I love Boston. And I am always deeply saddened when something happens to diminish my beloved city. Things like the decline of the formerly great MBTA get me down. And remember the real Filene’s basement? I was heartsick the day the Washington St. icon closed. To add ugliness to injury, there is that obscene hole in the ground next door that kills the spirit in the heart of Boston.

Good news. Three years ago New York developer Vornado Realty Trust left a gap where Filene’s once resided, but now they have a plan in the works to restart construction on a building that would join the Hancock and the Prudential Towers as kings of Boston’s skyline. Good. Because the current blight on that spot vacuums the spirit out of The Crossing like a black hole vacuum’s light.
It appears that construction may start within the year. I hope so. It will improve the skyline, the economy, and the mood of all who cringe when they walk the current gauntlet of despair. Pray that the proposed building goes up in record time.

Now if only we could get a little good news from the MBTA.

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