By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

Bitter Cold in place this morning with gusty NW winds. Lows have dropped into the single digits. Winds gusting from the NW 20-30 mph. Windchills ranging from -5 to -15 this morning. A stinging winds and an airmass where you do not want to be “left out in the cold” without the proper attire.

Ocean effect clouds have backed in over the Cape as expected. Scattered snow showers have been flying from Hyannis to P’town. The heaviest band of snow has stayed mostly offshore but is making a close push to Truro and Wellfleet who have the best chance for some minor accumulation upto a coating. The Outer Cape has the best chance of these flakes.

The rest of us are seeing a brilliant, blustery and very cold day with the heart of the Arctic air settling over us today. Highs will only be able to climb into the teens today. Winds will start to die down this afternoon, but wind chills will remain in the single digits…despite near 100% of the sun.

High pressure will crest over us tonight with diminishing winds and better conditions for radiational cooling. Many areas will fall down to near zero overnight, below zero in NW valleys. Boston will drop down to near 5. So a very cold start is likely to Monday…but a milder finish is expected. High pressure will track SE of New England . High clouds will be increasing with stronger SW winds developing in the afternoon. Highs will warm into the Lwr-mid 30’s south with partly sunny skies.

A warm front approaches Monday night with thickening clouds. A spotty light mix of light snow will transition over to pockets of frz rain early Tuesday around dawn. The best chance of any icing will be along and north of the Pike.  Cold air may get stuck across the north with borderline temps in the 30’s allowing it to remain a bit icy into the morning. SNE will warm into the 40’s as SW winds will warm the low levels and allow any precip which falls to be in the form of spotty light showers through Tuesday night. Some accumulating snow is possible in the far northern mountains by Early Wednesday.

Strong NW winds behind this departing front will filter in Wednesday. Temps will start of near freezing and fall into the 20’s during the afternoon as another shot of Arctic air moves in right from Alaska. Wednesday night will be another night with lows in the single digits. Sunshine and high Clouds Thursday with a cold dome of high pressure for Thursday with highs in the 20’s near 30.

A weak short wave approaches for Thursday night and early friday which may deposits a few snow showers before dawn. Some increasing sun and seasonal temps in the mid 30’s. Our next system approaches Friday night into Saturday and will likely come with some warmer air with temps climbing into the 40’s for next weekend.

Climate prediction center has the time of January 22nd to the 28th running way above normal for temperatures. The cold just can’t lock in as we all know with out the blocking. Looks like January will end on a mild note on avearge…in between the very brief shots of cold.


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  1. Paul52 says:

    With a low temperature of an even 0.0, it was the coldest morning here in Pepperell since back on 12 February of last year when it was -1.0. But, back on that date last year there was 24 inches of snow on the ground! The snow depth here is currently 2 inches on average; but on this date last year the snow depth was 13 inches. What a difference a year can make!

    1. Raider says:

      Coldest since last winter…so???

  2. WeatherWizard says:

    Thank you Joe.
    Wait until next year?
    From Henry Margusity/Accuweather:
    “Latest climate models are in and they continue to show the warmth overwhelming the country through March. Urrg!”

    1. Stuart Neal says:

      At least they might be on the right track as Henry has not been so.

  3. JimmyJames says:

    Just saw that UGH! Rooting for The Farmers’ Almanac to be right about 12 plus inches of snow in February.

  4. Andy Ledyard says:

    Hi Joe and Jimmy Do you guys think the mosquitoes will be smaller this year because of the lack of snowpack and dry winter? Also do you think its okay to start using up the bread and water that i stored in my basement after reading in the blogs about the bad winter we were suppose to get?

    1. JimmyJames says:

      I am not a mosquito expert. From the looks of it we might very well get off easy this winter.

  5. BaileyMan says:

    Hey Everyone! Or should I say anyone who is still on this blog? Wow..Where are all the faithful bloggers of the past? Perhaps it’s not active because of this rather uneventful winter season.
    Anyway, I had to chime in on the longer range climate models too. Yes, they are indicating for the unprecedented mild and snowless pattern to continue across most of the lower 48. However, there are 2 important caveats to that prediction. The first being that, their long range progs back in the fall months were not so accurate regarding this winter season. True episodically mild conditions were projected for this winter back during the fall..With some areas receiving less snow. But, if my memory serves me…they did not project anything close to the snow drought that has enveloped most of the country. The NE prog was for slightly above average temps with near to above levels of precipitation and close to normal snow for NE. That fall projection included the time period covering December and January. 2ndly, with such an anomalous pattern in place such as this, that deviates far outside the norm. It is extremely unlikely that it will continue for the remainder of the winter season! Not saying it will NOT happen the way the current climate models are projecting it to unfold, but the odds are heavily on the side of the pattern changing enough in the not too distant future (Jan 29th and Beyond) to balance out this winter somewhat. At the very least..Closer to the norm. I still see subtle indications that the NAO will turn more negative in February and March. As always..time will tell!?! Have a great weekend all!

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      We’re around, real BaileyMan.

  6. SClarke says:

    I am surprised that this winter has been better than the last for sledding and tobogganing here in Lunenburg, MA. We had a few inches from the last storm, and it has stayed and formed the perfect sliding surface.

    Last year, it seemed like there was just too much snow for the youngsters to enjoy it. And I have no complaints about not having to fire up the snow-blower since before Halloween.

  7. Raider says:

    And the snow lovers just keep on praying….but it ain’t gonna happen.

  8. baileyMan says:

    Sorry folks i have to take issue with my earlier forecast sorry that was not me.
    I agree with the long term weather pattern It will stay snowless and mostly mild the rest of the winter. Pretty much winter is a no go!!!!! The computers suggest no snowstorms for the remainder of February also. I hate to say this ..but being a expert i will be right!

  9. Raider says:

    Can someone please wake-up at Channel 4 and make the two 7-day forecasts actually be the same. Why do you need two anyway? They are never right.

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      Tried to. The weather team cares but I don’t think station management does.

      1. David White says:

        Thanks Topkatt88. The weather ten certainly cares. I won’t comment too much on station management as I don’t really know. They are not meteorologists/climatologists and so engage experienced folks like our good weather team to do the forecasting. But I also wonder why two seven day outlooks, not always in agreement, are needed.

        TopKatt88, can you show your discussion you referred to about NAO and AMO? Is there a connection between the presently cooling AMO and the failure of a negative NAO to form? Thanks!

      2. Topkatt88 says:

        The AMO is a relatively newly-studied index. There is strong evidence of a lag or delay in how the AMO and NAO affect each other, which is probably the best way to describe the lack of -NAO despite cooler AMO.

        Other indicies likely play a role as well, and I don’t believe it is fully understood which play the strongest roles.

  10. David White says:

    Thanks Topkatt:

    Now I know why the AMO is refered to not that often in forecasts even though it is a forecasting tool in our back yard. So many indices, right! Can be mind boggling at times.

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