BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Bruins President Cam Neely joined Felger and Massarotti to talk some Boston Bruins and Tim Thomas skipping out on the visit to the White House.

How did the organization attempt to get Tim Thomas to the White House? Did the organization know in advance that Thomas would not go?

“It is what it is as they say,” said Cam Neely. “We knew he was going to release a statement, we didn’t know what was going to be in the statement.”

How did Cam approach the visit to the White House? Cam feels that it’s an honor to visit the White House and those political views should be put aside.

“Regardless of what your political views are, from my perspective it didn’t really matter who is the current president,” said Neely. “It mattered you’re getting invited by the current president to visit the White House and be honored as a team and for what you accomplished as a team.”

How much does politics play a role in the Bruins locker room?

“For the most part, Tim has kept his views to himself, from what I understand,” said Neely.

How will Tim Thomas be viewed going forward?

“We’re fortunate that we’re playing tonight, and it’s going to be the All-Star break and we’ll move on from this,” said Cam. “These are conversations we shouldn’t be having, questions players shouldn’t be answering.”

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Comments (21)
  1. Eileen Hurd says:

    I love Tim Thomas but he needs to learn that there is no “I” in team. This was a team event and he should have stood tall with his teammates regardless of his political views.

  2. doug kinan says:

    I commend Tim Thomas for lending a voice to the millions of Americans who have no voice. Tim Thomas is a man of integrity.

    Although Americans have freedom of speech, we no longer have a voice. Freedom of speech isn’t much good if we cannot be heard.

    The government has declared that we the people are invisible.

    Unless you are “somebody” it doesn’t matter anymore. For example, in America it’s a privilege, not a right to report public corruption and high crime in government with the expectation that something will be done about it.

    America is in a “slow boil” and doesn’t seem to want to wake up until their rights and liberties are gone.

    Thanks, Tim Thomas.

  3. Bob says:

    Yes Tim Thomas was a hero for all of New England last year in bringing the Stanley Cup home, that was his job and he did it welll.

    Now some feel he can be summoned to the White House for a photo opp and must attend? A team event, no way, wake up and understand this was a choice not an obligation. You can’t pick and choose how your hero’s must act, they are individuals and when we lose our rights as individuals we have lost everything.

    For WBZ to act like this was raising eyebrows only means they want viewers and to make the news, not report it.

  4. PAUL GIROUARD says:

    This guy is a disgrace!

    1. firemanmark says:

      You’re a frog wimp like my great grandfather who came here with his wife from France,had 5 kids,then screwed to Canada! You opinion is as insignificant as you.Tim Thomas had the nads to speak the truth.Cam Neely,you certainly had stones when you were a player now you have to kowtow to the company line.Too bad for you.I respected your play but you’ve gone soft there Seabass!

      1. donny says:


        Your thoughtful opinion is strongly supported by your adolescent name-calling and false bravado.

        TIM played the ME, ME, ME card at a TEAM event. Good for him!

        The system’s working just fine for TIM. He’ll continue collecting an obscene amount of money to stop a rubber disk in this going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket country.

  5. jerry says:

    Iam not a fan of boston bruins but i AGREE with tim on this one , our govt is steadly screwing us all and at least TIM HAS SOME BALLS TO POINT IT OUT . Thank goodness he can stand up there and say what alot of AMERICANS wanna say . EXAMPLE ROMNEY he paid taxes on over 40 million at 13.8 percent then 15.4 percent while us AMERICANS pay WAY MORE and on less money . KEEP THINKING THAT WAY PAUL GIROUARD . He has the RIGHT to think ANYWAY he WANTS that does not make him a bad guy . Look at all the thieves in the govt im sure you will find more corrupted people than tim .

  6. IronManCC says:

    He goes to practice & the games, anything else he is free to choose what the wants to do. It in no way reflects on the team, nor is it embarrassing or classless. To put it bluntly, it’s no different than you or I being invited to the White House and then making a decision not to go. Trying to put any other spin on this is just plain wrong.

  7. IC says:

    Thomas is a coward for not showing up, if he has a problem with the President, he blew his chance to speak his mind face to face. This was not a political event, it is an American tradition. Thomas gets paid lots of money to represent the Bruins, Boston, and thousands of fans. By not showing up, he acted selfishly, and the perception of what kind of person he was is now gone.

  8. For-Real? says:

    I’m old school. What ever happened to keeping your mouth shut, being a gentleman, and showing a little respect for the Nation’s highest office? This is just like when actors feel they need to tell us what they think about politics. Did anyone ever ASK Tim Thomas what he thought about about the President? Just like Tebow’s feelings on religion, why does anyone really need to know? Did anyone ever wonder out loud what Rob Gronkowski thinks about the trade imbalance, or what Vince Wilfork thinks about the Fed’s monetary policy? Before we hold the next GOP debates in Florida, somebody better remember to ask the goalie what he thinks about trade tensions with the G7. Tim, it’s Limbaugh’s job to share his feelings about politics, and it’s your job to keep the rubber disk out of the net. Focus, baby! Focus.

  9. barney says:

    tim thomas speaks the thruth & shouldn’t keep his mouth shut like the government would like & sheep following fools who love to be told what to do.did you people look around before you spoke or did you just follow the crowd.our country is in a shambles.where did most of the bailout $ go,most of it to wall street in forms of million $ bonus for 73 executives,while millions are losing their homes.the working class has been getting screwed since the start,we fight the wars,pay for them,then rebuild the countries we were fighting.while the rich mostly retired government officials are in bed with companies producing weapons,& oil companies.where are the incentives for electric cars,& solar energy? we only have to look past our noses to see whats going on! we hire police,judges,mayors,senators,officials to do the right & honest thing.only to find their names in the papers for corruptions,& taking kickbacks,& who knows what thats not printed.don’t tell me to move if you don’t like it ! this is my country & we hire people to run it correctly & honestly,& if they where doing the job we hired them to do maybe some of us wouldn’t feel this way.if you do please make it known in between working 18 – 20 hrs. a day (check the time).thanks for speaking up tt

    1. pocasset says:

      what you just wrote about proves what is wrong about this. we are talking about a hockey team, he didnt show up for work. he stayed home in his sweats and blogged instead. that is a hero? no that is an ego trip. guts would have been facing the issue, not staying home.

  10. Craig says:

    Felger says he thinks Thomas would’ve gone had the President been the Coke snorting moron, I doubt that Felger. Tim Thomas said in his statement about why he wouldn’t go to the White House not being about which party controlled political clout. Thomas essentially said our ideals are totally screwed up, its not that he’s can be diminished as a “tea party republican” for saying that. You don’t have to be a part of any political party to make that statement.
    BTW that whole event is just a public relations campaign before the state of the union address to make the president look like “Mr. Any-man of America” by converging politics with sports, so I think Tim Thomas was well in bounds to make a statement.

  11. Steve Perry says:

    Tim Thomas wasn’t being politicaly correct isn’t that to bad. The guy decided not to attend and released a statement as to the reasons why. I think all of this is much to do about nothing, I’m sure none of this came as a surprise to his teamates or the Bruins brass, .let them deal with it. What a great story for the mindless jock sniffing sport talk show hosts.

  12. firemanmark says:

    Donny,What false bravado? I wasn’t even talking to you.It’s my 1st amendment RIGHT to hate the French.MYOFB!

  13. firemanmark says:

    Donny,I’m sorry…kiss my what? Exercising 1st Amendment right which I still have but won’t if the Libtards re-elect this Marxist.It’s okay for Obama to call the Cambridge Police “stupid” though.Right? Right? Your village is calling,they’re missing their idiot.Go home.

  14. wickedsavvy says:

    firemanmark what an angry, unbalanced person you are. What venom. Are you really a fireman? Enjoy your pension, jerk. I love love love all the public servants who whine, while they gleefully collect social security, medicare and a publicly funded lifestyle after retiring young. Marxist? You betcha. Enjoy, and you’re welcome!

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