BOSTON (CBS) – The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and the excitement of lobbing some verbal bombs at a hated opponent as you sit on your couch — that’s what Steelers players James Harrison and Ryan Clark got to experience on Sunday night.

The Steelers may have lost to the Denver Broncos in the opening round of the playoffs, but they’ve clearly gotten over that and have moved on to rooting against the Patriots.

After New England lost Super Bowl XLVI to the Giants, Harrison was quick to tell the world how happy he was to see it.

“Told you, cheaters never win!!!!!!!!!” Harrison tweeted, complete with nine exclamation points.

The linebacker all but admitted he made the comment in order to get a rise out of people, later expressing disappointment that he didn’t become a trending topic with his comment.

“Wow! I didn’t even trend with that, come on people love or hate me more!” Harrison tweeted.

Clark also joined in on the Patriots-bashing fun.!/RealRClark25/status/166353998071341058

The safety was also challenged by a fan who said, “Big talk from a defense that lost to Tim Tebow.”

“Not to Brady though,” Clark responded.

Harrison was a member of the 2004 Steelers team that went 15-1 during the regular season but got blown out by the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. Clark, meanwhile, has never faced the Patriots in a playoff game.

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  1. Jason says:

    Haha – typical steelers, taking shots at the team that they can’t beat in a big game, in a seaon when Pats make the SB and they get bounced in the first round to a team that the Pats smoked. Typically you don’t talk smack to the team who makes it to the SB when you lose in the first round, but actually coming from these guys, not surprising.

    1. POLLYGIRL says:

      Go Steelers..!! LOL show us your rings..!! We GOT SIX and the MOST AFC CHAMPIONSHIPS OF ANY TEAMS..!! Period…! We didn’t need to cheat to get to any of our Super Bowl…Bill Belichick should have been FIRED when he got caught Cheating…!! Period!!! READ ABOUT IT RIGHT HERE: As reported by FOX Sports: ( Patriots Cheating Scandal Could Get Worse James Joyner | Monday, September 24, 2007) or
      New England Patriots Cheating Scandal James Joyner · Wednesday, September 12, 2007 ·

      New England Cheatriots LogoThe New England Patriots have been caught using electronic means to steal signals and otherwise violate league rules, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports.




      1. petem says:

        Oh I thought you were serious; then you mentioned Fox Sports. you lose…

      2. Smarterthanyourteam says:

        Ok steelers fans, listen to YOUR coach talk about signals and cheating then I’ll wait for your moronic reply. Oh, but there won’t be one will there. So I guess you’re team are cheaters too huh? Time to shut up and stop watching the Patriots in Superbowls huh….punks…Your team members are really that dumb? I’d be so proud if I were you

    2. j says:

      ah dude the pats lost to the STEELERS this year.and remember the pats didn’t have 6 or 7 starters out

      1. Cleese says:

        Remember it doesn’t matter where you start it is where you finish. Kind of like the year Pittsburgh won in regular season and then got blown out in the playoffs. Steeler fans on here should stop embarrassing themselves. There are far better Steeler fans out there who are true fans of football and not whiners like the losers on here. Face it. You didn’t come close this year. Better luck next year knuckleheads.

  2. NC says:

    Yeah Pats not an elite team, good call Clark. In 10 season, all of which Brady was QB, Pats made 6 AFC championship games, won 5 of them, which means 5 superbowls in 10 years, and won 3. And NFL is different than MLB, there is salary cap, there is revenue sharing, its not just a team with a ton of cash buying players and making the playoffs every year bc of that.

    Yeah def not elite without the Eli – sure. Steelers should be chaperoning Big Ben in the offseason, keep him out of trouble and stop tweeting about the team that represented your conference in the SB.

    1. Art Sheffield says:

      Until the Patriots win a Super Bowl – WITHOUT the use of illegal video tape, their legacy will be in question. From 2001 – 2006 the Pats were 12-2 in the post season with a 3-0 record in the Super Bowl. From 2007 – present the Pats are 4-4 in the post season with a 0-2 record in the Super Bowl. What changed – if it wasn’t the illegal video tape?

      1. NC says:

        That is just a pinhead analysis Art.
        In 2007 they were 17-0 and lost the SB in the last play of the game – so 17-1. And then in 2008, Brady was out for the season, and they went 11-5. Didn’t make the playoffs, but still a pretty darn good year (note Colts record this yr w/o Peyton).
        In 2009, they had a rougher year, but still very respectable. In 2010, they went 14-2, and lost first round to a very good Jets team. And this year they went 13-3 and got all the way to the SB again, lost to a very good Giants team.
        Its hard to win SB after SB, thats why not many teams have won more than 3. But that doesn’t mean the first few were not legit…
        No team has put together a more consistent program in the NFL in the last 10 years than the Pats, and while they haven’t won SBs recently, they’ve been pretty darn good. So you analysis is just way off.

      2. Brian P says:

        What changed? The defense.

        All those stud playmakers who were the lynchpins of the defense (e.g. Bruschi, Vrabel, Harrison, McGinest) got older and then retired. Seymour was traded, and Samuel was lost via free agency. They were on their last legs in 2007… and it still took a miracle helmet-catch to prevent them from going 19-0, after the Spygate nonsense in week 2.

        Spygate is a convenient excuse for all the quality teams that got beat those years (Steelers, Colts, etc.), but the real reason those teams lost again and again is simple.

        For the Colts, they had no defense until 2006, and they were soft. A finesse dome team that couldn’t come to Foxboro in January, and win outside.

        For the Steelers, the defense refused to change their gameplan. Dick LeBeau ran the same defense every time, and Belichick figured out how to beat it. It wasn’t until THIS YEAR that they finally switched from zone to man-to-man on the receivers. The Steelers’ standard defense was still good enough to beat most teams, but the Pats had the blueprint (and the players) to beat it. Harrison is a classic Steeler…. a meathead who refuses to change the way he plays. He’s good at what he does, but he can’t do anything else.

    2. POLLYGIRL says:



  3. Paul says:

    I think majority of none Pats fans thought the same. Cheaters never prosper. I hope Pats never win the SB with Belicheat in charge

    1. pollygirl says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE PAUL…Belichick should have been fired for that..!

      1. Brian says:

        Do you guys know how stupid you sound?

        Almost as dumb as Harrison and Clark, on a team that couldn’t even beat Tebow! Why? Because the D-coordinator had a moonementally bad gameplan on how to defend Tebow. And when he saw it wasn’t working, he STILL refused to adapt.

        Watch how the Patriots defended Tebow, and take notes morons.

  4. Suttree says:

    Harrison and Clark, Dumb and Dumber. My immediate reaction is to respect anybody these dirty players root against.

  5. SteelerFan says:

    Ryan Clark should shut the hell up. He is one of the problems in the Steelers defense along with Taylor. Just take a look at any of the videos against Ravens, Patriots and Broncos available in youtube and you will see how he can’t even tackle. 100 tackles in this season just because most of them were completed passes on his face and he had at least to tackle. If there is a stat for completed passes and tackles he would have been the best.
    I am a Steelers fan and I don’t like this guy there. Better defense is with Mundy and Lewis.

    1. Ralphie the Buffalo says:

      Mundy ( I got burned by TEBOW ) and Lewis ( I might be good if I could only remember, the orange and blue team is the team I have to tackle) would be a huge step down in the stillers defense. The reason we lost in Denver was b/c our Genius D-coordinator failed to play time and score defense and continued to play man coverage. Even you, Mr. Steeler Fan should have understood that..oh thats right, I guess Mundy and Lewis really “tackled alot vs the Broncoes”. NOT
      The reason we lost to the Ravens in the Steel City last year and this was strictly on our genius D-Coordinator…again blitzing and not playing time and score/distance defense.

  6. decol says:

    Just keep YAKKING!!! while you are watching all this on TV—-loser

  7. JC says:

    Paul – funny that non-Pats fans thoughts would be the same. I don’t remember any Patriots players tweeting joy when Steelers lost to Packers last year or when Colts lost to Saints?? Unreal how much other fans hate the Patriots, I am not saying you have to like them, as Pats fan I don’t really like other teams, but if Steelers beat Cardinals in a great game with a comeback win in the SB, I give it up to them. I respect Tomlin and those guys.

    Plus Pats players are classy, they don’t talk, they aren’t getting arrested (okay once Edelman and he was fully exonerated), they have a great mix of super star players and last round draft picks, reserves and have an unbelievable program in place that churns out wins with the best of them. Note year Brady went down in 1st game of season, they went 11-5. How do you not respect that?

    In a way its prob a sign that Patriots are after all a dynasty, any team that gets people so green with envy that they take any chance or oppty to shoot you down is actually a sign of how good the Pats have been.

    1. Testament68 says:

      I only envy teams who legitimately win championships

    2. firefromheaven says:

      Honest people HATE the Cheatriots because they have to cheat to win.

      How can you respect a team that was warned REPEATEDLY to quit the taping and refused to. They would have never won any of their super bowls legitimately.

      1. Michele says:

        Show me where they are still doing it, and maybe I will believe you.

    3. Alan says:

      Hey JC, the Pats may be a dynasty, but only in your self deluding mind. You
      may call them the Patriots, but the GIANTS and their fans call them PATSY’S.
      0-3 in last 3 games against the GIANTS. Enough said!!!!!!!!!!

      1. JC says:

        Congrats Alan, Giants are a great team, well deserved.

      2. MCollins says:

        Whooaaa – good one Alan – Patsys, you guys are creative. Whatever, this Pats team was one of my favorites, if not my favorite all time Pats team (and there are a lot of good ones). Great guys, tough, scrappy, overachievers, loved them. Don’t care what anyone else says. Sad football is over, NFL is the best.

    4. Patsy Hater says:

      Patsies can’t win a SB because of Karma. They got caught cheating and Bill Bilicheat didn’t have enough character to appoligize to the fans or at least give an explaination, and Patsy fans didn’t even care. If Bilicheat was not a successful winning coach New England fans would have been on him like a pack of dogs. Patsy Fans don’t deserve another SB! Stay classy New England!!!

  8. Paul says:

    JC, I respect other teams outside the team I support. but there is no way I can support a cheat like Belichick. I have nothing against the Pats, but the Coach. That man should have been banned from the league or at least suspended for a lengthy period for his disgraceful behaviour. Sorry this is just my opinion. I also cannot respect a sour faced coach who shows no respect for opposition as demonstrated by his silly attitude to Manning. There you have it.

  9. Zach says:

    Banned from the league? Rodney Harrison was 100 times dirtier than Harrison and you guys treated him like a god.

  10. JC says:

    Zach – I for one don’t think Harrison should be banned from the league, I think he is a hard nosed, great player.
    My point is just that it is stupid to call out and trash talk a team that went a lot further than you in the playoffs. I don’t see many other players do that and that’s probably because you look like a total d-bag/loser when you do that.

  11. patfan says:

    are you so ignorant to believe that belichick is the only nfl coach in history that practiced filming.i wonder who taught him?hmmmm maybe Parcell’s when Belichick was his assistant with the NY Giant’s!if your going to knock the patriots at least knock them for things that happened in the game and quit crying about the cheater crap.people are afraid of greatness so they grasp at anything to justify why our team is a threat every year and there team has to try to build there team to to beat the patriots.and as far as Clark and Harrison are concerned jealousy is a good poison.Steeler’s are the biggest bunch of crybaby’s in the nfl

  12. Zipperhead says:

    If I couldn’t beat the Denver Broncos in an AFC playoff game I think I’d just keep my mouth shut as I sit home and watch the Superbowl. I say this as an avid Steeler Fan. Put a lid on it Clark & Harrison.

    1. brian says:

      Well said.

      As a Pats fan, I respect the Steelers as an organization, but I don’t have any respect for players that act like this. If the situation were reversed and a Patriots player did that last year after the Packers beat the Steelers, something tells me he wouldn’t be there for training camp the next year.

  13. Rex says:

    A couple of things one to the people of New York it seems you change your favorite team more then I change my boxers. Two also to the people of New York Brady has more rings then Sanchez Manning and Fitzpatrick combined. Three really Stealer’s fans your QB is a rapist who can’t even beat Tebow. And four until you can do something in the post season Clark like make a tackle, you really shouldn’t be running your mouth.

    1. Joey H says:

      Yes not forget Manning owns Brady. Brady is a crybaby who can’t take the heat. Funny you bring up rings when Brady loses quite easily to Manning and even Fitzpartrick.

      Lets see how much you smile whenever your team boasts and yet can’t catch simple catches doh!

      1. Marion Albert Higginbotham Sr. says:

        You really are stupid The Steelers under Terry Bradshaw were all on starroids as told by Terry. As far as spygate every coach in the NFL addmitted to tapping just didn’t have a spoiled ex coach that could.nt even coach a team that’s suppose to be from New York but plays in New Jersey. Have they ever played in New York? the only team in New York is Buffalo and they have to get their fans from Canada.So stop your whinning about Spygate and get a fing clue before you open your mouths & insert your foot.

      2. firefromheaven says:

        No Mr. Pretentious name, you are stupid. The NFL did not ban Steroid use until 1983. The Steelers and everybody else in the league was using them legally before that time. Learn your history you inbred New England snob with the pretentious name.

        You are also wrong on spygate, no other coaches were taping signals during the game. You are the one that needs to get a f’ing clue before you open your mouth and insert your foot like you have twice in this post.

        Typical snooty New England liberal knowitall that knows nothing…

    2. Patsy Hater says:

      Edleman likes to grope women in clubs. Why are you running your mouth hypocrit? Patsies can’t win a SB since they got caught cheating!

      1. Rex says:

        Edelman was exonerated of all charges. Ben just got lucky like OJ. Also Joey how do yo figure Fitzpatrick didn’t win that game Brady lost that game there’s a difference. And our team boasts HAHAHAHA there’s a difference between saying something at a pep rally and what your team did all week.

  14. Michele says:

    You still beating that dead horse??? It is sad that you have nothing better to do. BTW, if they were cheating, they would have won. I would think that you would be smart enough to figure that out. Get over it!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Patsy Hater says:

      New England couldn’t sell out there stadium before Brady/Bilicheat era you fair weather fans!

      1. ShawnF says:

        Ooo and Patsy Hater is almost as good as firefromheaven. These digs really hurt Patriot fans. We haven’t heard them before, so it really is painful. Please stop, I can’t take it.
        You don’t like the Patriots, so that really hurts my feelings. Whatever you do, don’t keep saying negative things, I am not sure I can take it.
        I haven’t read your other posts, but lemme guess: Brady sucks and he is a baby. BB is not really a good coach bc he cheats, we haven’t won a SB in a while…hmmm, what else is typically said??
        Good stuff boss.

    2. Pollygirl says:

      Ummmmmmm….Michele…They are referring to the Cheating scandal that was done under the coaching of Bill Belichick Here’s an article you may want to READ, IF YOU CAN..!! lol As reported by FOX Sports: ( Patriots Cheating Scandal Could Get Worse James Joyner | Monday, September 24, 2007) or
      New England Patriots Cheating Scandal James Joyner · Wednesday, September 12, 2007 ·
      New England Cheatriots LogoThe New England Patriots have been caught using electronic means to steal signals and otherwise violate league rules, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports.

      MAYBE IF Bill Belichick WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH IT IN THE SUPER BOWL YESTERDAY..THEY MAY HAVE WON…LOL Do you live in a Cave?? Everyone knows about the Patriots Cheating Scandal..!! LOL


  15. Ted G says:

    Way to go big talk from two guys who watched the game is that the best you guys can do. Two very little kids playing with there toys and yes you did lose in the first round to Tim Tebow if I were you I would shut my mouth, close my tweeter account and just hang my head.

  16. lester says:

    I’m a steeler fan. How do you make dumb comments like that when you guys got beat up by tebow. Start your training now, I think you need it.

  17. brian says:

    You’re relying on James Harrison as your beacon of truth? That says alot more about you than him.

    The only people dumber than Harrison himself are the idiots who actually listen to anything he has to say.

    1. pollygirl says:

      Can you read Brian…??? Refer to the Article…Fair weather Pattie
      Harrison and everyone knows about the Cheaters..! Aren’t you proud to be part of the Cheatriots?? LOL How Dumb is that?? OMG

      As reported by FOX Sports: ( Patriots Cheating Scandal Could Get Worse James Joyner | Monday, September 24, 2007) or
      New England Patriots Cheating Scandal James Joyner · Wednesday, September 12, 2007 ·
      New England Cheatriots LogoThe New England Patriots have been caught using electronic means to steal signals and otherwise violate league rules, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports.

    2. brian says:

      Yeah, Polly, I’d say as an M.D. i can read pretty well. Watch your mouth, you have no clue who you’re insulting.

      So you keep including all these links about Spygate, but have you ever actually read all the documentation about it? I have… and i can almost guarantee you have not.

      Because if you had, you’d know that all 32 teams were doing the same thing the Patriots were doing, in terms of taping other team’s signals. FYI, it’s legal to tape other teams signals. The ONLY difference was the Patriots were doing it from the sidelines instead of up in the coaches box. It was a technicality at best, but all the losing teams love to have excuses for why they lost because it beats the harsh alternative: you lost to a better team.

      1. firefromheaven says:

        Hey Brian

        Any Moron can claim they are an MD online, although in your case I am sure it is short for Mentally Deficient. No, all 32 teams are not doing the same thing, they did not get penalized for it. Belicheat was warned again and again to cease and desist, and he ignored it. There must have been an advantage to it or he would have quit doing it. If all 32 teams were doing Belicheat would not have been fined half a million dollars and the team would not have lost draft choices. It is you who is delusional, trying desperately to convince yourself that your sorry team actually deserved the championships that they cheated to win. They haven’t won a SB since then. Better teams don’t have to cheat to win.

      2. Stanley11 says:

        Hey guys….I’m going to go into a Boston news station website and start trashing their football team. I can’t wait to get up tomorrow morning and see if anyone responded since I have so much online courage. This will be the highlight of my week.

      3. Brian says:

        True, but I can back up my “claim” with my degree.

        Yes, all 32 teams do tape the other team’s signals. And if they don’t, they should be fired. It’s a strategic necessity. The ONLY thing the Pats did wrong was to tape from the sidelines. It was the location of the camera that was the violation, not the camera itself. Read the rulebook and the Spygate report before you run your mouth.

        They’ve been to 2 Super Bowls since the “scandal” and could have easily won either one, if not both. I think that success speaks for itself.

        All you idiots attribute the lack of SB rings to Spygate, when the real reason is THEY HAVE NO DEFENSE ANYMORE. It’s not rocket science.

      4. firefromheaven says:

        Yes, I’m sure I’m going to take your word that you are an MD over the net. LOL Not that makes you have any knowledge or common sense outside of medicine.

        Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself more than you are trying to convince anybody else. So go on and delude yourself. Just remember all of your SB wins should have asterisks behind them.

        As for being in two SB since then and just narrowly losing them, that is because they no longer have that advantage. All it takes is to influence a few key plays a game to change the outcome of a close game.

        As far as the Spygate report, who would believe any of that since commissioner GODell, who bends over and drops his drawers for Kraft, destroyed all the evidence. Obviously they aren’t hiding anything…

      5. TD says:

        So…Goodell punishing Belichick is proof that the Patriots were the only ones taping, but Goodell’s report can be ignored since he’s in Kraft’s pocket? That’s your argument here?

        You funny.

      6. firefromheaven says:

        Obviously you aren’t capable of chain logic. So no, you wouldn’t understand what is going on moron. I won’t waste my time explaining it since you don’t have a high enough IQ to understand it anyway.

        Also you need to learn grammar.

      7. TD says:

        Translation: “Herpa derp da derpa herp da derp herp derpa herpa derp. White flag!”

        I’d love to hear your thoughts on:

        a) Jimmy Johnson admitting on national TV that he taped defensive signals in the exact same way that the Patriots did;

        b) The Pittsburgh TE who got suspended yesterday for cheating by taking PEDs;

        c) The rules of comma use.

        I’m thinking you’ll go 0-3.

      8. firefromheaven says:

        No. I’m thinking I don’t feel like typing the term paper length explanation necessary to explain it to someone as thick as you.

    3. firefromheaven says:

      The only ones dumber than the idiots that actually listen to anything James Harrison says are the ones who PRETEND to be an MD on line. Go back to your trailer Brian…

      1. brian says:

        Yeah, I’d give you my full name and you could look it up yourself, but i’ve made that mistake before with idiots like yourself.

        I’ve already had a few trailer-trash stalkers, not looking for any more at this time.

        Oh, and that fiery rectal pain isn’t front heaven, just excessive anal sex. Tell your boyfriends to take it easy on you.

      2. firefromheaven says:

        Whether or not you are or aren’t an MD makes no difference. Either way you are a dweeb. If you are a MD trying to flaunt it, it is LOW RENT, and if you aren’t, trying to convince someone of your intelligence through lying is pathetic. But then that makes you just the type to be a Cheatriots fan.

        Believe me I don’t want your name, I just like to poke at smug arrogant a$$wipes like you. I don’t go around flaunting my education like you do loser.

        I guess you would know all about fiery rectal pain, so I’ll take your word for it instead of trying to find a boyfriend. Not very original for someone that claims to be an MD. I guess you just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and that made you think you are one…

  18. Curtis Curt Curtis says:

    Harrison and who? Clark? Who is Clark? Both losers that watched the game from their couches. Pittsburgh is an old geriatric ancient bunch of has beens. Harrison is a criminal who should be in jail. The Stoolers are loser and got knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. They played one of the weakest schedules this year. Typical Pittsburghers. They would be better to keep their big mouths shut. Congrats to the Giants!!!

    1. rick says:

      what crime did harrison commit?besides knockin mothafukkahs out? lol

  19. CINCY says:


  20. Philippe says:

    I’m a big steelers fan, but claiming the Patriots haven’t won another SB because they were caught red handed with Spygate is just dumb… I am not sure it provided that much of an advantage. But even if it did, the Patriots have been one, if not the best franchise in the last 10 years… Come one people, I hated losing those two championships at home too… but put it in perspective… Tom Brady is arguably the best QB in the history of the league. I find no shame in losing those championship – the Pats, Steelers and Giants have been the 3 most consistent franchises in the last 12 years…. Whether you put them 1,2,3 or 2,3,1 or 3,2,1 who cares… 3 great teams… It’s more fun to make fun of the Ravens or the Bengals… Isn’t it?

    1. firefromheaven says:

      Quit lying, you’re no Steeler fan, you just a lying Jaska$$. At least be honest about it.

      Of course it played a huge role in their success especially against a defense like the Steelers who rely on deception in their zone blitz package. It’s not effective when you know it is coming. And the Cheatriots knowing the signals let them take advantage of it.

      Belichick was a complete loser when he was with the Brown’s, Cower OWNED him. He didn’t become a genius until he started cheating.

      Tom Brady isn’t even close to being arguably the best quarterback in the history of the league. His record isn’t very good in the playoffs since they got caught cheating.

      And nothing is more fun than making fun of the Cheatriots.

  21. Bev says:

    I’m with James and Clark on this one. I am a Steeler fan and that has to be one of the best losses I’ve witnessed. I have no use for either team more so the pats but i was hoping the giants would win because of the cheats who got that incident swept under the rug. Belecheat should have beeen suspended for at least 4 or 5 games but what did he get, a lousy fine. What goes around comes around.

    1. brian says:

      “that has to be one of the best losses I’ve witnessed.”

      Thanks for letting us all know just how pathetic you are.

      On a related note, are there any uglier female fan bases than the Steelers? It’s like a horror show when they pan around Hines Field. I’m guessing you’re one of the fat pigs we’re forced to look during timeouts.

      Here’s an idea. Instead of telling us what a loser you are, go hit the gym. Eat a few more salads and few less Rothlisburgers.

      1. firefromheaven says:

        My… My… Dr. (at least I pretend to be one online) Brian. Getting bitter are we? Picking on the nice ladies of the ‘Burgh who all probably know more about football than you. You are probably a fat loser yourself living in your moms basement. Oops, I forgot trailers don’t have basements.

      2. brian says:

        And here comes the hero to defend the wildebeests that roam around Hines Field.

        Now that i think about it, she’s probably your wife.

  22. bcsukas says:

    who invented the tuck rule? Yes that would be braby, I seem to think also the league got more aggressive on hitting the QB after braby got his knee buckled, the nfl couldn’t lose there cash cows in both braby and “pick six peyton”, so of course roger goodell put his two sense in and now it’s the CCFL, “Country Club Football League”!

    1. TD says:

      You think Brady “invented the tuck rule”? I think this is a pretty good indication of the level of intelligence we’re dealing with here. I give you and the other trolls credit for figuring out how to make a computer work.

      Keep on hating, haters.

  23. cc says:

    I think the funniest thing here, is that most of the name calling and dirty names are coming from steelers and giants fans, while all the pats fans continue to say they have respect for all the other teams. Sad that people can’t be civil human beings and realize its just a GAME. and making fun of the fans of the other team is childish, and means you really need a hobby.

    1. firefromheaven says:

      I think the funniest thing here is how high minded the Cheatriot fans are trying to be. The same fans that defended their team and their cheat to win coach. Who not only cheats in football but in life too. Both he and his crybaby QB cheated on their wives (or significant others).

      I think it is sad that people (New England fans) think that it is OK to cheat at something that’s “JUST A GAME” and feel it’s OK to support and BRAG about a team that had to cheat to win Super Bowls. Maybe it’s you sanctimonious, self-righteous Cheatriot fans that need a hobby.

      1. TD says:

        Taking steroids is cheating. It’s a competitive advantage and even before the league banned it everyone knew it. Also, it’s absurd to call out anyone for cheating on a wife when you support a QB who sexually assaults women in bar bathrooms.

        You Cheater-Bleaters are hilarious.

      2. ShawnF says:

        Wow firefromheaven is really angry,watch out, he/she has it all figured out. I’m just going to defer to him/her from now on. Anything firefromheaven says is as good as the Bible as far as I am concerned. He/she knows everything.

        He/she doesn’t like New England fans and likes making fun of New England fans. He/she is very original, clever. Why not throw some taunts in about Buckner and Bucky Dent too while you are at it. That would make you even more original and that would make it hurt even more – ouch, ooof, painful dude.

      3. cc says:

        Thanks for proving my point. Very classy.

  24. TD says:

    Dear Steelers fans:

    Please do not talk of right and wrong or morality when you support a rapist QB. How you can decide that taping defensive signals is worse than sexually assaulting women in bathrooms is beyond me. Also, please do not talk about the Steelers not needing to cheat to win, given that the SB titles in the 70′ were tainted with steroid use.

  25. Barneyknows says:

    I wonder what the Steelers were doing on Sunday???

    1. 6time says:

      All the Patriots wives and girlfriends

      1. firefromheaven says:

        So True. LOL James probably did several himself.

  26. JARROD says:

    who cares?really! only one team can win.that’s how it is.but both teams were the best two.i don’t like either team.but really who cares who lost.the pats?oh ya.for all you Steelers haters though.the steelers lost with a lot of players out.that was NOT the STEELERS def.that was more like the Steelers half a def.they are so deep in players people tend to forget who the starters are.but like i said who cares.oh ya my wife.SHE LOVES THE GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. brian says:

    “After New England lost Super Bowl XLVI to the Giants, Harrison was quick to tell the world how happy he was to see it.”

    Funny, we had the same feeling watching Tebow throw for 400 yards on his defense as Demarius Thomas took it to the house on one 80-yd play. I think Denver could hear all the Patriots fans cheering from across the country.

    1. firefromheaven says:

      Yes I’m sure you were cheering. The last team the Cheatriots wanted to play was the Steelers, who already beat them handily once this season.

      1. brian says:

        That’s right, we were. Great job Broncos. =)

        Last team? No. Baltimore was a much better team, especially at the end of the year. So the Ravens were the last team we wanted to see.

        So when is PIT promoting that genius D-coordinator to head coach?

  28. The Truth says:

    I can see why you misspelled you name, cause you are not to bright. How did the patriots beat the Broncos? I will tell you, How is or better yet why is it that the patriots went and hired the Offensive Cooridnator of the Broncos right after they beat the Steelers. They had to Cheat again and get someone who knew their game plan. Looks like BiliCheat found another way to CHE-win-AT. They should put an *asteriks* behind their SBs. Great Job GIANTS. Thanks. Like It or Not It’s “The Truth”.

    1. brian says:

      Misspealled my name? Pretty ironic… to bright.

      Yeah, you’re wrong. The Patriots crushed the Broncos because unlike the Steelers who played man-to-man coverage all game long, the Pats played zone and forced Tebow to throw accurate 10-15 yard passes. Tebow is great at throwing deep, as you saw against your team. But he can’t throw mid-range routes. Everyone in the league knew it, except the Steelers. We won for the same reason we’ve been winning for 10 years… by being smart and adapting. Those are 2 things the Steelers don’t know much about.

    2. TD says:

      Wrong, “Truth”. The process of hiring McDaniels was well underway before the Broncos played the Steelers. Also, if the Broncos were still using the same plays a year and a half after McDaniels left, they deserved to lose. However, I’m quite sure they weren’t, seeing as John Fox is a good coach. Might be you want to look up the meaning of the word “truth” before you think you have it. Dolt.

  29. Black and Yellow says:

    Adam Vinatari should be the MVP of the super bowls, HE kicked for the wins that Brady couldn’t deliver

  30. ALEX says:


  31. harry says:

    Harrison and clark two losers sitting home after getting smoked by Denver. Ywo low IQ guys with nothing to say but non sense.

  32. firefromheaven says:

    Whether or not you are or aren’t an MD makes no difference. Either way you are a dweeb. If you are a MD trying to flaunt it is LOW RENT, and if you aren’t trying to convince someone of your intelligence through lying is pathetic. But then that makes you just the type to be a Cheatriots fan.

    Believe me I don’t want your name, I just like to poke at smug arrogant a$$wipes like you. I don’t go around flaunting my education like you do loser.

    I guess you would know all about fiery rectal pain, so I’ll take your word for it instead of trying to find a boyfriend. Not very original for someone that claims to be an MD. I guess you just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and that made you think you are one…

  33. Denise says:

    I respect any team that wins the Super Bowl.
    Don’t agree with the trash talk. It is childish.
    A Steeler fan

  34. hand crafted wooden products says:

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