BOSTON (CBS) – Transportation Secretary Richard Davey says there will be a fare increase on the MBTA this year, but it’s still not clear yet how much.

“It would be almost impossible to close this ($161 million budget) gap without some fare increase,” Davey told WBZ’s Jon Keller on Sunday’s Keller @ Large.

MBTA officials have been listening to customers at a series of public hearings before settling on amounts.

“We do have a budget deficit we have to close by statute by April 15. We’re going to continue to have theses hearings and hear from folks,” Davey said.

He told Keller that projections of $4 a gallon gas this summer could also help the T, even if fares go up.

“The last time the T raised fares five-and-a-half years ago, ridership actually ticked up a bit,” Davey said.

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As for the controversy regarding the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy (which gets almost half of its total operating budget from the state) and the fight to get them to release their financial statements, Davey was blunt.

“There’s a lack of appreciation that when you receive such significant government funding that we should be subject to open meeting laws, records requests and just have a little bit more of an air of openness, as opposed to, I think, arguing that they’re a non-profit, as opposed to a government entity.”

Davey has suggested the Conservancy wean themselves off state government and public funding by switching to a private funding model.

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  1. emom says:

    I wonder if the MBTA officials, took a better look at their budget , and see that the amount they pay the people that sit in an office all day and dictate to the workers on what they need probably have the highest in salaries… I mean some of these pencil pushers sit in a lavish office and bicker about $$$$ and how much they are going to squeeze out of the consumers, and then tell the consumers that they plan on cutting the amount of trains and bus that will run and OH YEAH, cut vital services to those that rely on them…. and they feel doing this will stop the bleeding of funds..
    YET they manage to start up a shop or store where they sell t-shirts, mugs, hats, and other items, WHERE DID THE FUNDS COME FROM TO START IT UP … then they started to renovate T stations, But they don’t plan on fixing trains that are constantly running late.. Fires in the tunnels, people falling on the tracks, they spend hundreds of thousands to install a new intercom system but we still cannot understand the person speaking, they create the CHARLIE card and when some need help on getting on, the attendants that are there to assist you walk away and give you dirty looks and tell you to read the instructions… they are not cordial and could care less is you need help… seems they do not get any respect from their employers, Yeah raise the rates of the MBTA SQUEEZE the consumer its no problem,, after all they learn how to do this from their buddies the government,,,, seems they both love to take from us and give us nothing in return.

    1. YaKnow says:

      Bravo emom. The T has been mismanaged from the get go. No one stopped them, they just keep spending, and spending and spending. And yes you are correct emom, the attendants are down right rude.

  2. emom says:

    Cut the higher salaries, stop giving them bonuses, and the great perks they give them.. I use to travel the T for years, WOULD IT KILL THEM TO SWEEP, MOP THE FLOORS, WASH THE SEATS, THE WALL,S INSTALL SOME BATHROOMS, oh wait they cant be bothered to BE KIND TO THEIR PATRONS… Hell they can not even take down old sings that are out dated at some stations. the windows are dirty, the poles and handles are laden with GERMS, I MEAN I AM MORE AFRAID OF GETTING SICK ON THE T THAN IN A MALL BATHROOM. . seats broken, cracked, torn, windows cracked, The drivers JERK the trains, close the doors far to fast, they don’t give the crowds time to get on or off.
    Yeah has anyone bought any MBTA wares, Is there anything truly worth purchasing. I mean WHY WOULD YOU BUY THAT STUFF….. I can only imagine what it cost to START UP THAT THING.
    MBTA is so mismanaged its now broke.

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