BOSTON (CBS) – After losing Super Bowl XLVI to the Giants on Sunday night, some of the New England Patriots went out to blow off some steam in Indianapolis.

In video obtained exclusively by 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich released Tuesday, tight end Rob Gronkowski and left tackle Matt Light were shown dancing on stage during a performance by the group LMFAO at the Patriots post-Super Bowl party.

In one clip, Light dances with his shirt off.

Matt Light dancing shirtless on stage after Super Bowl 46. (Image from Toucher & Rich video clip)

In other, Gronkowski is seen moving pretty well around the stage, despite his high ankle sprain.

Some people are questioning the timing of his dancing. After a loss of such magnitude, many believe you should hang your head, be humbled, and perhaps stay quiet, especially after the biggest game in sports.

Most of Patriots nation we spoke to believed the players earned their fun, win or lose.

“You have the 50 and 60-year-olds that say no. Give them a break, it’s a long season, they earned the right to cut loose, I see no problem with it at all,” said Sports Hub’s Jon Wallach. “They earned the bender that they got on Sunday.”

WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud reports

Glenn Gronkowski, the tight end’s younger brother who will play football at Kansas State this year, tweeted during the performance, “Legit party rocking with @lmfao right now ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!”

Gordie Gronkowski also tweeted, “Unbelievable night on stage w @LMFAO. Anytime all the bros are together its a great time! @Chrisgronkowski @DGronko @ggronko @RobGronkowski”

What do you think about this?  Should they have been celebrating after a crushing defeat?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Nemo Hoes says:

    Hey,life goes on….PARTY !!!!!!

    1. gramps says:

      “life goes on”

      It’s too short, “boogie while you can”….


    2. Joe says:

      Hey–I am an athlete as well and quess what–if you have the energy to go out and party like that after not just a game, but one of THE most important games of your career, you didn’t leave enough on the field! Never mind the fact thqt you wussed around for almost two weeks with a boot. When you get a chance like the Pats (and Giants) to play in the Super Bowl, you need to play like it’s the last game of your life. You push beyond all pain and all previous limits to WIN. So don’t start telling me oh, they did better than expected or oh, it was such a hard seaon or any other excuses, because the Giants had just as much if not more to overcome. Go Giselle! At least someone had the guts to speak up!

  2. Karen M says:

    Absolutely fine. They had a long hard season and they did better than anyone expected. They deserve to do whatever makes them happy.c

  3. Martin says:

    Go to a VIP room with no cameras for this party. New pictures at

  4. Willow says:

    Goodness, no one died, they lost a game. I think the entire team should be proud that they were in the super bowl and win or lose, have a good time and party all you can. They deserve it.

  5. Christine S. says:

    I think they deserve it. Life goes on, and they deserve to enjoy it! I see nothing wrong with what they did.

  6. emom says:

    heck they made it to the playoffs,, LET THEM PARTY THEY DESERVED IT…
    Gee why is always bad if someone is HAPPY…

  7. wickedsavvy says:

    What should they have done, gone to their room and cried? Good for them for realizing life goes on! 29 other teams didn’t get to the SB, but they did. Outcome wasn’t what they wanted, but they had every right to celebrate and have fun!!Thanks for the great season guys!!

  8. Linda Bruno says:

    good for them!! have fun guys you deserve it and thanks for a great season!

  9. Blender Bill says:

    WOW- What a bunch of softies America has become!

    Wrong time Gronk! You have all off season to party whereever the F you want! Instead you chose the immediate gratification. After an injury stopped you from practicing most of the week this is disgraceful.

    I hope a poerson like Tom Brady, who I do not like but respect, who works his ass off beats you up. – You are pitiful Gronk!

    1. wickedsavvy says:

      Tom was a little busy with wife. He’s not a party person and chose to be with family. Gronk was with his family having fun. Yeah…America has become “softies”…go mix up some more frozen margaritas, blender bill….

  10. Ron B says:

    Yes, the Pats would be much better role models if we saw them weeping and moping and spending their days in the fetal position wracked w/ intermittent keening wails of sorrow. Heaven forbid we give people the idea that you should acknowledge the hard work it took to get to the Super Bowl, how hard they played, or what an honor it is to even make it that far by celebrating. Someone might get the idea that losing means picking yourself up and getting on with your life.

  11. Patty says:

    I am happy they were able to have some fun and make people laugh a little!

  12. Patsfan says:

    Sooo. it’s a small sample, but seems like everyone here thinks they were certainly deserving of a party after playing such a tough game. Where are these “people” who are questioning this? Answer- they don’t exist. Just another attempt at the local media to stir things up and get page views/ratings. These guys did NOTHING wrong, and NOBODY I have spoken to that is a real fan cares what they did after the game. It had no bearing on passes caught, tackles made. You media types are just exploiting some crappy cellphone video of a 22 year old kid dancing for ratings. Shameless.

  13. Mark Scanlon says:

    It’s fine to let off some steam…but DON’T go jumping on the most famous ankle injury since Schilling bloody sock….but I am the SB loosened it up for you.

    Go Bruins…Go Sox.

  14. Killroy says:

    “Lighten up Francis”. Your heros are just people like the rest of us. I say, Thanks to Matt, Gronk, Hernandes, Moore, Welker, Woodhead, Wilfork, Brady, Bilechek and the rest. Thanks for a great season. If you told me the Pats were gonna be AFC champions in September, I would have said “pull the other one”. But they made it to the Big Game with a bunch of kids in the defensive secondary. Should they celebrate after the game? Absolutely, you work hard – play hard – have fun? Enjoy your time off boys, see you next year. Steak and Eggs

  15. Rocky Stallone says:

    Gronk’s ankle looks just fine there……looking forward to a big year in 2012-2013 for Patriot nation. Just keep the girls away from the “Gronk” and he’ll be fine.

  16. julie says:

    The only thing disturbing about this is all the news stories trying to make this to be an issue, go report on something else. Good for them I am glad they were out partying. I would of thought less of them if they were home all depressed and crying about it and being soar losers

  17. buildmeister says:

    Yo soy fiesta indeed.

    1. Rex Montana says:


  18. FireGuyFrank says:

    True, no one died. Iran still has nuclear dreams. People are starving in the world. The outcome of the Super Bowl has no impact on any of that.

    That said — YOU LOST GRONK! You do NOT “celebrate” that. You can go to a party — especially if it is a requirement by NFL rules — but don’t DANCE on a sprained ankle that rendered you just this side of useless in the biggest game of your young career. What if further damage was done? What if you fell off the stage and broke your arm — or leg? What impact would that have to your healing and improving for next season?


  19. john B says:

    OMG!! They all worked extremely hard this season and made it to the Superbowl. Who thought that would happen at the beginning of the season? we are all disappointed that they lost but let them blow off some steam and relax. Don’t let the media blow this up into a big story. Gp Patriots! See you next season.

  20. Lizzy says:

    Woweeeee it was their Superbowl to lose not ours. Holy crap new england, give the boys a break, they worked hard all year. Now Mr. Kraft decided to keep on with the party I think he needed a few laughs too. We did not play, they did, give them their due. No harm, no foul, AND IT WAS NOT GRONKS choice not play, his captain said yes or no not him. he could have begged but did he get in for more than 5 minutes, ummm no. Dancing and running are very different things.

  21. ed c says:

    You just lost the Super Bowl and it hasn’t really sunken in yet. New England fans are devastated and some of the team goes to a bar and carries on topless on a stage! Very poor display of sportsmanship if you ask me. You can’t use the immaturity of some players as an excuse either. I guess the players don’t nearly suffer as much as the poor fans who derive a sense of pride and well being when the team wins and suffers when they lose.

    Something is drastically wrong with this picture to say the least! All I can say is that this is totally disrespectful to all of the die heart Patriot fans who have supported this team thru thick and thin. Or maybe is just that some of the players just don’t care. Regardless of talent level, I have no tolerance for this showboating at a solemn time like this.

    I have remained a solid fan since 2000, eye witnessed some great football up until 2007, the Patriots were the cream of the crop in the NFL. I won’t forget those times. However, for a number of various reasons, I think from this point going forward I will become a sideline and casual, less interested observer.

    Professional athletes who have made tens or hundreds of millions of dollars operate in a different world that the rest of us, who struggle. Tom Brady can cuddle up to his beautiful wife, collect 16m paychecks every year and purchase any of the best luxuries money can buy. Do you think he takes it to heart like we do?

    No, they are not one of us but they are so revered and idolized by the public and looked upon as some sort of a god. The world of Professional sports has become a fantasy world. When you see this behavior you wonder how much the players actually care about the fans!

    1. wickedsavvy says:

      You’ve been a solid fan since 2000? Wow…welcome to the bandwagon. You’ve certainly put your time in watching them make 5 superbowl appearances since you jumped on! Tough life! Now you are retiring to the sidelines and becoming a casual less interested observer? But wrote an essay before heading off? Get a life!!!

    2. can'tbelieveit'sover says:

      I don’t think most people would have an issue with any of the Pats drinking after that loss. Serious fans DO have an issue though with the reckless abandon Gronk was displaying, jumping around like he had springs in his ankles. Where was THAT on the field? Looked pretty #$%#$^ healthy to me! Thanks for nothing, immature idiot

      1. ed c says:

        no need to get personal my friend. It’s just a matter of opinion.the only point I was trying to make is that it wasn’t the appropriate time to do something like that. He could have waited a few days. THE KID MAY BE A GREAT FOOTBALL player but he doesn’t have too much upstairs. My opinion is that he will probably be a flash in the pan. it was only 2 players out of 53 who celebrated so it wasn’t really that big of a deal. It’s my fault for getting too wrapped up in football. Its only a game!

  22. Laurence Glavin says:

    When I found out the next day that Rush Limbaugh was a guest of Robert Kraft in the owner’s suite, I was sorry they hadn’t lost by twenty points or more. Rush’s satanic presence overrode Gisele’s prayers and Myra’s ghost. Serves them right.

  23. DoverDavid says:

    I would have thought that Gronkowski would have found another porn star to hang out and have his picture taken with.

  24. Sharon Long says:

    Good for them , they worked their tails off to get to get us to the Super bow……..the season is over………..Why shouldn’t they enjoy themselves…….
    How many people go out after a rougn day/week,,,,,,,,to forget . They handle on a whole season , before going out…………..MO

  25. Ron Jeremy says:

    At least his girlfriend can’t talk because her mouth is full

  26. linda says:

    He’s a kid, not mature. Perhaps the coach, Mr. Glum, should have advised them a little?

  27. Rob Tilton says:

    Anyone that complains about what someone else does with their life needs to get a life of their own. Seriously. It’s a game. Get over it.

  28. Joe Namath says:

    My advice to all of the Patriots is to continue to drink heavily, it will ease the pain and help you to forget getting your teeth kicked down your throat by a QB who is Undefeated in Superbowls

    1. Shawn says:

      I dont know,Maybe if they start drinking,they’ll actually play better!

  29. hulll says:

    chokes krafty bob deserved it for having RUSH as his guest

  30. Shawn says:

    yeah I think its disrespectful to the fans & more importantly the veterans who have been there through the hard times;the thick & thin,especially with the matriarch dying recently.They wanted to win it for her..If I was those guys I wouldn’t let either of them get away with it.I would make even make them prove my loyalty to the team before i trust them.Gronk is young & imature & a veteran taking him out to “cut lose” is even worst.He should now better!

  31. Pete says:

    They worked their a$$es off for 10 months. It’s nobody’s damn business how they choose to blow off the steam of losing.

    Disrespectful? I believe Matt Light qualifies as a “veteran,” but if you asked the veterans who were there during the “hard times,” I think they’d be fine with it.

  32. enx31 says:

    ah wow. Gronk breaks a season TE record for TDs and yards?? I don’t hear most analysts complaining about that.

    Keep dancing my man, just keep doing it for the Pats.

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