By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

RAYNHAM (CBS) – Two young men are lucky to be alive after a Good Samaritan dragged them from a burning car. Stephen Jerome says when he saw the violent crash he had knew he had to help.

Stephen says, “You’re the only one there when you see a violent crash like that you have to help you have to see if they’re OK, if they need medical attention.”

Stephen didn’t know what he would find when he was running toward the totaled black SAAB on I-495 South.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

It was just before midnight on Tuesday night and he’d just witnessed it slam into a cement wall.  He went into the abutment of exit eight overpass at highway speed he hit it direct, head on and went into a spin to the right.

The car then shot across all three lanes of traffic before coming to a stop in the median.

Inside were two friends 19-year-old Drew Torrance at the wheel and 21-year-old Jesse Fleetwood in the passenger seat.

Stephen says both men were alert but in severe pain from broken legs. He called 911 immediately, “As I was on the phone with State Police I could hear them ‘please help, help us! The car is on fire!’”

So instinct kicked in, both men had gotten themselves out of the car. Stephen grabbed the passenger and dragged him away then ran back for the driver, “I said, ‘hang on,’ I picked him up and kinda dragged him up the embankment away from the vehicle. In case it burst into flames.”

And within moments it did, the car was destroyed by fire.

State Police Sergeant Michael Popovics was the first officer on the scene and says Stephen deserves all the credit for saving the young men.

Popovics says, “If he did not stop, by the time that car caught on fire, I think it would’ve been too late.”

Both of the men that were in the car are still in the hospital recovering from surgery and doing well.

The driver told police he fell asleep at the wheel. Officials are still investigating the cause of the accident.

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  1. tjb says:

    good save, good sam, stephen jerome !

  2. KingCast says:

    Awesome. And give credit to SAAB because in a lesser car they might not be around to tell the story. I have owned 7 SAABs and am sad to see them go under.

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