BOSTON (CBS) – A sports bar in New York is banning a certain Boston-based beer during next Sunday’s Super Bowl game.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports.

There will be no Sam Adams beer served during the game between the Patriots and the Giants at Foley’s New York Pub and Restaurant across from the Empire State Building.

Owner Shaun Clancy said he really doesn’t mean anything by the decision.

“It did hit a nerve, but there was no malice intended,” said Clancy.

Clancy also has a bet with McGreevy’s in Boston. The losing bar owner will have to travel to the winner’s city and work a bartending shift while wearing the other team’s jersey.

Clancy is sure, though, he won’t have to do that.

“Someone asked me that question, he said, ‘Hey, what size jersey should we send you?’ I said, ‘No need, I’m not gonna need it,'” said Clancy.

Each bar will also donate proceeds from the sale of Shepard’s Pie to charity.

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  1. al4624 says:

    WOW that is the most pathetic thing i have ever heard of what a bunch of losers!!

    1. tom says:

      Don’t worry it doesn’t pertain to the game. Among “micro breweries” ( way to big to be a real micro-brew) there beers aren’t even in the top 100 of real aficionados. Most of their products a lousy and only have popularity due to good publicity, exposure and big financing behind the advertising. The actual products fall very short on the quality level. Try some of the better products like Duvel’s Belgian style products from Ommagang brewery. GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!

      1. GW says:

        Tom, What you fail to realize is that Sam Adams is the largest American owned brewery. I guess that means a portion of money for Bud and Lite products sold in the bar will go to their oversees owners. Just what we need in this economy.

  2. karen s in ny says:

    are you kidding me! hello my friends of patriots nation. 4 years ago i had to relocate to ny to help care for my dad withh alzheimer’s. it’s bad enough being a member of red sox nation, but now having spent the whole day between dad’s nursing home and transferring dad to an acute hospital to come home and read this. fear not, i will go to a liquour store (aka package store, “packie”) and procure my own supply of mr adams finest. i regret that i cannot go and start a revolution at foley’s. we of pats’ nation have far too much class for that. to the good folks at mcgreevy’s, please put a sam adams winter ale on the bar for me, and offer a prayer for my dad & mom. hopefully myra kraft will be our 12th man next sunday. i will wear my pats gear with pride next sunday. thanks. go pats go!!!!

  3. D.Ferris says:

    Frankly, aftr the low-life loser owner of Sam Adams proudly encouraged a couple to have sex in a NY church pew, I am surprised the beer is sold in NY City at all.

    1. Dave_D says:

      In contrast to the sex that usually goes on in churches, that incident involved a man and woman, both of whom were over the age of consent. Perhaps he was just echoing God’s wish for them to “be fruitful and multiply…”

      I wonder how many children owe their existence to beer (Sam Adam’s or other)

  4. George Bush says:

    Their loss, brunk Budurine losers!

  5. tommy says:

    We need to ban Knickerbocker beer in Boston :)

    1. TJ says:

      No need to ban Knickerbocker no one drinks that garbage any way.

  6. Anne says:

    Hey Patriot fans, drink lots of Sam Adams, that way you can pass out and avoid watching the GIants win!

  7. J-E-T-S Jets says:

    Boston can only win superbowls by kicking field goals, this will be the last time NE gets in for decades

    1. petem says:

      Unlike the Jets right?? Oh wait…..

    2. TJ says:

      A win is a win baby. What have the Jets got? Not even the opportunity to kick those winning FG.

  8. 18-1 says:

    Ther are too many eyes watching the superbowl, so there is no way to cheat

  9. martinmunson says:

    They should also ban Gronk spiking for anyone other than Gronk, and not people like this

  10. Anne says:

    Hey petem, if you knew anything about New York sports fans, whch apparently you don’t, Giants fans hate the Jets and Jet fans hate the Giants. Just,like Yankee and Met fans hate each other, same with Hockey and B-ball. Know what you’re talking about before making a fool out of yourself. .

    1. tsalnew says:

      wasn’t Petem replying to a Jets fan……………judging by the poster’s name I’d say so

      1. Dave_D says:

        Ya think???

        By the way, I know a NY couple where both are Yankee fans, but one is a Giant’s fan and the other is a Jet’s fan. It happens…

        If you are a born New Englander, you may have a Giants fan in your past…

      2. tsalnew says:

        What I think is Anne might want to climb down from her soap box and apologize for being rude.

        As far as a giants fan in the past – every family has its skeletons in the closet :)

    2. Stanley11 says:

      A Giants fan and a Jets fan jump off of a cliff. Who lands first?

      Who cares?

    3. petem says:

      What the hell does your comment have to do with mine? I addressed a Jets fan; had nothing to do with the Giants as far as I can tell…

      1. tsalnew says:

        exactly what my point was – Anne wanted to impart knowledge, insulted you and hmmmmmm – did what she accused you of doing………

  11. Steelers Sixtime says:

    And everyone outside of Boston hates the Pats, so drink what ever ya want it will be a good day in America when a New York team wins

  12. Jaygee says:

    It’s all in good fun so stop crying in your bloody beer. We have already seen vicious assaults on people for wearing the wrong sport’s jersey and for what? It’s a game, a big game, but still a game and the winner or loser won’t have any long term effect on anyone’s life so lighten up or better yet…….GET A LIFE!

    1. tsalnew says:

      jaygee – totally agree – I was trying to figure out the point of this story. When it’s all in fun, what is the harm? This clearly is just in fun.

  13. Michael Shaff says:

    Everyone in Boston knows that McGreevy’s is owned by the Dropkick Murphys. Can you sing “Shipping up to Boston” while working at the bar, Shaun Clancy?

  14. Dave in Titletown says:

    Let’s see….Tom Brady has been a starter for 10 years, and this is his fifth Super Bowl…a respectable 50% rate.
    Eli Manning has been a starter for 8 years, with 2 Super Bowl appearances….Let me get my calculator….25%. Pathetic.

  15. Anne says:

    Hey “Dave in Titletown”, and thats debatable, if you need a calculator to figure those percentages I’d be careful who I called Pathetic!! Now Dave let’s practice 1+1=2, 2+2=4, get the idea genius.

    1. tsalnew says:

      Anne are you always so nasty? Seems from previous posts you are nasty and wrong all in one breath. Since we are practicing, let’s practice vocabulary – apology: A regretful acknowledgment of an offense. Try it above to Petem

  16. Web says:

    Sounds like a fun bet! It’s nice that little side bets like this go on…GO PATS!

  17. Jeff says:

    Well I’m not drinking any beer from NEW JERSEY either!

  18. Anne says:

    Jeff, I live in New Jersey and I wouldn’t either. Good Move.

    1. BCHBUM258 says:


      1. Anne says:

        Gee BCHBUM258, how long did it take you to figure out that the Giants & Jets play in NJ. I guess an intellectual GIANT like you must have better things to concentrate on, like the dirt between your toes.

  19. PatsGuy1991 says:

    Should be a good game, pats wont be losing twice to a team in the same season. i dont think it will be a blow up at all… maybe somewhere in the low 30’s to high 20’s? say 34 to 24 Patriots in it all?at this point, we have to wait for sunday to find out.

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