BOSTON (CBS) – Comcast cable customers in the Boston area will see their bills rise again next month.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

This is just ten months after the company introduced sharp increases in many of its fees.

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller Is At Large

“While we’ve worked hard to hold down price adjustments, the average customer bill will increase by 2.9% in the Greater Boston Region, ” the company said in a statement Tuesday, “because of the impact of higher programming costs and increased operating expenses.”

Mayor Tom Menino told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Tuesday his office will be speaking to Comcast executives about the increase.

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  1. Ann says:

    i think comcast should do better job on cabile
    and customer severs i had problems with them last year.
    i switch over from comcast to verizon is better.
    the price that comcast was too much for phone/cabile/internet it was 200 a month wayt too much.

  2. Joanne says:

    the true reason they are raising again is because they keep losing customers due to their outrageus pricing as it is now and they need to raise rates to try to cover some of the lose to make ther stockholders happy.

  3. donny says:

    When’s there’s no competition – it’s what monopolies do.

  4. Rob says:

    Time to cut the bill again, or all together. Just like w/ the big bank fees, cut them out-gone w/ credit union.

  5. Darryl says:

    if Verizon FIOS was available in Boston they would be lowering their prices to stay competitive. Aside from RCN, Dish Network and DirecTV, there is no competition.

  6. Maria Johnson says:

    If I could get cable service in my neighborhood besides Comcast, you best believe I’d be getting it. I’m sick of Comcast increasing their rates all the time. I already pay a bill of over $150 a month and forget about buying movies or PPVs. I bought a PPV a while back and my bill was over $200 when I did that. Needless to say, I haven’t bought anymore.

  7. taxedout says:

    Good Bye Comcast…Hello Fio’s

  8. Italo says:

    Increases for what? Frequent digital channels that oftentimes suddenly scramble up indefinitely, making you miss out on shows or movies you’ve been waiting for? Hundreds of channels who mostly repeat the same programming over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, or block out time slots for infomercials even though Comcast’s guide says that programming is coming up on them–costs just passed on to us?

  9. Fed Up says:

    Keller you should have asked the Mayor why he isn’t letting Verizon Fios in the city. Comcast needs competition. Word on the street is Mr. Mayor is trying to unfairly charge Verizon to come into the city. I know this post will be taken down because you can talk poorly of King Tommy in this city.

  10. H. MC says:

    Ditch Comcast buy a Wii on, and get Netflix!!!
    The only way to make them learn ,is stop giving them your money. They believe we are so addicted to TV we will pay whatever. you want to get them listen, stop playing their game. Play your own!!!!

  11. tsalnew says:

    I have fios – please do not think Verizon is any different. They forget to tell you that you have to pay more for faster fiber optic speeds. My contract is up in May and I will negotiate. It takes time but it works

  12. The Owl says:

    I’m sick of all their “great” new features that wipe out your entire DVR inventory.

    That and their CSRs that can’t resolve anything.

    A customer service call that doesn’t get things solved = a failed service call = a peeved customer.

    When is Atty Gen Coakley going to step up to the plate?

  13. Timothy Andrew Stankus says:

    I wrote to the Salem (MA) Mayor years back and she said that Verizon would be allowed to bring in Fios. It has not happend but I can’t say I’m suprised. When Verizon was begging to have statewide access, Comcast lobbied to keep them under the rules of a Phone company and have to negotiate town by town… and look who is paying for it now. Competition is almost always certainly better.

  14. Ellie says:

    Comcast just plain blows i dont live in boston and they are rasing my prices to, no other option other then to get rid of them. they had a rep going around my neighborhoood wondering why people are dropping them for service this was on a weekend none the less. Cuz you stink and your prices are high what fools, Farewell Comcast!

  15. ellie says:

    Comcast just plain stink i dont even live in boston and they are rasing my prices to, no other option other then to get rid of them. they had a rep going around my neighborhoood wondering why people are dropping them for service this was on a weekend none the less. Cuz you stink and your prices are high what fools, Farewell Comcast! My posts never shows

  16. joe says:

    dumped comcast 2 years ago,and went to DISH and saved about 45% on my monthly bill,I cant for the life of me figure out why people are still with comcast.

  17. mikey says:

    “Increased operating expenses” translates to this>> the 1% wants more money.

  18. Ron T says:

    I’ve had Comcast actually lower my monthly rate when they raised their rates, last year!

    I called them and asked if I could negotiate my monthly rate with them, before, I go to Verizon!

    That did get their attention, because I was pleasant, but firm, and that I would really like to stay on with them!

    They ended up giving me a promotional package, including a higher speed internet, for less than the rate I was paying before their increase!

    The downside is after that promotional package ends, the rate climbs back up after the one year promotion rate!

    So, again, I’ll be back on the phone with them this year, to see if I can re-negotiate something, and if not, then bye-bye!

    I’ve thought about Verizon in the past, but their system uses a different cable, and takes them several hours to install, so I’m reluctant to go with them, and they too, find ways to keep on increasing their prices!

  19. DoverDavid says:

    I HATE Comcast. I have had them for over 10 years and each year I pay more and get nothing in addition. I have had my service disconnected 2 times due to their inability to properly mark the units in the apartment complex in which I live. I have done battle with their customer service both on the phone, thru email and IM chat. To me Comcast is the Mafia, I can not get another provider, so I either do as they want and pay what they demand or I watch a tv screen full of snow!

  20. tsalnew says:

    I have had dish and comcast and now have verizon. Verizon is probably the best of the three but only slightly. The picture quality on the TV is far and away better. You have to pay more money for higher fios speeds – that’s in the fine print. You can negotiate but it takes a lot of time and perseverance. I don’t have the time but do find it and I do have the perseverance so get what I want pretty much. One thing I will not do is have rates go up after a “special” promotional time.

    The people you speak to on the phone can range from brilliant to idiots. When Verizon raised my rates last year mid-contract I explained I was told they would not raise. The CSR asked for the email from Verizon confirming that. I told him I didn’t have one. When I had managed to get him to put the rate back where it belonged, I asked him for an email confirmation. He said Verizon doesn’t send email confirmations.

    You really can’t make this stuff up.

  21. Ludlow Palmer says:

    Why is this such a surprise? The cable company usually raises their rates EVERY YEAR. They often splinter the channels into more “packages” too, so the new ones don’t have as many channels. As usual, the consumer pays more & gets less at the same time.

  22. emom says:

    Had comcast an number of years ago,, Explain to me if you want to watch any thing on there ON DEMAND programs, that we had to unplug the cable re plug it in to boot it up just to watch on demand,, their explanation “GLITCH ISSUE” and there was no fix,,,, I switched because the loser tech that came to my home to install a cable for a third cable box wanted to go through my attic with the cable drill down through the ceiling to install the box, or go under the crawl space and drill up through the floor.. AHHHH WHAT I SAID,, what ever happened to wrapping the cable around the house like it is in the back and drill through the side of the house,,, OH he said it would cost to much HE WAS FULL OF POO. Called fios and had it done in less than two hours and the tech wrapped the cable around to the front of the house and drilled through the wall installed no be deal….. and it didn’t cost a tone either,,, Have had no issue with it and have had it since 2007.
    When I do have an issue I call and the longest I have had to be on the phone including wait time,, ready……………….. 20 minutes problem solved and I was VERY HAPPY. They have been awesome .
    As for comcast raising their prices,, ahh they are raising the rates all the time, they get away with it because they change how their packages are, eliminating some channels and making them a different package if you want them… they raise the rates every year we just do not notice… look at your bills and see a few extra bucks added,, yeah,,, they are very sneaky, now they want a lot more so they must ask permission,,,,,,,

  23. EMS says:

    Comcast price increases do not surprise me anymore. What does surprise me is no one has been fed up enough to go after Comcast for price gouging. Look, I get it. Companies need to make money and with that they have to increase prices to cover costs but Comcast needs to explain how in 10 MONTHS technology has gotten so crazy expensive that they need to increase prices yet again. I don’t see it and I don’t buy what Comcast is trying to sell as to reason why this is justified.

    I respect Mayor Menino for trying to speak to Comcast about this but I think it’s falling on deaf ears. I read a May 2011 article on here on how he has tried to go to the FCC to get permission to regulate cable prices. I do not see a follow up article regarding this so I can only assume it was denied. The only ways I can see Comcast changing their tune is if people got together and did something about it or if Verizon sped up the process of becoming more of a competitor in Boston.

    1. tsalnew says:

      EMS – Verizon when I did the compare a few months ago was more expensive for the same package and equipment than Comcast. Even when there “can be” competition, the companies stay close enough so that they still have a monopoly. I think you are absolutely right that people have to do something because they know they have us right where they want us.

  24. David says:

    I don’t know what the reason is for complaints. We have to understand that we as subscribers have the responsibility of providing sufficient money for the unearned bonuses that are in a CEO’s benefit package. As for the shareholders, their only concern is that dividends are increased.
    Welcome to big business.

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