BOSTON (CBS) – Baseball movie “Moneyball” received six Oscar nominations, the Academy announced Tuesday morning.

Check: Full List of Oscar Nominations

The critically acclaimed film, based on the book by Michael Lewis, was nominated for Best Picture.

The movie chronicles Billy Beane’s transformation of the A’s during the 2002 season, the year they won 103 games despite losing MVP Jason Giambi the previous year in free agency. The small-market A’s ushered in a new way of running a baseball team with the use of advanced baseball statistics, and the new-age strategy proved successful.

Brad Pitt was nominated for Best Actor for his role as Beane, while Jonah Hill earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Peter Brand, a character loosely based on Paul DePodesta, Beane’s former assistant.

“Moneyball” also received nominations for Adapted Screenplay, Sound Mixing and Film Editing.

Are you surprised “Moneyball” received such high praise from the Academy? Comment below!

Comments (3)
  1. John J. Fay says:

    I read the book and it was so boring it was worse than watching a 30 inning game! They must be desperate in hollywood to giive this a brain cramp thought!

    1. Ellen says:

      John, I saw the movie and it was just as boring.

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