98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich spoke with Chris Gasper about Super Bowl XLVI, the party held by the Patriots, what players the Pats might bring back next year and what they could look to do in the draft.

Teams that make it to the Super Bowl usually plan parties for after the game in advance and win or lose these parties take place. At the Patriots party after this Super Bowl loss pictures of tight end Rob Gronkowski and offensive lineman Matt Light dancing shirtless surfaced. Does Gasper agree that this celebrating after a loss could rub people the wrong way?

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“I think it could, but here’s the one thing is you know those guys probably want to blow off a little bit of steam too.”

The Patriots have a lot of players entering free agency this year. Are there any major members of the Pats that are entering free agency that Gasper thinks will not be here next season?

“To me I think Welker is back because I think you can franchise him. I think that one thing that will be interesting is to see what they do with Deion Branch. If I’m them I’m probably bringing him back, but I’d bring him back on a one year deal at not a lot of money and I’m bringing him into camp and sort of seeing what else I have.”

Running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis is also a player entering free agency. Does Gasper think the Patriots will give him any kind of deal over one year?

“I think he’s probably more of a backup than a lead back in this league and I think they can upgrade that position. If the price is right bring him back because he’s been productive.”

The NFL draft is coming up and that gives the Patriots a lot of players to look at. With the salary cap structure for fist rounders the way it is now is it finally possible for the Patriots to package picks and move up to get an impact offensive player?

“I think they’re probably more inclined really to stay sort of where they are with those two picks or move up a little bit, but I don’t think 27 and 31 are going to get you into the top ten in this draft.”


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  1. Rex Montana says:

    I second the horrible music thing. That was the most disturbing thing to me. You’d think they’d like rock and roll or the blues, something other than disco.

    I think it’s whiskey vs. beer. If you prefer whiskey (I do) then to drown your sorrows, you’re not going to be dancing, you’ll be thinking.. You’d probably be polishing a gun, which is what the fans want — plotting your revenge.

    Ok, that’s fine, but put yourself in the players’ perspective. You can’t live in the past. And a vengeful man is hard to live with. His wife will leave him, sooner or later.

    Let it go. It’s just a game. Done.

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