another, especially from a public figure. As a philosopher and public relations maven, he’s a terrific goalie…

  8. Paul says:

    Let’s not distort the facts: a hospital or a school is NOT a religious organization as claimed by the opponents of these regulations. Hospitals and schools, like all public institutions, are prohibited by the Constitution from discriminating against their employees on the basis of religious views, as they should be. Because of this, employees of these institutions hold many different religious views, and should not be barred from access to contraception based on the the religious views of their employer. That is discrimination, plain and simple. so, what’s all the clamor about?

  9. Dave_D says:

    I think that there is a huge difference between “standing with the Catholics” and “standing with the Catholic bishops”, which is what Tim was probably saying. They’re not the same thing at all!

    But who cares what some dumb athlete feels about a public policy issue? (Jeez Murphy, this is a guy who makes his living by not ducking when someone fires a puck at him!). Sure Tim is entitled to his opinion, but why does it make the news?l

  10. Paul says:

    Why does Tim Thomas get air-time on WBZ for his political views, when the rest of us don’t? Is Tim Thomas some kind of expert on this subject? The fact that WBZ (they’re not the only ones… all the commercial stations did the same thing) will give airtime to Tim Thomas’ political views just because of his name recognition only lowers my opinion of WBZ news. The fact that commercial TV stations do this sort of thing only points out how pervasive the dominance of business interests over our culture really is. Let’s face it: the ONLY reason Tim Thomas gets his political opinions on TV is because he’s a recognized sports figure who expresses his opinions. Well, I’m expressing my opinion. Do I get airtime too?

  11. jaygee says:

    It just never crossed my mind that getting hit in the mask with a hockey puck could cause so much damage to a goalie’s brain. Timmy, we don’t care what you think and guess what, the sky is not falling. Your negativity is beginning to irritate your followers and since 95% of Catholic women practice some form of birth control, should they all be driven from the Church?

    1. Jessica says:

      the “95% of Catholic women” statement is false. those who made the survey only surveyed certain people within a certain age, if they were sexually active within the year, and so on. so really, it was 95% of the 19% of people surveyed. make sure you know where your facts are. I am catholic, I don’t take contraceptives, I know how to keep my legs closed, and I wasn’t surveyed.

      1. Charles says:

        It’s called a “sample.” Providing a large enough sample (19% is huge!) and correct statistical methods, 95% of 19% means 95% of the total group of interest +- a few percent points of course. That’s the beauty of statistics. The census is the only thing going that’s ridiculous enough to ask every single person for their details and experts are saying that it’s outdated and overpriced because they aren’t using statistical analysis.

        They didn’t ask you? You don’t take contraceptives and you keep your legs closed? Congratulations, you’re the 5%.

      2. Jessica says:

        The sample was manipulated to make people like you think that the majority takes contraceptives. And this is even women who aren’t even “practicing Catholics.” This means that they don’t go to church regularly or follow the faith as it should be. I’m just trying to say that 95% shouldn’t be thrown around when it was actually 18.05+%. It’s just another thing that has to make something seem worse than it is. People aren’t going to see 18% and be wowed. But when ‘95% of catholic women’ have used some sort of birth control, more people will be angered that we’re trying to stop the health bill because it goes against the faith.

  12. Dwayne B. Aker says:

    I also agree with Tim! As to the relating to the poem, I also agree! As a christian, most of us disagree with abortion and to force us to accept abortions is taking away our religious freedoms. If you want an abortion then go to a hospital or clinics that offer services to slaughter humans! Don’t go to a Catholic Hospital and demand them to change their believes!

    1. Jorge Moscoso says:

      Yes, and we also believe in and accept the death penalty. What’s the difference? Where was he when the unions in Wisconsin got their bargaining powers taken away by the republicans? where was he when the health of women is being placed in danger by these religious extremist? I think he is a hypocrite.

      1. Jessica says:

        it’s not like he’s omniscient. where were you when these things were happening? are you saying that anyone with a point of view over an issue is a hypocrite because they didn’t voice an opinion over past issues?

  13. carl says:

    Tim Thomas has a right to his opinion, This government is about handouts and forcing ideology of mostly radical socialsim Thier term in office is anything but succesfull. THE HOPE and CHANGE promise, by your President calling the last
    Unpatriotic has casted doubt on credit rating, has created more debt than any in History, high unemployment, his sole concern was OBAMACARE when u could least afford it. Now taking on the Churches?? No Hope u need change…….

    Im Canadian by the way, XL Pipeline cheap oil more jobs shared with your neighbour, your President says your getting away from dirty energy what if the
    Iranians shut your oil off Where is the New Energy coming from OPEN Your Eyes AMERICA you have been sold a story from a vaccum salesman. CHECK THE FACTS yourself

    1. loret says:

      Great and totally true reply. Sometimes I think people just don’t think things through or maybe just don’t want to.Thanks.

  14. Jorge Moscoso says:

    Answer the questions Thomas. What you are doing is the equivalent of a hit and run. You are being a coward. Only criminals or somebody who has something to hide pleads the fifth. Take responsibility, don’t be a coward.

  15. Soit Seems says:

    I’m trying to understand. The government decides that contraception, the pill, which costs less than the daily small cheep coffee, five packs of cigaretts/month, the daily newspaper, kids soda, beer, pot, gatorade…WATER…is so costly the Catholics have to ignore their teachings or change them and others have to pay for it? we are not even talkign about SAFE sex here. And furthermore, I thought the 2% payroll tax was so we could afford this pleasure? Heck, mandate every man wear a condom at all times and cut the cost in half. Seems they are wearing them over the wrong head in Washington.

  16. cpmondello says:

    White trash does have a way to linger too long in some parts of Massachusetts.

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