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BOSTON (CBS) – For millions of Americans, coffee or more importantly, caffeine, is an essential part of their day. Whether you are a college student cramming for an exam, or a sleep-deprived parent dragging yourself to work, caffeine is king. For most, coffee is the drink of choice, but there are all kinds of energy drinks available that are loaded with caffeine and calories.

Now there is a new way to get your shot of energy. A local company has created breathable caffeine, called Aeroshot. “It’s a mix of caffeine and B vitamins that you puff in your mouth,” explained Tom Hadfield, CEO of Breathable foods in Cambridge, the same company that came out with breathable chocolate a few years ago.

WBZ-TV’s David Wade reports

Aeroshot uses the same technology. Each tube contains 100 milligrams of caffeine which is about the same as a large cup of coffee. “It’s a quick way to get your energy. There’s no liquid so it doesn’t fill you up and there are no calories,” Hadfield said.

Aeroshot went on sale this week in Boston and New York and is also available online. It sells for $2.99 each, which is about the same price as an energy drink or a cup of coffee.

Aeroshot is a dietary supplement so it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The company says it is completely safe. But whether you drink it or breathe it, many experts believe too much caffeine is not good for you. According to Dr. Rick Donahue of Personal Health MD in Boston, if a person is stressed, caffeine can make it worse. “Stress is a pro-inflammatory. It causes inflammation in the body and many of the diseases we look at and treat a related to inflammation,” he said.

Experts agree, like many things, caffeine is safe in moderation. So if you’d like to carry your caffeine around in your pocket, this might do the trick. But for many, a cup of coffee, is still the best.

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