INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) – The Super Bowl is the big attraction but there was football played Wednesday night in Indianapolis.

A local ‘Wounded Warrior’ was one of the stars. He and other former soldiers hit the field and awed those who cheered them on. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan that have lost arms or legs faced off against former NFL players.

“People see us with prosthetic legs or missing arms, they automatically associate that with a limitation,” says Greg Reynolds. “I think that we will show them regardless of our injuries we have no limitations.”

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports

Dighton native Greg Reynolds served in Iraq and made it back in one piece. After he got back he was hit by a car while on his motorcycle and lost his arm.

“All NFL players current and past respect what the military does for us and given us our freedom,” says West Roxbury native Bill Brooks, who used to play for the Colts.

The game was second to what happened at halftime. A push up contest was held between Greg and a former pro. 77 push ups later Greg came out on top.

Greg’s prize was a piggy back ride around the playing field.

  1. Paul W. Cote says:

    Greg Reynolds, his family and close friends are super people and inspire us all. A “salute’ and THANK YOU !

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