INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – Companies paid an average of $3.5 million for a 30-second spot during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Perhaps one of the most interesting commercial was a Chrysler ad, that ran for two minutes. The commercial featured Clint Eastwood, who essentially gave a speech about the re-birth of the auto maker and Detroit.

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“It’s halftime in America, reminded us it’s mourning in America from the Reagan days. I was well into that ad before I realized it was going to be one of these Detroit ads like we saw last year,” said Bob Thompson, Professor of Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.

Listen to Bob’s interview:

“That was two minutes long it wasn’t a commercial, it was a lecture. When the logos for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge come up at the very end of it, they are actually very small. If you were not watching on a big screen TV, it’s possible you might not even see them,” Thompson continued.

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“The Budlight “Here We Go” dog fetching beer is ranking number 3 on the USA Today ad meter. That idea of a dog getting you a beer, although this one gets a lot of them, goes back many years. Seems like to this day, dogs and babies carry the day,” said Thompson.

“In the end, do we score these for what we thought was most fun or do we score them for what we thought was actually going to sell products? Who could not laugh at a baby that gets sling-shotted over to a bully to steal his Doritos. I think that scoring right now is number 1 on the USA Today ad meter,” said Thompson.

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WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports