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Final: Giants 21, Patriots 17

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After having to listen to “New York, New York,” Eli Manning is now on the TV in the media center. I don’t know what is worse, that or the fact the clapper is back…

This loss is just as heartbreaking as 2007, but then again, they at the beginning of the season very few people saw them making it this far.

What hurts the most with the loss is the Patriots were calm and collected all week as the Giants tried to engage them in a bit of trash talk. In the end, none of it mattered.

The Patriots left too many plays on the field; Wes Welker’s drop, Rob Ninkovich’s offsides and some sloppy play on the final drive.

To make matters worse, the Patriots have now lost four Super Bowls, tying them for the most with Bills, Vikings and Broncos.

4th Quarter


I think Twitter is broken. That’s probably a good thing…


Giants Win 21-17

Brady goes deep, incomplete in the end zone and the Giants have done it again. What an unbelievable game. Not the outcome Patriots fans wanted, but what a game.

Stay on throughout the night. Although you probably don’t want to hear much more about this one… 98.5 The Sports Hub has coverage all night, and WBZ-TV will have you covered with Patriots 5th Quarter over on MyTV38.

Welker drop was… no… it’s too soon………..


Incomplete to Branch on the sidelines. Looks like this one is going to come down to a heave….


Giants have too many men on the field, but it only gives the Patriots five yards and takes five seconds off the clock. 9 seconds left…


Brady does some dancing and escapes a sack, hits Branch down to the 33. But then he goes over the middle to Hernandez, and has to spike the ball with 19 seconds left. Lots of people saying that pass isn’t even worth making.


Tuck with his second sack of the game on third and 10. Patriots used their final timeout with 39 seconds left and they’ll need at least 16 to keep this one going.


Brady incomplete to Branch over the middle on first down, then a drop by Aaron Hernandez. Third and 10…


One timeout left. Patriots need Brady to lead them on his eighth fourth quarter, or overtime, comeback. Welker drop is looking HUGE right now. That could have been the game…


Bradshaw tried to stop himself from going into the end zone, but falls in to give the Giants a 21-17 lead with :57 seconds left. Two point conversion is no good. Patriots need to find the end zone now. Time for some Brady (or Myra?) magic…


Nicks gets the first down, but goes out of bounds, clock stops at 1:09. These Pats-Giants Super Bowls are not good for anyone’s health.


Jeff from Yahoo! doesn’t trust Tynes. Says he has never really made a do-or-die kick, and it scares him. Good to hear.


Manning to Nicks and the Giants are inside the 20 at the two-minute warning. (Insert profanity of your choice)


Eli to Manningham to get the Giants within the 35, and into field goal range. Giants can start to eat some clock. Challenge might come back to hurt the Patriots.


Play stands and more clapping. Oohs and ahhs are acceptable, but the clapping is getting annoying.


What a bomb by Eli to Manningham down the sidelines for 38 yards, the longest play of the game. Took a huge shot from Chung on the play too. Belichick challenges, but it looks like this one will stand and cost the Pats a timeout. This one is getting interesting…


Third and 11 and Brady, who had all the time in the world, throws behind Branch. Mesko punts and the Giants get the ball back with 3:46 left trailing 17-15. Do your thing defense, do your thing… Can’t count on a missed field goal, again.


Second and 11 and Brady had a wide open Welker, but he drops it. It happens, but that hurts. Defense’s reaction on the sideline was priceless.


Third and three, and Brady goes to Hernandez to move the chains and keep the clock ticking. Under five left with the Patriots marching. I’m going to pull an Al Michaels and say this game is moving at a crazy pace.


Welker with a reverse. Trickeration in the fourth quarter. Still waiting on the Nate Solder touchdown that I predicted.


After Brian Urlacher’s appearance in the Samsung commercial, Joe Giza points out he would make a great Bull if they ever made a movie of Night Court. Guess what’s going to be stuck in my head for the next week…


Al Michaels, please stop… Just said BenJarvis Green-Ellis has never fumbled.


Lots of pressure on Brady but he goes to Danny Woodhead on a 3-5 and gets 19 yards. Woodhead for MVP?


Too bad seeing Jake Ballard getting help walking off the sidelines. Never want to see anyone get hurt in the Super Bowl. Could be a big loss for New York.


False start from the Giants makes it third and 10, and Sterling Moore breaks up a pass from Mario Manningham. The Giants fans in the room want a flag.


Third and five, and Eli has to use a time out. Giants are down to just one with 9:35 left. Thanks for doing the Pats a favor, because James Ihedigbo was on the field…


Eli is threading the needle right now. No one knows how he completed that pass to Cruz with Spikes leaping in again. No clapping on that play at least…


And it did cost the Patriots. Eli with a laser to Nicks for 12 yards. Brandon Spikes with a good leaping effort but Eli just fired it in there to keep the drive going.


Ninkovich has been great tonight, but an off-sides on third down could potentially cost the Pats the ball.


Finally the Ferris Bueller commercial. Complete with “de-bow-bow.”


Editor Jim Murphy wants to know why Tom Brady has turned into Drew Bledsoe on deep passes.


Brady pulls a little Eli Manning, scrambling out of a sack, but Brady tries to go deep to Gronk and gets picked off by Chase Blackburn. One guy started clapping… He is that guy….


With Al Michaels saying “no Super Bowl has ever gone to overtime,” one media member started chuckling and asked why he would tempt fate. Guess he wants to go home early.


Third quarter thoughts from Levan Reid:

The Pats came out and put up 7 and the defense did their best to try and keep the Giants out of the endzone.  Hernandez had his drive.  The Pats need to get the running game going.  If they do, this will be a victory. Defense is hitting real strong.

He’ll be on the field at the end of the game, so we’ll have to wait a bit for his fourth quarter thoughts.

3rd Quarter


Patriots lead 17-15 at the end of the third quarter.


Giants are driving, but Rob Ninkovich and Mark Anderson bring him Eli on third down at the 15-yard line, the third sack of the night for the Pats. Tynes boots another to make it 17-15 Patriots with 35 seconds to go in the third. What an odd score.


Brady was stretching out his shoulder on the sideline. But as Giza said, “it’s not his throwing shoulder, throw some spit on it.”


16 straight completions by Brady ends, and he then gets taken down by Justin Tuck. First sack of the night for the Giants and Mesko punts. Giants will take over at the Pats 48 yard line. Not a good sign as Tom Gill was looking at Brady on the sideline.


Seinfeld commercial was great, until Jay Leno appeared. Only he can ruin a commercial with the Soup Nazi and zip lines.


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Sorry, but Uncle Jesse still has it. And I don’t even like yogurt. Joe Giza is hoping Bob Saget is in an ice cream commercial soon.


Three huge hits by the Patriots. Hakeem Nicks was on the receiving end of a huge hit by Patrick Chung, Rob Ninkovich put a good one on Eli, and Moore just put a good one on Manningham on third down. Lawrence Tynes snuck one in, to make it 17-12 Patriots in the third.


Aaron Hernandez with a touchdown to cap off a 79-yard drive. Pats take a 17-9 lead. Great cut by Hernandez, but Joe Giza and I want to know what that dance was???


Back from half, so KC can stop rambling on about Madonna. Talked to a few fans in the concourse, and they’re very happy so far. Sorry to state the obvious. Missed Ocho’s catch! Might not get another chance to see one…



And Madonna breaks out “On A Prayer,” with Cee Lo Green on the backup vocals. It looks like they’re not lip-synching.


Madonna, LMFAO and Nicki Minaj and co. are putting on an OK halftime show. I’ve seen better. I’ve seen WAY worse. At least it’s not totally brutal.

As for the game, I would count on the Giants concentrating on Aaron Hernandez more in the second half. He’s burning Michael Boley in coverage. Meanwhile, the Giants will probably scale back coverage of Gronk and move it more to Hernandez.

Neither team is generating much of a devastating pass rush, and if that continues, it could be a big shootout. The Patriots get the ball to open the second half, so the pressure’s on them to keep the pressure on the Giants defense. Getting up 17-9 would be huge for the rest of the game.

And finally, Eli Manning was outstanding in the first half. He’s definitely an “elite” quarterback. That’s pretty clear. The Patriots need to do a better job on their pass rush to force some tough throws. It’s critical to holding down the Giants in the second half.

2nd Quarter


Glad to see Gob Bluth is getting a few commercials. Loved the first one, second one was kind of lame.


Heading into the concourse to check out the atmosphere. Pretty quiet in the media room, since a quarter of the people in were involved in the halftime show. Hope I don’t miss the Ferris Bueller commercial. Web producer KC Downey will be offering his thoughts on halftime. He LOVES Madonna…


Levan Reid offers his thoughts on the second quarter:

Well the poor offensive play in the first quarter was made better in the second.  The Pats were able to put together a 14 play drive that ties the longest drive in Super Bowl history.  Gronkowski only has one catch but Danny Woodhead is doing the rest of the dirty work.  The Pats go into halftime with a 10-9 lead.  The defense, by the way, is playing the Giants receivers extremely well.


Giants dominated early, but it’s the Patriots that lead 10-9 at the half. Brady finishes the half 15 for 18 for 147 yards and a score. Brady was 10 for 10 on the touchdown drive.


Brady has an hour to throw the ball, and hits Danny Woodhead for the touchdown. It was nearly all Woodhead to close that 14 play, 96-yard touchdown drive. Patriots 10-9 with 8 ticks left before the half. The drive is tied for the longest in Super Bowl history matching Bears-Pats in 1986 and Colts-Saints in 2009.


Good play by Brady and Woodhead, gets 8 yards. Patriots decide not to take a Giants offsides. Too bad JPP comes through big on the next play to force a Pats third down. Early MVP favorite? Jeff from Yahoo! wants to see Weatherford win with a couple more strong punts.


Another GI JOE movie! STOP RUINING MY CHILDHOOD HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care if John McClain is in it…


Brady buys some time and hits Welker for another Patriots first down. First time out, with 29 seconds left.


More Hernandez to pick up a first down on 3-4. Pats are driving as the quarter winds down.


Good to see the Patriots tight ends getting going. Good call on that non-fumble by Aaron Hernandez.


Way to ruin a good thing Mark Cuban. Just glad he wasn’t at the end of that one too…


And right on cue, Gronk gets his first reception of the evening for 20 yards.


Great job by NBC to iso Rob Gronkowski, who doesn’t have a catch yet and is definitely bothered by the bad ankle. Someone else better start stepping up, Welker is leading all Pats with 3 catches, Branch, Green-Ellis and Hernandez each have one.


Manning tries to go deep to Mario Manningham, but Sterling Moore with a pretty good play to help break it up (pass was high anyways). Giants have to punt, and it’s a beaut by Steve Weatherford to pin the Patriots inside their own five.


Great grab by Welker, but not enough for the first down. Patriots punt again. They have only three first downs thus far while the Giants have 10. Yet, it’s still just a six-point game.


Brady needs to stop throwing low passes; JPP is eating them up at the line.


It probably would have been easier if the Coke Polar Bear just walked over and got the Coke himself…


Hakeem Nicks has amazing hands. What a catch going over the middle.

7:11pm is the early favorite for commercial of the night. Anyone who says they have never peed in a pool is flat out lying. If not, well good for you.


WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid offers some thoughts on the first quarter:

Would have liked to see the Patriots offense start ot better.  Brady’s mistake that led to a safety in all likelyhood cost the Pats nine points.  The good news is the defense is hitting and they got after Eli on the Giants first drive.  The Pats offense has the ball and they are moving the ball to end the quarter.  Also the defense has to get off the field quicker.  That too many men penalty cost the Pats a turnover.


Pats were in the red zone, but only get three out of it. A good play by Jason Pierre-Paul (who will be refered to as JPP from now on) on third down means the Pats only get three out of it. Stephen Gostkowski’s 29-yard field goal makes it 9-3 Giants with 13:52 left in the quarter.

1st Quarter


End of the first, Giants up 9-0. Not much from the Patriots in the first 15 minutes, just 54 total yards. Brady three for four for 41 yards. Eli is a perfect nine for nine.


Sitting next a current student at Northwestern Jeff who works at the postgame magazine at Yahoo! Sports. He has never heard of WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton who played quarterback for the Wildcats. I’ll have to give him crap for that. His 4:15am bus back to Chicago also makes me feel a little better about the 8:15am flight I’m on back to Boston. I also don’t have a 9am class.


Eli Manning sneaks one by a leaping Jerod Mayo to hit Victor Cruz in the end zone. 9-0 Giants


Fumble by the Giants at the Pats five yard line, caused by Sterling Moore, but 12 Patriots on the field negates it. I guess the Patriots aren’t ready for this one…


The audio keeps kicking in and out for us. No one is particularly happy about that.


Looks like Kyle Arrington forgot how to tackle as Giants’ Henry Hynoski turns nothing into something. He had a good stop on the Giants first drive sandwiched between the two sacks.


Wow, whoever had a safety being the first points of the game is going to win a lot of money. What is that, a 5,000-1 bet? Brady gets called for intentional grounding for throwing it deep to no one while in the end zone. Good pressure from Justin Tuck on that play. Not a good start for Brady and the Patriots on their first play on offense. Giants 2-0


The Audi vampire commercial was a big hit in the media room. Nice way to make fun of that whole vampire fad that is going on. I’d buy an Audi if I could afford it…


Patriots start on defense and were letting the Giants move down the field through the air. But two sacks in three plays (Brandon Deaderick and Mark Anderson) end the drive. Good punt puts the Patriots deep in their own territory at the five yard line.



Patriots win coin toss (Giants called tails) and defer. Nothing new there, except first NFC toss loss in 15 years.


“The Dictator” drew some giggles from the media room. Has potential. On a related note, I think everyone is ready for football.


New Hall of Famer Curtis Martin will do the coin toss. Good sign for the Patriots?


Patriots heard plenty of boos when they first took the field, and then again when they were introduced as a team. From people coming in to the media room, it’s about 70-30 in favor of the Giants among fans. That seemed to be the case around town this week as well. Luckily, the Patriots have thrived in situations like this.


Rob Gronkowski looked decent on the field, but the coaches checked on him every few minutes. Gronk will play, but no one knows how effective he will be.

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