SALEM (CBS) – A Salem mother is facing assault charges after being accused of attacking a little girl on her son’s school bus.

The girl is a five-year-old kindergartner and the incident happened Thursday morning.

Police say Dominique Hans was upset about an incident the day before in which she believed her five-year-old son had been hit by the girl on the bus and came home with a scratch on his face. That’s when she tracked the bus down on the street and approached the driver.

“She started yelling at the bus driver that her son was assaulted on the bus the day before and she was obviously upset about it, and she was going to take care of it herself,” said Salem Police Lt. Mary Butler.

Police said Hans stepped on board the bus despite the driver’s pleas for her to stay away. She marched straight to where her son was sitting and told him to point out who had hit him.

“He pointed out a kindergarten girl at which point she started hitting her about the head and face. The girl was sort of protecting herself and she was screaming at her all the time, ‘Don’t ever hit my son again,’” said Butler.

The little girl was very upset and crying, but was not seriously hurt.

By the time police and EMTs caught up to the bus, Hans was gone, but was later tracked down in Chelsea where she works. Now she prepares to defend herself in court for what she claims was defending her son.

Police said the scene was not only traumatic for the son and the little girl, but also for the other kids on the bus, who were shouting at the mother to stop, along with the bus driver.

Hans faces assault and battery charges.

She claims she took action because the school did not respond to her complaints.

She will be arraigned Friday.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

Christina Hager

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  1. billbranch says:

    Someone, oh, someone, please, explain why this person and others of her ilk can vote, and why her vote carries as much weight as mine.
    Thank you.
    Maybe the Founding Fathers could not imagine anyone this perverse existing?

    1. tsalnew says:

      of her ilk??? really? Do you think this does not exist among all walks of life?

  2. Alexaii says:

    Can’t say as how I blame her. Seeing as how the police arrested her, they should also arrest the 5 yr. old girl for asaulting her son. Enough is enough! Children can cause serious injury or even death. They need to learn to keep their hands to themselves. Also makes you wonder what’s going on in the girl’s household that she’s assauting people. Child protective services should be called in to investigate her family.

    1. justme says:

      Serious injury? Arrest? The kids are 5 years old.
      Good grief

    2. Steve says:

      You say that children need to learn how to keep their hands to themselves. What lesson did this mother just teach that girl and her own son? Think about that for a second.

      1. KF4766 says:

        Excellent point Steve. Alexaii, I can’t believe that you are trying to justify this monsters actions – It is NEVER okay to beat on a child!

    3. dms says:

      You seriously can’t blame her? A grown woman assaulting a 5 year old girl on a school bus. You need to start taking your meds again.

    4. alphonse says:

      you’re as big an idiot as she is

    5. Dirk Digler says:

      you are as big a moron as she is – probably a welfare buddy of yours

    6. gramps says:

      Alexaii, you’re not in ‘Russia aka Gulags-R-US’ anymore….

      Are you legal?

      “Comrade, GO HOME”…..Screw!


    7. PM says:

      I agree, its sad that children as young as five are seasoned bully’s in which I’m convinced is a learned behavior from their parents. Everyone should keep their hands to themselves. sadly the school system dropped the ball by not addressing this issue with the student or her parents.

  3. George Bush says:

    What makes you think the little Hans boy did not start trouble with the girl or lie about? Sounds like he comes from a violent home, so he would be more likely to be the violent one.

  4. Alexaii says:

    We had just moved to Lawrence when an 8 yr. old violent special needs boy came out of his house with a curtain rod and assaulted my 8 yr. old son, John, and the boy’s own sister. As a result, my son is unable to walk and talk. ” “Serious injury”? “Arrest”? You bet your life!

    1. Thomas Hood says:

      Vindictive creep. An 8 year old special needs kid has no culpability in any circumstance. What’s the sense of punishing some kid who has no comprehension that he’s done wrong and no understanding of consequence. Your demanding retribution speaks to your petty small-mindedness and un-Christian thinking. You should be ashamed.

      1. Alexaii says:

        Are you insane? This child had been seeing a psychiatrist since he was 4 for his violent behavior. He knew right from wrong but choose to be a bully. He wasn’t special needs learning wise. He was put in a special class to deal with his violence He knew enough to go in the house, grab a curtain rod and come out swinging. How dare you say I shouldn’t hold this incident against this child and his family who allowed this child to roam freely with no supervision…You are a horrible person to talk to me the way you did, you crazy F.

    2. Stephen says:

      It’s a terrible tragedy that your child was hurt. Nobody wants to see a child get hurt like that. But the question remains, how does arresting a 8 year old special needs boy cure your son? Would it give you peace of mind knowing that a special needs child was locked up because he did not have the mental ability to know between right and wrong?

      1. Mark says:

        This violent 8 year old needs to be removed from the community to protect the other ‘non-violent’ ‘law-abiding’ citizens. I agree that children are too young to know the consequences of their actions and ‘arresting’ them is overkill; but society needs to be protected from those that have no control over their violent actions. @Stephen and @Thomas Hood are you both suggesting nothing be done to or about this violent 8 year old? I’m sure if this was your child that was injured by him you’d have different thoughts.

    3. tsalnew says:

      Alexaii – that is tragic. However, kids hit other kids. They have been as long forever and a day. Your son was a horrible exception to what is the norm and I am very sorry. An adult hitting a child doesn’t teach anything except that hitting is acceptable. This child – as far as we know from the report – was being a kid. If not, and for those who know the full story, I do hope further action is taken with regard to the child’s family also.

  5. Bill says:

    what a disgrace. suprising she is black.

    1. Jane says:

      It is suprising. Usually you see white people killing children.

    2. Mark says:

      Race has nothing to do with it. She’s just an angry, entitled, self-rightous, violent adult. She could have been white, asian, albino, or latino just as easily. If one generalizes the people committing these acts it’s usually those in poverty.

      1. joahnan says:

        race has everything to do with it…….

  6. twocents says:

    Why did the driver let this parent on the bus in the first place? If it was a bus stop, the bus should have been secured with the parking brake set. If you can’t close the door, get out of the seat and block the steps. I’m sure it must have been a chaotic scene, but you have to protect the children first and foremost. I had an intoxicated parent try to get on my bus and go after a child, he didn’t make it to the first step before I blocked him and talked him down. This is another example of why the schools should follow state law and have the 3 mandatory in class training on bus safety. (Has this school done this? I know my son’s hasn’t in years.) They could cover what to do in situations like this, if an irate parent shows up at the bus stop, the procedure will be………..

  7. jaygee says:

    This woman states that the incident is “being blown out of proportion”! No incident where a 36 year old woman attacks a 5year old kid can be blown out of proportion. Another thing, if she is 36 then it looks like she’s had a hard life.
    If I may, could I ask if she is married, a citizen and works for a living? She really taught sonny boy a great lesson in life, didn’t she?

  8. Eliza Sylva says:

    As a Teacher in the Boston Public Schools, these things, far worse go on consistently. First they are reported to the Principal of the school, who starts the investigation immediately. The child who causes the problem and guardian are called into school the next morning for counseling. The result is usually a 2 week suspension from the bus, or Transportation needs a monitor on this bus.

  9. Yep says:

    I guessed before clicking the headline to come to the story and by jimminy there was the picture to say outstanding instincts. Just sayin.

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