By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

WATERVILLE, MAINE (CBS) – The father and uncle of a missing Maine toddler were involved in a fight that ended with one man in the hospital.

Justin DiPietro and his family were thrust into a media spotlight more than a month ago when his daughter Ayla Reynolds suddenly vanished.

Then just last week State Police cast doubt on their story, claiming they’re holding back the truth when they say they don’t know what happened to the 20-month-old toddler.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

Steve McCausland a State Police spokesman said during a press conference with reporters, “We still think they know more than what they’ve told us. We have grave doubts that an abduction ever took place there.”

Now it seems people in their small Waterville, Maine town are lashing out at the DiPietro’s. Last weekend someone vandalized their home and broke windows and now people are talking. Police say that’s what led Justin’s brother Lance to attack a man in the street Monday afternoon.

Police say just after noon, Lance and Justin saw a man they say had been making derogatory comments about their family. Officers say Lance got out of the car and walked toward the victim holding a mini baseball bat, but didn’t use it.

Instead Waterville Police Chief Charles Rumsey says he attacked his victim by kicking and punching him, “The subject who was assaulted actually went to the hospital on his own. He did suffer a minor injury to the back of his head and a slight abrasion to his face. We don’t believe the injuries to be serious and again he refused medical treatment on scene but went to the hospital on his own.”

In a brief telephone conversation Justin DePietro told us his family isn’t doing well but he refused to talk about the alleged incident.

Police say Lance will be in court in April to face assault charges, Justin was not charged.

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  1. Judy Engelhardt says:

    dear precious Ayla, we never met but you are so precious and innocent beautiful i have your picture from the news paper and from day one i have been praying to mother mary and our God for you not to be afraid and to be safe and warm and fed and to be being sincerly being taking care of by someone who does love you very much that that person would be scared to reach out to have you returned in an extremely safe way to make that call because this is detrimental traumatizing to such a young baby who is a special gift from GOD and the truth needs to start now. it is ok to return you to authorities you need your mommy and your mommy needs you. please respect GODS child you dont own her she is a gift from GOD please bring her to a hospital or fire station or police or me i will return her honestly and under GODS eyes to her belonged mother..i want to help my heart hurts over this. 207-570-9813 judy e. god bless you Ayla, you are loved,

    1. dan says:

      how is the mother going to take care of her….she can’t even take care of herself…that is what drugs do to you

  2. bosmonkey says:

    What the hell is wrong with people these days?? You have a problem and the first thing you think of is violence? So now this a-hole got arrested. Lucky for him he didn’t get charged with assault with a deadly weapon (shod foot). Not sure why he didn’t actually. But anyway, he’ll get a fine, probation or jail time. Just plain stupid! I hope the guy he attacked, sues him. I would.

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