FOXBORO (CBS) – New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, speaking from Gillette Stadium on Friday, remembers back to when he first met Tom Brady.

The 22-year-old Brady was just as confident as the 34-year-old version that takes the field every Sunday for the Patriots.

“I still have the image of Tom Brady coming down the old Foxboro stadium steps with that pizza box under his arm, a skinny beanpole, and when he introduced himself to me and said ‘Hi Mr. Kraft,’ he was about to say who he was, but I said ‘I know who you are, you’re Tom Brady. You’re our sixth round draft choice,’” recalled Kraft.  “And he looked me in the eye and said ‘I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.’ It looks like he could be right.”

Robert Kraft On Brady: 

Brady will be playing in his sixth AFC championship in 11 years on Sunday, as he and the Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens at Gillette. Brady is gunning for his fifth Super Bowl appearance, and for Kraft, watching him grow from a late draft pick to the super star leader he is today has been a pleasure.

“Watching Tom grow and evolve; from being a single guy in the market place to getting married and going to his wedding, seeing the kind of father is, he’s just a very unusual young man and a great leader,” said Kraft. “He’s matured beautifully and he still kept his humility. I’m really happy that we have him as our quarterback.”

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Then again, there was another decision Kraft made back in 2000 that could compete with taking Brady 199th overall that same year.

“Hiring Bill Belichick has also been a pretty good decision, although some of the media beat me up pretty good the first year and a half,” said Kraft, who added that decision has worked itself out over the years.

“I think he’ll go down as the greatest coach in the history of the NFL, because he’s really competing in the era of the salary cap,” Kraft said. “When I bought the team, it was the beginning of the salary cap, and I think a lot of great coaches had difficulty understanding how to balance the economics of the game and the budgets. His product knowledge is so great.

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Brady and Belichick are a combined 15-5 in the postseason, with 124 regular season wins to their name.

“I hope we have the best quarterback and coach in the history of the game; I guess to prove that we have a little more execution we have to do over the year, and I surely hope we do it,” the Pats owner said.

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  1. FN Cee says:

    So, 198 not-as-great decisions preceded the best one? … sure looks that way … gotta love it!!

    1. Bozo the Clown says:

      Sounds like a good thing to post in the Ravens locker room.

      This N.E. team had the worst defense all year, and the team is a bunch of cheaters.

      Baltimore vs S.F.

    2. Squeezel says:

      Desperate for attention tonight …. by the way, the focus of the article Tom Brady, is white – you are a little off topic. You forgot to cut holes in your white sheet otherwise it will cut off oxygen to your brain and you will become an idiot..oh, too late.

      1. smokehouse56 says:

        Damn racist!

  2. Mike says:

    This was news like 10 years ago. What’s next…..a story on Lebron James holding a press conference to announce he’s going to Miami?

    1. Ben says:

      I hate this crybaby overrated moron! I hope he gets the crap kicked out of him come sunday. He’s not “great” the ppl around him is what has made him “great”

  3. BobbyONJ says:

    Once a douche….

  4. Fred says:

    Hey, you know what pride comes before, right?

    1. tomSERVO says:

      Superbowl victories?

      1. MacCane says:

        …a crash and hope it gets handed to him on Sunday…Mr. Ego.

      2. Boston CreamPie says:

        Montana never talked trash like this, this mofo is going to lose on Sunday.

        Good riddance.

      3. #11 says:

        This story only mentions one line he said 12 years ago as a rookie in a private conversation with the team owner. How, exactly, is that trash talking? I’m guessing your comment is based on the headline and you didn’t bother to read the article.

    2. OhioGirl82 says:

      Fred — did you note that this is what he said 12 YEARS AGO? He was a 22-year-old and the 199th pick in the draft. It’s not an outrageous thing to say when trying to impress the knew boss.

      If “the fall” takes 12+ years to happen, maybe pride isn’t so bad….

      1. Joshua Veverka says:

        Dont try talking sense to these people. They read the headline off of the Drudge Report and went straight to the comment section.

      2. TomB says:

        More likely a Jets troll rather than a Drudge link. Why the problem there, anyway? The man links stories to a variety of news sources and does not produce his own copy. Its now I ran across this story, and I agree that Brady absolutely is the best decision the Patriots ever made. And having that attitude going into your rookie year when you know you will be riding the bench and competing for a job as a backup is the best possible one you could have.

      3. Macksfield says:

        It’s an absolutely stupid thing to say at any age. It’s arrogant and self serving.really no other way to look at it, sorry.

      4. Erick Blair says:

        Good comment. But I’m even more in agreement with Joshua Veverka. When a lot of folks get behind the keyboard and convince themselves that no-one can touch them they say a LOT of stupid things. If you use the internet a lot you quickly find that it is not something to be taken too seriously.

      5. Michael Dupe says:


      6. SABoy says:

        I like Brady’s comment. It showed that he was confident, a little ballsy, and ready to prove himself.

        And he has. By far.

    3. camarshall says:

      Yeah…a fall. Can’t stand that cocky jerky attitude. I’ll take Tebow any day of the week. Go Tebow!!!

    4. Fred's conscience says:

      Since he made these comments 12 years ago:
      3 super bowl victories
      7× Pro Bowl selection (2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011)
      2× First-team All-Pro selection (2007, 2010)
      1× Second-team All-Pro selection (2005)
      3× Super Bowl champion (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX)
      2× Super Bowl MVP (XXXVI, XXXVIII)
      4× AFC Champion (2001, 2003, 2004, 2007)
      Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year (2005)
      Sporting News Sportsman of the Year (2004, 2007)
      AP Male Athlete of the Year (2007)
      2× AP NFL MVP (2007, 2010)
      2× AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2007, 2010)
      2× AFC Offensive Player of the Year (2007, 2010)
      NFL Comeback Player of the Year (2009)
      New England Patriots All-time leader
      (Passing touchdowns)
      NFL 2000s All-Decade Team
      List of his accomplishments
      NFL record 358 consecutive passing attempts without an interception

      1. Jim Simmons says:

        Add Sygate to the List some where in there????????

      2. ht says:

        you forgot to mention he is a douche as well

      3. Darby Barnes says:

        The man’s great and this attitude should be celebrated! But I root against him at least twice a year, as I’m a Buffalo Bills fan (there might just be a little envy there).

      4. Bill Walsh says:

        Yeah but he’s no Joe Montana with his 4 Super Bowl trophies and 3 Super Bowl MVP’s. He’s still young and better than ever so he could surpass Montana who is the greatest NFL QB of all time.

      5. Wooly says:

        Allow me to reply:

        Drew Brees.
        Enough Said.
        (…and before you say ” Drew’s not playing…”, please wait until Sunday night….but, really, after what we’ve seen this past season with Drew Brees smashing NFL records, the likes of which has NEVER been seen in the NFL…again…Enough Said.)

      6. Macksfield says:

        It’s just a game, not real life. Hopefully you other things to look forward to. You don’t really know Tom.

      7. Joe Vialonga says:

        Where can I get a copy of the book put out by the Pats in 2008? It was called “19-0”,
        oh wait……

      8. bill says:

        they were caught cheating, that’s their legacy. Just like hiring Mcdaniel which they really did not have to, they beat Broncos 41-22 during regular season. If you recall the 2 pockets in the game last weekend and picture swapping the 2 quarterbacks, Brady would have been knocked out of the game. They did not cheat the last few years, after caught cheating and what a pathetic playoff record.
        I know, facts are such a stubborn thing.

      9. Steve Austin says:

        all three Superbowl victories came during the time the Patriots were cheating by stealing calls from other teams- since they have been caught they haven’t won a Superbowl- and I bet you they have found other ways to cheat. belichek will go down in history as the greatest cheating coach ever. Tom Brady as the biggest baby ever.

      10. JC says:

        I am a Dallas Cowboy fan. Brady is the best I have seen.

      11. Patshater says:

        You forgot all the yellow, as in flags that protected Brady and turn games around to help them win. Oh and the cheating by filming other teams….

    5. Brad says:

      that already happened

      1. Bill Walsh says:

        What already happened? The 4 Super Bowl wins or the 3 Super Bowl MVP’s? I don’t think so chowderhead.

    6. Fed Up says:

      I just logged on to voice the same sentiment. This man is courting disaster with his attitude. Pride NEVER gets you the ticket through the gates of heaven

    7. megamooo says:

      Say hello to Ray Ray, Mr. Brady.

      1. Dayinalife says:

        You mean he thug in the wheelchair?!?

    8. TruthInSpending says:

      Destruction is the proper answer, though most would say it’s “a fall”.

    9. Steeler Homer says:

      Boston Creampuff, you realize he said this 10 years ago right? Heck yeah I want my 6 round draft pick to have that attitude…means he is going to go out and try to prove it, and you know what, 10 years down the road as arguably the best quarterback of his era he still goes out every game trying to prove it. Maybe if QBs like Mark Sanchez and Tony Romo had more of Brady’s attitude they might be winning superbowls too.

  5. Scott says:

    “…said Kraft. “He’s matured beautifully and he still kept his humility….”

    Judging by Brady’s own words, I’d say this statement is false.

    PS @ Fred…..the fall. And fall he will…to the real men in the league; The New York Giants.

    1. John Galt says:

      Brady and Eli will be eating bean dip on Super Bowl Sunday. It will be Ravens/Niners.

      1. Art Friend says:

        I disagree with both of those predictions. The NFC will be close with the Giants winning but the Patriots will beat Baltimore and cover the spread plus a few.

      2. mustangflyer says:

        I think you’ve got it nailed.

      3. Robert says:

        The Ravens and Niners can’t go to the super bowl together….lol

      4. karnak says:

        Nope. Niners maybe, but G-men are playing really well. But Ravens? Not going there.

      5. Melissa says:

        Didn’t you just eat your words

    2. truthmatters says:

      Eli is the real man compared to Brady? LMAO. Not even close. But it is alright for Eli to aspire to be as great as Tom is. YOU LOSER!

      1. krp says:

        It would so cool if the Giants went all the way. They we wouldn’t have anymore talk about how Peyton is the greatest QB to ever play the game.

      2. perogi says:

        @krp – who in the world says that Peyton is the greatest QB to ever play in the game???

      3. krp says:

        Nobody will be if Eli has more rings than his brother.

      4. Kevin says:

        As a Patriots fan, I hope we get to the bowl and I hope we are able to demolish ‘ol Eli. That’s who we want to play. But, if you took the current Giants team and changed out Eli for Payton, there’s no way we’d want to play that team. Payton is far better than his little brother. Eli has had better teams around him than Payton. I can’t really stand Payton, but I got big time respect for his elite abilities. I gotta say, I respect Eli as a good QB, just not a great QB.

      5. Joe Vialonga says:

        Brady is the ‘Girlie man’ of the NFL. If it weren’t for the officials watching over him and throwing flags each time a defensive player gives him a mean look he would be no more then average.

        The wuss has even set up his excuse should he lose by claiming he has a sore shoulder. So if he wins the headline reads, “Brady Plays Hurt, Takes Pats to SB”, and if he loses, ” Warrior Brady Plays Hurt, but falls short,”

        I won’t even mention Belicheat and his $750,000 “mistake” when he was nailed secretly filming his opponents practice\e

      6. muzzle loader says:

        whu are you? Brady’.s little brother?

      7. Neo says:

        18 – 1

        That’s all

      8. Melissa says:

        @truthmatters, so true so true

    3. David W says:

      Read the damned article in full before commenting. He said it 12 years ago when he was new and unproven. It was mere bravdo and him being a optimistic at the time. IDIOT.

      1. Scott says:

        I did, dip$hit. He was, is, and always will be a narcissistic a-hole. He is going to lose and I would love for it to happen against the Giants….again. Preseason, regular season, post season – it doesn’t seem to matter. Aside from one big play by Moss more than four years ago, the Patriots can’t beat the Giants. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. How do you like them apples. Old man Brady just can’t get it done anymore. Cutting off his sissy hair didn’t help like Moss thought it would, I guess. I can see Brady straining to get up off of the ground right now. That deer in the headlights look his simple mind produces while he picks the grass clump from his face mask. If only this could happen again in 2014 when the game is held in New York. It will just have to wait.

      2. Babs says:

        I’m no Pats fan, but you’re right. This is such a non-story. Typical media crapola, before a big game. I prefer football without all the extra soap opera idiocy.

      3. Macksfield says:

        No, he was being arrogant. Call it like it is.

      4. Bilford Rielly says:

        Ooooh – someone struck a nerve.

        When I told my High School Football Coach that I was the best player on the team ( he had me at second string Linebacker at the time) I proved it the very first game and through out the season. It didn’t take me twelve years.

      5. Tom Menino says:

        And then you took a shower together?

    4. TomB says:

      Hey Scott, if you ever run a business and hire people who think they are the best decision you ever made, you might be right. But when they follow up that statement with one of the best work ethics you have ever seen, then maybe that guy is right.

      Or if you would just hire a bunch of guys that say “eh, Im just gonna coast along and do as little as necessary to keep my job” Let me know, because Ill never use your services.

    5. Sage Spalding says:

      The title of the article is misleading, and as a result the title header on the drudge report where most of this traffic is coming from does Tom Brady no justice…he said this twelve years ago as a rookie when he wasn’t even the starter behind Drew Lead-Toe….Brady IS super humble, and a great role model…if he made this comment this last week, then you’d be able to jump all over him for not being humble, but he didn’t, whoever wrote the title has something against Tom Brady…

    6. karnak says:

      This is so out of context. Brady who was really grateful for getting drafted in the 6th round came up to his new boss and was basically telling him that he was worth the risk. You interpretation is not only self serving, it neglects one of the really great stories in the NFL. Brady has been nothing but class, anyone who suggests otherwise is misinformed and does not know football.

    7. Trajan Long says:

      Did you read the article? he said this 12 years ago after being drafted. What a bunch of idiot haters. Brady has always been a team player and a class act.

  6. meadowlands says:

    Lord,its hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way. Give me a break

    1. Tom Menino says:

      When did this turn into a discussion on Obama? Stick to the topic.

  7. Adam Smith says:

    Absolutely, positively, 100%, beyond the shadow of a doubt selecting Tom Brady with a sixth round draft pick was the best move the New England organization ever made.

  8. MoKnows says:

    Wow….I knew there was a reason I can’t stand Brady….other then him leaving his 3 month pregnant girlfriend so he could go date a supermodel…

    1. OhioGirl82 says:

      @MoKnows — you obviously don’t know.

      Brady was dating Giselle BEFORE Bridgette told him she was pregnant. He left her BEFORE anyone knew she was pregnant.

      1. MacCane says:

        Please, do you really believe that? Really? Ever been in a relationship? Believe what you want.

      2. Chris says:

        Did the girlfriend accidentally-on-purpose forget to take the pill, thinking that he’d stay with her? Women are sooo stupid. That theory certainly doesn’t work with rich men.

    2. OhioGirl82 says:

      @MacCane — the timeline is very clear. It’s been common knowledge for a few hundred years that a human pregnancy is ~9 months. Brady began dating Giselle in mid-December (paparazzi photos confirm.) Baby was born 22 August. Bridgett got pregnant in early December, right before the break up. Even she didn’t know she was pregnant when Brady first went out with Giselle.

    3. kgiexec says:

      Mo should know how to separate sports and entertainment from roll models. You should also spend less time judging others based on information reported by rag magazines. There is always two sides to a story. Don’t assume you know both sides.

      1. Steve Austin says:


    4. JR says:

      And frankly, Bridgette > Giselle.

  9. John Mason says:

    At least he plays with skill and not faith.

    1. Canof Sand says:

      Let me guess: You’re a bigot.

    2. TT says:

      Cheap chowderhead, cheap.

    3. UYeahU says:

      Cheap shot at Tebow, since he has had only a 1/2 season as a starting QB under his belt. Perhaps when he has 12 seasons things may look a bit different. Also life is about a lot more than just sports. One day when football is just a memory, his faith will still be there.

  10. George says:

    Oh good. I was looking for another reason to not like him.

  11. Chris Alf says:

    Isn’t he a little full of himself!

  12. Ted says:

    Reading the headline, I was expecting to read about a jerk. But it’s not arrogant to say this one-on-one to your boss, it’s establishing a commitment to work your tail off and setting expectations that you’d better be prepared to deliver on. Can’t fault him for that.

  13. sonnyboy says:

    Nothing like a little humility. I’ll take Tebow any day over a “I’m so great” comment.

  14. soqueesh mulhatra says:

    It’s easy to win when you cheat. Bellichek and Brady have been exposed and proved publicly as cheaters. In fact, it stands as the primary reason for any success they’ve had. When you have practice videos and opposing team playbooks, it’s fairly easy to scheme against opponents.

    The Patriot’s cheating episode is one of the great cover-ups of pro sports. The NFL brass successfully squelched the issue to provide the illusion of “fairplay,” and maintain their huge cash flow; but that was the day I stopped watching football…

    When cheaters are held up as “superstars” and “genuises,” and protected by a greedy business operation–it eliminates the integrity of the sport.

    1. ryan says:

      Dude, teams steal each other’s signals all the time. The Pats just happened to get caught,

      1. teaj says:

        correction. patriots steal other’s signals all the time and there is proof.

      2. Steve Austin says:

        way to try and deflect- please show the evidence of other teams stealing signals- I only know of what team that was proven to do it.

    2. Mike Hunt says:

      Wow. I seen dumb stuff said, but this take the cake. Congratulations.

    3. NHJoe says:

      Soqueesh said “The Patriot’s cheating episode is one of the great cover-ups of pro sports.”

      This is laughable. As Ryan stated, ALL teams steal signals. The Patriots just got caught. I would also argue about this being the greatest coverup in sports history (you sound like a disgruntled #18 fan). The greatest coverup in sports history are all the illegitimate children running around fathered by professional athletes who are propped up as heroes and role models (Brady included), which is telling and sad.

      1. Mixer says:

        Belichick video-taped his opponent’s practices – that is a more than stealing signals and name another team that has been caught videotaping…

      2. Macksfield says:

        The old, “everyone else is doing it to”, excuse. puhlease, no one really believes that.

      3. Joe Vialonga says:

        “Everyone else does it”? Let me guess, you voted for old elephant ears, Hussein Obama…right

    4. BigAl says:

      And no love for the Raiders, but that tuck rule was the most absurd, orchestrated pile of cr@p ever in professional or amateur sports. To this day it remains a fumble, no matter how much $$$ Kraft paid to have it called otherwise…

    5. NEFanInVA says:

      I love seeing all the “patriots tapes other team practices, have opposing team playbooks, etc” comments, where is the proof on that. They video taped during games they were playing in an effort to determine tendencies. Limited use in my opinion. And after the league told ALL teams the rules for filming during games, the team had one of the best records in the league. This is the one of the best franchises in the NFL. Kraft is respected by all owners in the league and it one of the leading owners. Some people just don’t like success, for some stupid reason.

  15. Vince L. says:

    Still always be cheaters. Bellichek will never live that down.

    1. Kevin says:

      Did you put your hands over your ears as you typed that, so that no matter what anyone says, all you hear is your own comment? Everyone still does what they can to figure out what the team they’re playing is going to do. Watching film, is one way, but you can watch film and watch for signals on the sideline and see the corresponding signal/play. Everyone was doing it. Do you ever wonder why teams coaches now cover their mouths when the call in a play to their QB? Its because teams have lip readers, still, in the stands. So if you think it was only the patriots, you are a naive little troll. Bellichick will live it down, simply by compiling great stats (which he has) since the “scandal” and showing he can win within the current rules. Keep in mind, there were no specific rules about stealing another teams signals.

      1. Allan says:

        Can you tell me which other coach in the history of the NFL was fined $500,000 for cheating?

        So we need to have rules for grown men that tell them that the can’t cheat? Good one Kevin. As far as coaches calling in plays I guess you don’t watch television when I see the coaches holding the play call laminated cards over their mouths.
        Nice try Kevin…or should I say Biil? BTW, nice name calling. You’d better get away from the computer before your parents see you playing on it.

  16. art says:

    So after he loses on Sunday I guess the other team will say the is guys a genuis.

  17. JDMilw says:

    Hmmm…lemme see now…who’s that there linebacker guy….you know….the one that likes to crush quarterbacks? Oh yeah…..Ray Lewis.

    Please Ray, bust up that arrogant primadonna for us haters!

    1. OhioGirl82 says:

      You mean murder people and let his thugs take the blame? That would be Ray Lewis.

      1. JDMilw says:

        Right or wrong he was not convicted. Get over it.

        This is football. Why don’t you go over to the Oprah board and whine about it.

      2. bmorebenny says:

        hahaha you are so right… like we say here in bal’mer… Kill em Ray like only you know how. The Revisionist sports writer in b’more of course don’t believe it. They have done all they can do to make him out to be a kind and gentle soul away from the stadium. What a sham. Professional sports and it’s atheletes are shameful

      3. DONBALTIMORE says:

        That is not what happened! Ray did no violence, two people with him did. The Police would have snapped him right up for a long time if he did.

      4. Steve Austin says:

        I am sorry you can’t read. Lewis didn’t murder anyone- two of his hanger-ons got in a fight outside a bar and another person- who was in the fight- ended up stabbed and died. Ray Lewis wasn’t aware of the stabbing but hustled his group into their limo and took them back to the hotel- he told them not to say anything. Overzealous, headline seeking prosecutor tried to nail ray as an accomplice and got nothing more than an obstruction charge- which Ray plead to.

        Your calling Ray a murdered is no different than me calling you a prostitute because I am certain you have gone on a date where someone paid for your meal and then you had sex afterwards- prostitution.

    2. Joshua Veverka says:

      i thought Ray Lewis was the guy who blames the refs everytime the Pats beat them.

      1. Steve Austin says:

        you are confusing him with Brady who whines to the refs every time a defender gets in his face.

  18. Jamesb says:

    Brady is a great player BUT, he has LOST a Super Bowl, several Hall of Fame quarterbacks are undefeated in the S.B. {Aikman, Bradshaw, Montana, etc.}.

    So, other than that I’d say HUMILITY is Tom’s best asset.

    1. ryan says:

      Elway lost THREE Super Bowls. What exactly is your point?

      1. James Benoit says:

        My point is some truly GREAT qbs are UNDEFEATED in the SUPER BOWL. Can’t you read?
        If S.B’s are the measure Brady ranks right up there, but not ahead of those three I mentioned – and a few more.

    2. tomSERVO says:

      Lots of QBs are undefeated in te Superbowl, namely due to the fact that many never got in one that they could win or lose.

      1. James Benoit says:

        You’re a DUNCE.
        When you group the various qbs who have WON Super Bowls it culls the herd to a HANDFUL. When you narrow it down to qbs who are UNDEFEATED in the Super Bowl it’s leaves a handful of legends.
        Brady is right up there – BUT that loss, although he obviously WASN’T playing defense – STILL makes a difference.

        Enjoy your “bromance” with Brady but he likes girls.


    3. Stem says:

      Worst 18-1 NFL team ever. Thank you, New York Giants.

      1. Mike H says:

        statistically the best offense in nfl history

    4. Macksfield says:

      ANd it was a different era back then, no such thing as QB friendly back then. I’m afraid Tom would have been crushed in those days.

  19. Jules Hamil says:

    Wow! They really think they’re “special”, don’t they? I hope they choke on their arrogance.

  20. Truth Monger says:

    What a narcisstic little prick !!

    1. Joe Higgins says:

      he was 22 when he said that —

    2. Truth Mongers Brother says:

      its called confidence……idiot

  21. Reality Check says:

    The greatest coach in NFL history? You’ve got to be kidding, right? This bastard was spying on the Rams in 2002 before the Super Bowl, and then again on the Jets a few years later. Yeah he got finned and all that but somebody took the fall for cheat(s). It was obvious he knew about and so did the Brady Bunch but the Commissioner didn’t want to tarnish the Patriots image. That’s how they won in 2002. The best all time NFL coach my arse!

  22. gopats says:

    i dont care what the haters say, as long as you have tom brady, you have a strong chance to win that game. period. this kid last week was in the zone, and i expect him to win the super bowl. AGAIN.

  23. Noah says:

    The only time a whale gets harpooned is when it comes up to spout.

  24. Notsohumblebrady says:

    Seems to me Brady has kind of forgotten all those other players who make it possible for him to look good. Hope he loses this week.

    1. Jen says:

      Not sure where you are from but Brady ALWAYS credits his teammates and is truly a team player

      1. Macksfield says:

        Are you and Tom hanging out this week?

    2. Joshua Veverka says:

      So he forgot all of those players before he even had a spot on the team? Great point.

    3. OhioGirl82 says:

      He said that 12 YEARS AGO — when he was just starting to practice with the team. What team mates that he had yet to meet or ever played with should he have been thanking? Are you suggesting he should have been clairvoyant and thanked people who were still years away from becoming Patriots?

      Brady is awesome, but even Brady can’t see that far into the future.

    4. NEFanInVA says:

      It was said over 12 years ago, and it probably never happened. Kraft is a story teller and loves to play to the press. Brady probably said something like he is happy the team drafted him and he will prove he is worth it. It’s not like he said it yesterday. Had he ever said anything like this during any press conference? He ALWAYS puts his teammates first in his comments to the press. You don’t see him talking trash like Rex Ryan or many of the ravens

  25. htos1 says:

    Get back to us after you lose to San Fran.

  26. unknown says:

    wow id say there is a lot of serious Brady envy going on here. Makes me laugh
    must be hard knowing there are people out there that are just so much better than you. waa waa waaa!!!

  27. james says:

    TIM TEBOW is the greates

    1. Art Friend says:

      He is almost as great a football player as you are a speller!

    2. Giggless the Clown says:

      Montana is the greatest. His record speaks for itself, and is why he never had to speak for himself, except when he put up both arms before the refs did.

    3. SumBicth says:

      Montana is the greatest. His record speaks for itself, and is why he never had to speak for himself, except when he put up both arms before the refs did.

  28. Leslie says:

    Is he refering to being a father to the one he had with his wife or the one he had with the woman he dumped before his baby was born?

    1. Edward M. Kennedy says:

      Mr. Bundchen is purposefully vague on that subject.

    2. OhioGirl82 says:

      Brady is a great father to both of his boys, including his first son, with the woman he dumped BEFORE even she knew she was pregnant!

      The timeline is very clear thanks to the paparazzi and the centuries old knowledge that a human pregnancy ~9 months. Dated Bridgett until early December (rumors of breakup in November.) First date with Giselle in mid-December. Baby born 22 August. Baby conceived at the end of the relationship.

      Personally, I’m amazed her birth control worked fine for 4 years of dating and unfortunately failed on her final date. That little accident has been her biggest source of income and fame.

  29. DZ says:

    These whiny rightwing Puke haters are too dumb to realize that Brady made that comment over a decade ago just after being the 199th choice in the NFL draft, and he was absolutely right.
    Tebow has been a great story, but I’ll take Brady over Tebow everytime.

    1. Teddy says:

      AZ hole, this ain’t bout gubmint, so keep your dunderhead comments to football. We all know you simps in NE think with your kennedys.

  30. Scott says:

    I don’t mind a little confidence in an athlete, but Brady’s ego is starting to irritate me. So you know what I think I’m going to do? I’m going to have to just call up my friends Ray and Terrell and ask them to make me a nice QB sandwich for me this Sunday. I’ll probably be hungry so I will order two of them.

    1. Kevin says:

      I watched Ray last week, and watched him closely. He’s only a shadow of the player who was so devastating the last time these two teams played. He is actually a weakness, and will be exploited in pass coverage by the TE’s of NE. Suggs hyper-aggressiveness will also be used against him, as the Patriots will run quick slants to where Suggs should’ve been. If Suggs takes the outside route to get to Brady, I can see the Patriots running to that side. If he tries to go the inside route to Brady, I can see the patriots exploiting the whole in coverage. Don’t think for one second that the Patriots are not going to be able to handle what everyone says is Brady’s weakness(hitting him and rushing him). Patriots are going to run no huddle and timed passing routes to wear out the Ravens Defense. Two step drop, three step drop, etc. Watch and learn. Its a practice session for what the Patriots are also going to do to the Giants’ Tuck and Umenyiora. Its not like there’s going to be any surprises playing the Giants either.

    2. Tom Menino says:

      Scott just hopes Eli’s vagina doesn’t get bruised when SF pounds his diaper tomorrow.

  31. Joshua Veverka says:


    1. Joe Vialonga says:

      LOL, you sound angry. I suppose after watching your “Dead Sox” be part of the greatest collapse in baseball history last year there is much pain and humiliation.

      1. Jim Tucker says:

        You sound like a petty stupid New Yawker.

    2. JC says:

      I agree. I would bet that most of the comments are from marginally successful folks. If you cant walk into an interview thinking that this will be the most important hire the boss will make, or if you see a client and dont think that this is the most important meeting of his day, more than likely you are mediocre. Tom is flat out a winner and winners are confident. He said what he said to his “boss”….he does not stand up on a podium week in and week out pounding his chest. WATCH the games and READ the articles…good grief.

  32. Dan S says:

    Hey Idiots!!!!! He didn’t make that comment this week… He made it as a joke to the owner who took a chance on him 12 years ago. Then worked his butt off to make it a fact. Are you people stupid or purpose?

  33. Smilinjack says:

    I never could stand this guy.

    1. Richard says:

      Then don’t watch the superbowl this year hahaha

    2. karnak says:

      You don’t know this guy. Badly written story.

  34. LC says:

    10 year old comment from a guy who wanted to prove himself to the team’s owner when he was a backup. Nonstory. Brady has always been a pretty cool guy off the field.

  35. Meg says:

    I’ll still take TEBOW!!!!

    1. Richard says:

      But he won’t take you hahaha…

      Did I hear Tebow say he was the best decision God made?

  36. Chris Powers says:

    I am a Steelers fan, but you know he’s right.

  37. Midge Martin says:

    Football is simulated combat and sucks away any real warrior qualities from men. It is a boy’s game that turns men back into children that jump up and down screaming as their country is being destroyed which they ignore. Just look around you at ‘men’ that can tell you all kinds of stats, but can’t find the countries on a map that their kids are dying in. They then identify the winning team with themselves thinking they have just done something and never do anything about real danger.

    1. krp says:

      There has been no armed conflict on US soil since the time when we started playing football.

      How many US soldiers have lost their lives cleaning up the mess created by all the soccer playing counties in Europe? As if that were a man’s sport.

      1. Midge Martin says:

        “If you need to shave and you still collect baseball cards, you’re a dope. If you’re a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you’re a grown man, they’re pictures of men.” ~ George Carlin

    2. Kevin says:

      Midge, since you have made such generalizations about men, it would appear that you have something against all men who enjoy football. I guess you live in a world of stereotypes, and for you, it works to put people into categories so that you can make sense of your feelings, and for that, I feel sorry for you. You should seek help, as there is help and you could even learn not to hate men.

      That said, there are some of us who work, in public safety, who face life and death decisions every day, and whose job is so stressful, that without the release of football, we’d go crazy and probably not do such a great job of providing for public safety. And no, I’m not a cop, nor fireman,as they would be far less stressful jobs. There are some of us football fans who can find these countries on a map, and even better, we can find our way around in these countries, without maps. So, before you make generalizations in the future, that make you look utterly ridiculous, you should go to your women’s studies study group instead.

      1. Midge Martin says:

        My father was a Navy Scout and Raider, was on the USS Johnston and more, so please don’t give me your stress BS, you have no idea junior … and by the way, the name Midge, as in Midge Ure, the Scottish guitarist from Ultravox, is male, as I am. So yes, you probably do collect pictures of men and are a little boy watching other men accomplish their job. I bet you have no idea what a Navy Scout and Raider was you punk a$$ poser. You’re the one who looks, not only ridiculous, but degenerate too. Go turn on your TV and watch your men friends just as all the other Nancy boys.

  38. fred says:

    Neither bellichek nor brady has won a super bowl since they got caught cheating…it is what it is.

    1. krp says:

      And neither have the Jets

      1. Who is John Galt says:

        Hmmm… the Jets weren’t caught cheating…….the Patriots were…..

  39. don iarussi says:

    i hope he gets his armbroken , this team is a bu nch of douchebags. they will fold and lose to ravens…….

  40. Truth hurts says:

    Brady is a joke, was proven when he got hurt and the team did not miss him. Product of a system. I would take Bree’s or either Manning before him. No where close to the best ever.

  41. Mallen717 says:

    Hilarious. Only a chia pet has more hair on it’s balls. Wake me when Brady wins 6 supers.

  42. Michael says:

    Every time I see this guy I think ‘nip & tuck rule’. what a league sponsored fraud

  43. PurpleRavingLunatic says:

    Yeah I was trying to figure out how so many people could have picked the poll of which teams were going to be matched up in the Super Bowl totally WRONG. Then I realized that this is a BOSTON website, so of course everyone picked the wrong team! Tom Brady remembers exactly what time he played a Ravens team on fire and ready to send him to the infirmary; he got his @ss kicked. Same thing happens on Sunday to a ‘weak’ Patriots team that didn’t beat a team that ended the season above .500. The Ravens were 7-0 against teams in the playoffs this year. Either way, you guys had a great year. This year is for Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and there is absolutely nothing that Tom Brady will be able to do to change that. Maybe next year…

  44. RickS says:

    The Pats have the 31st “best” defense in the NFL. They’re 14 & 3 counting the Denver playoff game and they have yet to beat a team with a winning record this season.

  45. Archy says:

    He’s been shooting hoops with Barry?

  46. Joe Dutra says:

    Tom, give yourself a hug and kiss.

  47. Belly-check says:

    They were caught cheating and were not bounced.

    NFL is a FRAUD

  48. Dave says:

    All I have to say for the coach is his name BELLACHEAT.

  49. impressive says:

    Wow an arrogant libtarded dipshit. Whoddathunkit?

  50. Tom is Terrific says:

    The birds are old and slow and Tommy boy will prove it.

  51. John the Fierce says:

    This article is probably pinned up in Ray Lewis’ locker.

  52. Jason Civilian says:

    to everyone crying about Brady being arrogant, you obviously didn’t even bother to read the article. That is exactly the attitude a rookie quarterback needs to have. And every last one of you would absolutely be giddy if Tom Brady were suddenly traded to your team next season.

    To the people crying about spygate still, How do you explain 16-0 and 30+ points per game and all the winning seasons since? Granted no SBs but they have certainly been a force.

    1. Edward M. Kennedy says:

      More creative cheating — that’s how.

  53. Sunny says:

    The man makes me ill. He is so full of himself, such a bad loser and such a incredibly insecure person despite his bravado. After the Colts/Manning lose, his lack of good sportsmanship made a huge impression of what kind of man he really is.

  54. andrew says:

    Not much humility, but he’s right. Hard to argue with that.

  55. Mixer says:

    Belichick has 3 Super Bowls and 3 video tapes of his opponents practices – priceless.

  56. gooddayguy says:

    such a modest young man. i guess if you got it flaunt it.

  57. My sack hurts says:

    I wonder what he meant by “unusual”

  58. please stop says:

    my god these comments are absurd
    my quarterback is better than yours… mine is better….no he’s not mine is better
    Brady has an ego….no he doesn’t …….yes he does……
    Bellicheck is a cheater… he’s not…….. yes he is……
    no one here will convince anyone else of anything that they don’t want to believe so for the love of god please stop!

  59. RedCorvetteGuy says:

    Brady is about as fun to listen to as Barry Bonds. They both me, me, me more than most of us, us, us would like to hear. Hope you get your ass kicked BarryBradyTommyBonds!

  60. fargond says:

    Old fuddy duddy owner has a hard-on for the QB. What a story.

  61. Squeek Eron says:

    Brady’s the only guy I know of that has a portrait of himself on the bedroom cadenza. What a difference between him and T-Bo……… character-wise, that is.

  62. Emily says:

    Tim Tebow is the greatest! Peyton Manning is brilliant.

    Tom Bracy, is that his name? He has no charisma.

    1. karnak says:

      Peyton and Tebow are watching football on the TV this weekend.

  63. fisherKing says:

    The Patriots best decision?

    Filming defensive hand signals, and then signaling them to Brady for six entire years. Give defensive signals to any other QB for six years, and they would be the same.

    Really, would a team like the Raiders, or the Titans, or the Steelers get by with this fraud? Only reason they were not banned from the NFL is that they’re called the Patriots and the NFL PR men creamed their paints when they won the Superbowl in 2001, despite cheating.

  64. Squeezel says:

    Bucky F#%king Dent!!!!!!!

  65. Anon says:



  66. J Meoff says:

    I didn’t like Tom Brady when I first saw him because he looked like a big tall underwear model, but after watching him win impossible games year after year my opinion has changed. Tom Brady is the best QB to ever play the game. Terry Bradshaw is runner-up.

  67. Maggie in Georgia says:

    Humility? Brady might be a lot of things but hunble is not one of them! The example of humility is Drew Brees! He simply goes out, breaks records, and quietly goes home to his family. I’ll take one Drew Brees to a dozen Tom Bradys! Brady could learn a lot about “giving back” from Brees as well. Brady is good but lets have some3 honesty here!

  68. PaytonJP says:

    Ego much Tom? Personally, I credit getting Bellichick as the head coach overrides making Tom Brady and his fruity Justin Beiber hairdo the glamorboy of the franchise.

  69. mark says:

    kraft, belicheck, and brady…

    they are riding one of those tandem bikes into canton.

  70. MacksfieldDhenslee says:

    Hee hee, you cannot compare today’s QB to QB’s of the past and here is the reason why. The game has dramatically changed with the receiver and QB friendly rules. It has become easier and easier to score in this league. Not the same game at all. More like arena football now. Notice how there are so many more high scoring games these days.

  71. trajan long says:

    12 years ago friggin nitwits. The press really make me vomit

  72. George L Humphrey says:

    It ani’t bragging if you can do it………..

  73. The Don says:

    What the hell is all the fuss about?…this is 12 year old news! A very misleading headline for those who just jumped on the foot ball wagon huh?

  74. Chuck says:

    Who was it that said they were more popular than Jesus Christ?

    1. Bill E Bob says:

      The Beatles.

      1. Who is John Galt says:

        John Lennon…..

  75. Chris Noell says:

    Even though Tom Brady may have proved in the past few weeks that he is indeed the best quarterback in the NFL today, particularly when he took the Broncos’ Tim Tebow to school on two occasions in recent games, Brady can definitely takes some pointers from Tebow in the humility department. The last time I checked, the old cliche of “there is no ‘I’ in team” still holds true.

    1. Jim Tucker says:

      The comment was made AFTER waiting 6 rounds into the draft, by a third string QB. Not today’s Brady. You are a total media stooge or a Giants fan.

  76. merseyyank says:

    Brady: ‘I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.’

    Kraft: “He’s matured beautifully and he still kept his humility. ”

    Something just doesn’t seem quite right here!

  77. Ken Pittman says:

    124 – 35 regular season record. 15-5 Playoff record. 3 Superbowl Championships. 2 Superbowl MVPs, 2 NFL MVPs, 8 Pro-bowls. Only QB to throw 50 TDs in one season. Only one of three QBs to throw over 5,000 in a season.
    Pass attempts 5,321
    Pass completions 3,397
    Percentage 63.8
    TD–INT 300–115
    Passing yards 39,979
    QB Rating 96.4

    Not only did he say that before he accomplished one thing and after he was humbled as a lowly #199 pick, YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE CRAZY TO ARGUE!!!!!

  78. Bill E Bob says:

    A virulently anti-Christian suffers delusions of god-like grandeur? What a surprise! Not.

  79. Bill E Bob says:

    The man who has himself for a god has a fool for a worshipper.

  80. jj says:

    Tom’s a little poof who never would have lasted back in 60’s and 70’s when Quarterbacks weren’t protected by rule changes like they are made of glass. He also left behind a slew of illegitimate kids. Lots of baby mamas. Looked the other way while coach was cheating too. Loser as a man.

  81. Ed says:

    Great quarterback but I never liked him or ?elicheck on a people level. It’s going to be a pleasure watching the Giants knock them off again, assumming the Patriots survive this week. Eli, that man is a class act, unlike most of the arrogant players in the league

  82. Jim Tucker says:

    Nice asshat journalism. Take a 12 year old quote out of context and run it as your headline. No wonder most people HATE the media.

    1. OhioGirl82 says:


      Most people SHOULD hate the media, but as you can see from the comments here, most people blindly fall for cr@p like this. They don’t read the article. They don’t know the facts. But they spew hatred anyway.

      This is why we have the politics we do, too. It bugs me when it’s sports, but it’s DANGEROUS when it’s politics.

  83. Edg Com says:

    Nothing is more fun than to listen to/hear sports fan(atic)s expound.about all the things they love/hate about someone/something they know little about.

  84. Danny Ross says:

    And modest, too.

  85. marie says:

    Is this guy really serious??? I mean he is not all that. He is OLD news he needs to go find relevance somewhere else. People put people like this on a mountain and worship them that is why we have this sort of insular attitude! He is not TEBOW and I am sure that is eating him up that he can’t have ALL the attention for himself, but he can’t. WHO CARE BRADY???????????????? Your human and replacable so get that in your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. hhh says:

    him and obama should team up..they both LOVE themselves more than anyone in the world…

  87. TruthInSpending says:

    “I’m the best decision you’ve ever made.” is hardly a ringing endorsement of humility. But, I digress.

    Bledsoe had been the darling of the Patriot organization and its fans. If (the biggest two letter word in the dictionary), Bledsoe had not been injured, and unable to play, who knows where Brady would be today.

    That’s not to take anything away from his talent or drive. Brady may have been sent packing instead of Bledsoe.

  88. Tim says:

    As far as Bill Belichick and the spygate incident is concerned,is nothing more that sour grapes on the then coach of the Jets,Eric Man’gina’
    If people around this country want to believe that None of the teams in the rest of the league Ever looked at opposing teams play footage or studied their plays
    Believe that no other teams did it,I’ll tell anyone and everyone their FOS.
    Get a life,envy is a hard thing to live with.

  89. Daniel Donaldson says:

    Again another story about the Brady, again another story about countless championships, and again, no mention of how Belicheat and the Faketriots cheated their way to every title and were busted for it.

  90. Elvira says:

    Wow! People sure get riled up over the comments of an athlete! I’m a Lions fan, but I hope either Eli or Tom get another Super Bowl ring. These guys are athletes and humans – not superhero’s on whose every word we should hang. Bob Kraft should be proud of his organization – it’s successful, which we could use more of in this country instead of whiny, East Coast liberalism.

  91. Rick says:

    You cannot be a superstar if you don’t have confidence in yourself. The great ones whether it be in sports, business or whatever are confident, ambitious and determined to succeed. Tom Brady at every press conference after a game always talks “team” and what he could have done better. This is what makes him great. Joe Montana was Brady’s idol growing up. If Brady wins another Superbowl and another MVP he will be tied with his idol. They will be one and two as the greates quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. You pick which order. My bet is on Brady.

  92. Vinny says:

    Brady is the most overrated QB of all time. Manning’s out for a season and the Colts win two games, Brady’s out and the Patriots just barely miss the playoffs. The Pats consistentl have the weakest division, the AFC Least, he has a line that gives him enough time to make a sandwich, he has had the best receivers…they will take his typical line of scrimmage pass and produce amazing YAC numbers, he can’t scramble, under any pressure whtsoever he folds like a french prize fighter. He’s been the recipient of some good calls, a new NFL that encourages through myriad rule changes the passing game, a great coach with and an offensive system that allows a good QB to appear better then he actually is, what would he have done with a team like the Colts or Miami…not much in my opinion. Football is a team sport, he’s lucky to be on the Patriots.

    1. Ted says:

      You have totally ignored the leadership he brings to the sideline at every game. Nobody gets his team mates pumped up like Brady does. I would urge you to read last week’s interview with Ochocinco, where he describes the tenacious nature of Brady’s work ethic. I think you are just feeling sour because your team is taking an early vacation this year.

  93. dts says:

    this is stupid he said it as a 6th rouund draft pick basically telling Kraft he wont be sorry they drafted him. That makes him arrogant? He wouldnt need to say something like that now as its obviously true. Anyone that actually watches his press conference knows that if he threw for 1000 yards and 10 tds in a game he would credit his line for giving him time to throw and receivers for gettig open.

  94. Henry Thoreau says:

    What A Dooosh Bag!

  95. led Spring Heeled Jack says:

    I know Tom Brady, and Mr. Tebow…you are no Tom Brady (yet).

    Seriously, I’ve seen Brady’s after game interviews. He’s nothing but self-deprecating and givges ALL the credit to his teamates.

    He does have lots of confidence. But after all, that’s what’s need to win consistantly. And who does it better than Brady? He gets the credit for wins and trhe blame for losses. That’s how it goes for everyone.

  96. Don Blake says:

    Just another reason for millions of Americans to root against this fool.

  97. smokehouse56 says:

    When Brady retires the Pats will become the 2011 Colts. You know that and I know that. Kraft doesn’t. Either did that fool Isray. Somehow when a team wins for 10 years because of their elite QB’s the owners seem to think they, the owners, are the reason. Shall I say Jerry Jones also.

    1. Vinny says:

      When he was out Cassell took them a game away from the playoffs. The Pats do not need Brady, Brady is lucky to be on that team. He is a good QB but no where near Peyton Manning. Brady is highly overrated. If he had been drafted by the Dolphins he would be another Sanchez. Don’t forget that it’s a team sport.

  98. All Most says:

    Brady’s just plumb full of humility, isn’t he?

  99. Charles says:

    Typical HACK journalism to lead with that headline. Makes it sound like Brady said that this week. Trying to stir up the pot. Too bad to, as it is a great sideline story. But, that headline sucks lemons.

  100. Dave says:

    Considering he said it 12 years ago as he introduced himself to Kraft, this isn’t about ego. I’ve been doing this a long time and this is exactly what I want to hear from someone when I hire them. It’s happened many times over the years, and to be honest, most people who have told me that have turned out to be among the best decisions I’ve made. .

  101. dts says:

    also of all the “great” wide receivers that were the reason brady has won 3 superbowls which have any chance of going to the HOF. Please brady was the reason offensively. Obviously the defense played a huge part.



  103. gopats says:

    at least brady aint a little xtian licking, bow to the air, loser. teblow will never win the big show, and he will be a footnote until he becomes pastor timmy on the cheat your neighbor xtian network… keep that cash coming into your lying child molesting or gay preacher, while they fly in private jets. believe, the cult of jesus.

    god is NOT a broncos fan.

  104. trajan long says:

    God the Press is disgusting. Brady is and has always been a team player and a class act.

  105. harorld says:

    Arrogant prick!

  106. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Spoken like a Real Tebo,…………NOT!

  107. sunnys says:

    Watching Brady after they lost to the Colts a few years back, was very revealing about his character. He came across as a poor loser as did the head coach. I lost a lot of respect for him after that game. After the Bronco game, he did not even cross the field to speak with Tebow which again tells me a lot about him. He is very talented, good looking, has a beautiful wife but yet seems so angry, so unable to enjoy his blessings. Even when he wins BIG like against the Broncos, he said they made some mistakes and would have to work on those. WHAT? The Patriots just won big and are on their way to the Super Bowl. He should have been so excited, praising his teammates, his coaches, etc. It is hard to get too excited about a man who doesn’t count his blessings.

  108. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Sounds mysteriously like our President, except Tom has a Real Record.

  109. Toidi says:

    Smart. Athletic. Multi-talented. Good-looking with beautiful wife and family. Rich.

    I hate this SOB.

  110. Ted says:

    Clearly, someone at The Drudge Report is upset with Brady for knocking Tebow out of the running !! This is a very transparent attempt to make Brady sound like an arrogant person, given the misleading headline. Shame on Drudge for allowing Alinsky tactics on his web-page They know (all too well) that not everyone will take the time to read the whole story in its true context. All I need for evidence to back by assertion is the countless weeks of Tebow headlines on The Drudge Report. Someone there is a sore loser……names please Matt, or are you the culprit yourself??

  111. Jake says:

    I like reading the Drudge Report and I believe Brady is a great leader of his team. I also believe Tebow is a stand up guy and a great competitor.

  112. Ted says:

    The rampant jealousy displayed here by some of these comments is truly astounding. How many of you bone heads actually read the whole article to see Brady’s statement in its original context. I dare say damned few of you. You all sound like Occupy Wall Street types with your wining. How dare someone else be good at what they do and have a better life than me……waaaaahhhhh

  113. GLENN FRENETTE says:




  114. B says:

    Fifty years from now, sports historians will be saying the very same thing about Tom that he said about himself as a rookie, a comment clearly made to reassure the boss that he’d made a fantastic choice. It’s an old quote, delivered at a different time in Brady’s life and should not be a topic presented as though it’s current.

    Tom Brady is brilliant at what he does and it is because of incredibly hard work.

  115. dts says:

    who does tom brady think he is being married to a supermodel and having a kid with another women(whom by all accounts is an actual father to) what an arrogant #$*%. Doesnt he know he should do like big ben an rape hotel maids and then pay them off.

  116. Jim Jacobson says:

    “he still kept his humility” -really?

  117. dts718 says:

    brady will get no respect as he has never raped, never been in a shoot out at a club and has only 1 kid out of wedlock. If he could be like travis henry, ray lewis or plaxico then he would be a true role model. Until then every word he says should be cecsored

  118. lol says:

    Yes it was years ago. So was Cain’s alleged naughtiness. So was Newt’s divorce. The difference here: we know this actually happened.

    So: He is an arrogant POS. So what if he said this years ago? He still believes it and he’s not shy about shooting his mouth off about certain other players, is he? Or is Tom some delicate little hothouse flower that deserves special treatment?

    Go ahead and tell me to stop being mean to Tom. I’ll just keep laughing at you idiots and your and his hypocrisy.

  119. lovetron says:

    And cutting off that ridiculous Bieber haircut was the best decision Tom ever made.

  120. Jack says:

    People whining about spygate fail to realize the whole stink was about camera placement.

    Every team takes full advantage of taping other teams signals, but the camera must not be below a certain point in the stadium.

    In other words, Spygate was just a huge technicality. Stay mad haters.

  121. Bilford Rielly says:

    He forgot to day he is better know than Jesus Christ……….Gezz the arrogance just seeps through his pours. I can smell the stench all the way over rhere.
    And what will his comments be when he starts losing? Will he still cling to that stupid remark?

  122. HuskerColt says:

    I’m a Colts fan and still enjoy/dread every game against the Patriots (until this year). It’s hard not to respect and admire an organization like the Patriots, and a QB like Brady, who nearly every year for the last decade have been Super Bowl contenders. Congratulations and good luck on another championship run! I’d wager we’ll see you in Indianapolis in a couple weeks.

  123. Momofthree says:

    Wow he isn’t TOO into himself is he?

  124. tankette says:

    I see the Bradybots are out again. Someone recall that ego…

  125. kirok says:

    Pre Bady Era? Patriots 2 Superbowl appearences. No wins.
    Brady Era? Patriots 4 Superbowl appearences. 3 wins with 1 loss(16-0 season), with a possible 5th Superbowl appearence.

    Final synopsis: Brady best decision the Pats ever made.

  126. Em Spearing says:

    More self-aggrandizement from a member of the jockocracy.

  127. BreezyDog says:

    Boy, ain’t that quote the mother of all jinx’s…

  128. dom27 says:


  129. Smarg says:

    Brady is evil. Satan.

    The cheater Patriots will lose Sunday.

  130. Who is John Galt says:

    He was that smug 12 years ago before he accomplished anything….I dare not imagine how smug the a- hole is now…

  131. keith says:

    what an ego hound he is….he ain’t all that. The only reason they got their superbowl wins was because of cheating by Belichek…..

  132. Danny says:

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